Friday March 18, 2016

Ishq Anokha (Music review), Indipop – Kailasa

Posted by Karthik

The title song shines with spiffy orchestration, and truly takes flight as Kailash starts with, ‘Le tu nadiya magmaati’. O Jogi is a great listen, with its spritely, jazz-tinged sound, layered with imaginative sax and trumpet. Meherbani starts with a mesmerizing handover from Flamenco guitar (Amir John Haddad) to Rabab (Tapas Roy), before Paresh’s electric guitar soars along with Kailash’s engaging vocals for the haunting melody. George Brooks’ sax, Tapas Roy’s Saaz and buzuki, and Amir’s Flamenco guitar lend wonderful support to Kailash’s almost-pleading Berukhiyan – the combination is beautiful! Kailash excels in Vaari vaari too, that opens (and closes) to Balesh’s shenai and holds some inventive percussion featuring drums, tabla and a timely sitar. The song’s Electro version is a lively re-imagination by Paresh Kamath. Siyah tara is the odd one out, like a song to inspire Mithun Chakravarty, in a B-grade potboiler! Guru ghantaal‘s playful tune is good fun, with Kailash in fantastic form, along with Paresh’s scintillating guitar and Tapas’s buzuki for company. Turia turia is a curiously interesting concoction, complete with plucky guitar by Paresh and retro-styled keyboard by Rinku Rajput. After a hatrick of phenomenal albums, and a lackluster Rangeele, Kailasa finds its mojo again!

Keywords: Kailash Kher, Naresh Kamath, Paresh Kamath, Kailasa, Ishq Anokha, 200, #200

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  • anil sahu

    nice songs

  • rnjbond

    Great album! I especially love Vaari Vaari because I’m a sucker for shehnai.

    Turia Turiya and Guru Ghantaal are reused songs, if I’m not mistaken. Did you ever listen to Yatra by Kailasa? It came out the same time as Chaandan Mein and had those two songs, a few from Chaandan Mein, and a few new versions of Kailasa’s earlier works. The unplugged version of Joban Chalke is fantastic.

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