Thursday February 25, 2016

Ki & Ka (Music review), Hindi – Meet Bros, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mithoon and Ilayaraja

Posted by Karthik

Meet Bros’ recreation of Jaz Dhami and Yo Yo Honey Singh’s 2012 High Heels includes a brand new hook, and is as catchy as the original. They do an equally good job with the adequately foot-tapping Pump It. Their last, Most Wanted Munda, is apt for end credits when people walk out. Mithoon’s Ji huzoori brings back his Maula Mere high, with its immersive melody and fantastic hook! Ilayaraja’s Foolishq is trademark Karthikraja, with an ambient, thrumming sound and a Raja’esque nuanced tune handled beautifully by Shreya and Armaan. Balki extracts an enjoyable blend of tunes from his three composers!

Keywords: Ki & Ka, Meet Bros, Mithoon, Ilayaraja, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jaz Dhami

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  • Shyam Narayanan TK

    No remake songs this time? 🙁

  • Kathik

    Foolishq is not karthikraja….surprise how u say this

    • milliblog

      It is not by Karthikraja. I felt it sounds like Karthikraja’s sound.

      • hikicha

        Esp , look how he does the chairman – it is so so KR 🙂


      • Lakshman

        There has been accusations that most of illayaraj’s work these days is done by KarthikRaja..

  • Moriya

    “what does the fox say”

  • kameswaran subramanian

    Why they have not included the beautiful TERE NAINA composed by IR in the album but available in you tube?

  • After High Heels, Ji Huzoori is my favorite.

    Mujhko ehsaas hai par main kehta nahi
    Mohabbat hai yeh ji huzoori nahi

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  • All songs are good but High Heel is most catchy song among all..

    High heels te nache taan tu badi janche

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  • djpunjab

    all songs are good but yo yo honey singhs song high heels rocks
    better form other songs phle baat toh yeh jo tu tiktok tiktok chlti hai.. sare yeh teri high heels ki glti hai…
    awesome lyrics by honey singh

  • Naveen

    Mujhko ehsaas hai par main kehta nahi
    Mohabbat hai yeh ji huzoori nahi, composer by Mithoon

  • FMPendu

    All songs are good royaljatt

  • harryyyyyy

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  • Devendra

    All the composers have done quite impressive job on all the songs but my favourite is high heels

  • All songs are good but high heels is one of the best song……

  • Awesome songs

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  • Bilas Chandra Das

    This is really an amazing article.
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