Wednesday April 6, 2016

Sairat (Music review), Marathi – Ajay-Atul

Posted by Karthik

Mark Graham’s strings and woodwinds section opens Yad lagla in an astonishingly beautiful way. The melody is gorgeously tender as if trying to extricate itself from the nuanced and mesmerizing symphony that the composers have conjured. For the second interlude, they start small and move to a goosebumps-inducing crescendo. In Aatach baya ka baavarla, after the opening chorus’ 2 lines, the duo load a mighty ebullient short piece that connects wonderfully with Shreya’s joyous ‘Aatach baya ka… baavarla’ hook and flows into equally breezy horns! The duo play around with the interlude too – the first one layered with sitar while the second one is a vocal chorus, and ending the last hook with a different flavor! Sairat jhala ji is jaw-droppingly beautiful! A haunting melody that evokes Ilayaraja in its construction and approach – the strings, the jaunty rhythm, the symphonic interludes (the 2nd one, led by flute), the folk’ish antara… everything screams Ilayaraja! Ajay and Chinmayi hit it out of the park with their rendition. Zingaat is a lot of fun, mixing Marathi folk’s frenetic rhythm with a mind-bogglingly catchy tune and flamboyant horns! From last year’s Nilkanth Master, to Sairat now, Ajay-Atul are on a staggering high!

Keywords: Sairat, Ajay-Atul, 200, #200

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