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Baby ko bass pasand hai starts off folk’ishly and makes good on the hook’s insanely catchy and dance-worthy techno promise! Mika’s 440 Volt is a templatized 90s-style masala track no doubt, but is infused with a lot of punchy sounds and an addictive foot-tapping rhythm. Nooran Sisters close the trio of rhythmic tracks with Tuk […]

Mani Sharma offers a lovely jazz package in Chali chali! The tune is breezy, and Mani’s singers—Haricharan, Padmalatha and Malavika—do a fantastic job! In Gusa gusa lade, the whispery tune is brilliantly pop’ish, even as it segues into that catchy hook, and the interludes include sitar and harmonium! Both versions, featuring Karthik and Pranavi, and […]

Sunday May 29, 2016 08:46

Hitman – May 28, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Oadittaanga – Unnodu Ka (Tamil – C.Sathya) Imagine the scene of a couple of running away from a village, with hundreds of villagers on their heels, chasing them, usually to catch and skin them alive. Oadittaanga, however, adds a devious twist to that scene. It’s a highly amusing and enjoyable […]

It takes some time to realize that Wako wowra is actually a Tamil song; it’s catchy, no doubt. Shankar Mahadevan handles the strings-led Yellaam nadagam like a pro, and the orchestration is consistently fantastic! Hey Puthrajaya poove rides on Sunitha and Jithinraj’s punchy vocals and Imman’s mighty inventive, varied sounds. The theme is a good, […]

Pyar ki, by Toshi and Sharib Sabri has one goal – make a foot-tapping song; it delivers amply, with a catchy hook and easy-singalong—bordering on the dumb—lines to go with it. Sohail Sen’s Taang uthake has very similar intentions, but instead of techno, this one goes full-on desi, with a thumping masala rhythm. Mika and […]

Monday May 23, 2016 10:14

Raja XL

(Ilayaraja’s first film as composer, Annakkili, released on May 14, 1976. That completes 40 years of relentless and glorious music making from the man, and some more, as he is still active and present. As a (music) technically inept listener and music fan, I can’t help but take this milestone as an opportunity to share […]

Sunday May 22, 2016 08:02

Hitman – May 21, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Keh bhi de – Traffic (Hindi – Mithoon) Back when Mithoon made his debut with Bas Ek Pal and Anwar in 2006, he was exceptionally promising, with a unique brand of soulful music that has a definite and confident sound. Eventually, he fell into an odd rut of soporific music, […]

Saturday May 21, 2016 17:26

Dhanak (Music review), Hindi – Tapas Relia

Shivam Pathak is mighty impressive with his vocals in Jeene se bhi, an inspirational number with spritely music. Chal chalein has a nice enough melody but the music overpowers Papon, Vibha and Shivamm’s singing. The title song is simple and sweet, in a very-Bengali way, and Monali’s rendition is fantastic. Mehandi is a mighty interesting […]

Tu hai toh main hoon‘s whispery melody comes out in all its glory through Anushka Manchanda’s accomplished vocals, with Nikhil D’Souza barely whispering above her! Mikey handles Got My Eyes On You‘s catchy Swing tune with a unique gruff, with the genre’s sound, led by the horns, coming out pretty well. Waiting is trademark Mikey […]

Para para‘s haunting, distant and hymn-like prelude paves way to the mesmerizing para para hook that is as impactful as a new-age version of the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram, Aigiri Nandini. John Varkey’s orchestration is top-notch! His other song, Chingamaasathile has Anoop Mohandas breathing life into a retro-style melody, but set to a spanking new, ambient […]

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