Friday March 4, 2016

Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Posted by Karthik

Ka ka ka po starts off well, but the odd middle portion fails to capitalize on the quirky sound. Parava parandhuchu makes fantastic use of its retro tune that Pragathi and Srinisha deliver wonderfully, with Santhosh’s aptly funky sound. Pangaali builds its sound well, amidst Arun Raja’s talk-like delivery. Santhosh’s jazzy sound comes to the fore in Akkam pakkam paar, set to a mildly droning Tamil retro filmy sound and handled well by Mano. The soundtrack’s best, sung impeccably by Santhosh, is Bongu kichan, with a superb Morricone’ish intrigue and Vivek’s hilarious lyrics. Parava and Bongu prop KaKaPo’s passable soundtrack.

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  • Say Something

    Bongu kichan — it reminded me too much of one of my most favorite songs from the beginning — which spoiled it for me. Talk about inspiration..!

    • Sathyajit Krishnan

      Thank you for that. I have been breaking my head for the last couple of days that Bongu Kichan sounds similar to something! I had completely forgotten about Lemon Tree! But still the orchestration in Bongu Kichan is superb.

      • Say Something

        One of the reasons for the album’s low appeal is — as the director said “It’s a love story without love”. The album is true to that — no love songs [compare that with, say — Naanum Rowdy Thaan — which is a typical Tamil film]. That said, I’m getting tired of Santhosh’s style. Just one “Cuckoo” and too much idiosyncrasy in every album. The offbeat novelty has become a boring pattern…

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