Wednesday March 23, 2016

Valleem Thetti Pulleem Thetti (Music review), Malayalam – Sooraj S. Kurup

Posted by Karthik

With a majestic nadaswaram leading the Karaharapriya infused tune, Sooraj hits it out of the park in Pularkaalam pole. Haricharan and Madonna rock this one! In Pooram kaanan, the composer picks up a surprisingly ominous sounding tune and orchestrates it to great effect too with superb percussion, and highly engaging vocals by Vijay Yesudas and Sithara Krishnakumar. Sooraj takes the onus of singing the rock tinged Kannukal kaalidar himself and does a fantastic job. The song goes on to add a mridangam and eventually kuthu rhythm layer, while also dabbling in some nifty carnatic style electric guitar. It all blends into a totally exciting high! Enno kaathil‘s build-up is slow and steady and Vineeth seems perfect for the meditative tune, handling the highs effortlessly. The oddly worded Are thu chakkarr is pulsating, with an addictive hook and a haunting Middle Eastern sound. The soundtrack’s pièce de résistance is of course hyper energetic Vaathe poothe. Vidhu Prathap and Sooraj handle the banter style tune brilliantly as it throbs with manic energy from its rhythm and alluring background sounds. It’s hard to believe Sooraj S. Kurup is a debutant! His work in Valleem Thetti Pulleem Thetti offers tremendous variety and exudes confidence.

Keywords: Valleem Thetti Pulleem Thetti, Sooraj S. Kurup, 200, #200

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