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Milliblog’s Top Recent Listens – April 2016

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Maula and Maths mein – Nil Battey Sannata (Rohan & Vinayak)

Bhaang ragad ke and Bawli booch – Laal Rang (Vipin Patwa and Mathias Duplessy)

Bol do na zara and Itni si baat hai – Azhar (Amaal Malik and Pritam)


Mayam kaana varayo and Anuvai – KaLam (Prakash Nikki)
Composer Prakash Nikki made a decent enough debut in Rowthiram and puts together an equally decent enough package here in KaLam. There’s a lot of Dharan Kumar’s musical style here and Sowmya Ramani Mahadevan holds together Mayam kaana varaayo’s sweeping melody together. Anuvai is even better – a spritely tune wonderfully sung by Abhay Jodhpurkar and Swetha Mohan and lovely lines by Kabilan Vairamuthu, in particular. The 2nd interlude by Prakash is a stunner!

Yethetho – Jackson Durai (Tamil – Siddharth Vipin)
Siddharth Vipin, who did a competent job in Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham, produces a merely functional score for Jackson Durai, with at least one high, in the form of Yethetho. The song’s spritely melody is endearing and getting Karthik and Chinmayi to croon it is a great decision. Siddharth adds a catchy hook – that ‘padapadakkara’ line that works like a banter between Karthik and Chinmayi and also has a nice ghatam layer to go with it.

Aval, Kondattam and Adho – Manithan (Santhosh Narayanan)

Yedhedho – Meendum Oru Kadhal Kathai (G V Prakash Kumar)

Kaalam un kaadhali, Naan un aruginil, Mei nigara, Aararo and Punnagaye – 24 (A R Rahman)

Kadhal kappal and Dhushta – Iraivi (Santhosh Narayanan)

Yedho maayam and Aasai kadhal – Wagah (D.Imman)

The whole soundtrack – Joker (Sean Roldan)

Othasada and Akka petha – Maruthu (D.Imman)


Idemito – Nayaki (Raghu Kunche)
A rather impressive and clever appropriation of Rahman’s Vennila vennila from Iruvar. Well sung by Chinmayi as always.

Ko ko kodi – Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam (Sai Karthik)
Bawdy lyrics, but that unmistakable Telugu masala charm!


Tanmaya vismaya, Paravasha – Coma (Ashic Arun)

Godemelu ninna hesara – 1/2 Mentlu (Bharath B J)

Vismithanadhe – Madha Maathu Manasi (Mano Murthy)

Raja di raja – Zoom (SS Thaman)

Nee nanagoskara, Naa ninage, Thangali and Payanadalli – Ishtakamya (Ajaneesh Loknath)


Mazhaye mazhaye and Nenchin novil – James and Alice (Gopi Sundar)


The whole soundtrack – Sairat (Ajay-Atul)


Is She With You? – OST, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL)
One of the most lauded parts of the much derided film that is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the brief presence of Wonder Woman, played by Israeli actress and ex-army combat trainer, Gal Gadot. What adds to her aura as an Amazon warrior is the pulse-pounding music that Hans Zimmer and synth/electronica musician Junkie XL (real name: Tom Holkenborg) provide for her character. ‘Is She With You’ (oddly titled after her male colleagues’—Batman and Superman—banter!) booms with a goosebumps-inducing wailing electric cello that is Tom’s signature by now, but also wrapped in Zimmer’s rumbling percussion.



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