Tuesday February 23, 2016

Teraa Surroor (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya

Posted by Karthik

Main woh chaand is droningly Himesh, and Darshan Raval does well, given the limited material. Much like Bekhudi, that fares better, as a tune, though Aditi’s nakhras seem overdone. Wafa ne bewafai works its repetitive hook’s charm well, as Arijit leads it in style. Himesh sings Teri yaad with all his nose and the Aashiq Banaya Aapne rehash tune barely works, while the reprise has Himesh moaning and mincing words. Rituraj Mohanty handles Adhuri zindagi‘s rock sound well. Anand Raaj Anand’s Ishq samundar meets Himesh’s Assalaam waalekum for a middling dance track. Nothing much has changed in the Himesh universe.

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  • Abhi

    Man, how dare you did not give a #200 review to Shri Shri (108 baar) Himesh’s album? Be prepared to all the abuses now 😉

    • CA Nitish Vijay

      Lol kabhi diya kya?? He didn’t liked Namaste london, Radio etc . How can he like a Himesh album. Though himesh is composing much before the time he started reviewing. Baccha h baccha.

  • rnjbond

    I’m just here for the comments. I brought some popcorn with me.

    • Abhi

      Man! popcorn gone waste? No comments. 😛

      • rnjbond

        Don’t lose hope, I think all the Himesh Bhakts are still completing their vrat before returning to Milliblog.

        • Abhi

          they are back with the “ego: 🙂

      • rnjbond

        See, I told you!

    • Jaydeep


  • Dhaivat Raval

    All songs r chartbuster .. HR Rocks

  • Moriya

    himesh once again rehashed an older song. bekhudi is a “slower” maine paayal hai chankayi ab to aaja tu harjI by falguni pathak….. smh

    • CA Nitish Vijay

      Nup.. he was not. . Even Himesh might not be aware about the similarity. Guess you should start claiming it plagiarism! ! All himesh haters are quick on plagiarism accuse. .

      • Moriya

        not a himesh hater. just not blind to his imperfections. his knack for copying old songs is becoming commonplace for all his albums of late and denying that is pretty laughable

        • CA Nitish Vijay

          Which music director doesn’t do the same? Amit Trivedi’s every composition has same vibes.

          • Moriya

            lmao why mention amit tridevi i am not a fan of his lmaoooo lmao i actually consider himesh to be one of the top 5 composers of current times, but tera surroor is disappointing and im not “quick” to accuse plagirism. the “similarity” is strong enough to remind me of a song i havent heard in like almost 15 years!

          • Anjan Oleti

            Top 5? Seriously??? lol

          • Moriya

            um yeah? at least for the past 10 years. why do i need to justify my choices to you anyway?

          • Anjan Oleti

            No need to justify. It’s your choice. I just found it shocking and hilarious coz, I find his music very repetitive, dry and boring. Mean no offence. Pardon me if I was appearing to ridicule.

          • Moriya

            you are also missing the pount that bollywood music in the past 10 or so years has been really really shitty… im not exactly comparing himesh to oldies like r.d burman or laxmikant here… lol. hes one of the few composers that is consistently working that makes at least one good song per new album, which is asking for a lot in bollywood these days. himesh is only my top 5 of Current composers, and in the low top 10 for overall…

  • CA Nitish Vijay

    I guess you never listen to a Himesh album twice. No offence, I thought you stopped reviewing Himesh’s albums after listening to all the maa behens in previous reviews. So late ?? How come? ?

    • milliblog

      You ‘thought’, not me 🙂 I’m concerned about maa-behen from people I care, not from random strangers on the net; definitely not from fanatics of someone who use that as an avenue to vent out their frustration.

      • CA Nitish Vijay

        Han. . ‘I’thought .. I never said you thought!

  • Malay Samant

    Main Woh Chaand. Bekhudi and Wafa Ne Bewafai are chartbusters and even non Himesh fans are loving them. You know what even our abuses fall flat in front of Karthik’s biased opinion of Himesh’s creations. You are really good at it brother. No offence Karthik, keep on doing it, we don’t mind it anymore. Actually we have stopped taking you seriously.

    • CA Nitish Vijay

      See the album is not path breaking by any sense, it’s just the way he reviews HR’s album. Numerology, teraaa surrrrrooor. Complete biasness. Review , bash repeat!!

  • jarinnickson

    Himesh reshmi is again back as a music director after a long time.The music which he has given to his latest movie Tera surroor sounds awesome especially Teri yaad song.


  • Sun Sunny

    As pathetic as a review could get…. !!

    One word to describe Reshammiya’ work…. FABULOUS !!

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