Wednesday May 4, 2016

Mudhugauv (Music review), Malayalam – Rahul Raj

Posted by Karthik

Halli sreehalli offers something different for Chinmayi; a sensuous and raucously jolly tune that she sings confidently, superbly supported by Rahul. The nadaswaram underscore and Chinmayi’s vocalizations complete the package aptly. Rambo has Vijay Yesudas handling a cool 80s pop tune that features some funky Charlie’s Angels theme allusions, with a smattering of Ilayaraja’ish phrases – Rahul layers the song with enough and more flamboyance, and this comes out even better in the violin version of the song. Thoominnal is the soundtrack’s most conventional song, but wonderfully pleasant, in Haricharan’s dependable singing. Mudhugauv is a short, captivating soundtrack from Rahul Raj.

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  • Rahmaniac AR

    This guy Rahul Raj, is a largely under-utilized genius! I’ve heard some of his non-film works. If he is allowed to follow the same styles in film music, then he will easily become the composer who’ll take Indian film music to the next level.

    His background scores for the Malayalam films ‘Rithu’ and ‘Bachelor Party’ are of international standards, and vastly different from each other, displaying the composer’s unbelievable versatility. I watched the Telugu film ‘Paathshala’ for just for this man’s background score. Though the songs are no where near his quality levels, the background score was top-notch, especially in the last 15 minutes of the movie!

    Mudhugauv is a awesome fun soundtrack, though his other release, ‘White’ is disappointing.

    மகிழ்ச்சி !

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