Tuesday January 19, 2016

Fitoor (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

Yeh fitoor mera is very Amit; a dual-mukhda structure that hammers the simple, evocative tune with a gradual build-up and a rousing ending, all wonderfully handled by Arijit. Pashmina ups the ante further with its oh-so-gentle melody, evoking Rahman’s Kaatre en vaasal (Rhythm) in the orchestration, and Amit handling the vocals impeccably. Zeb Bangash’s voice is the highlight in the two Kashmiri-tinged tracks! In Haminastu, Amit completes with her voice using his mesmerising, almost hypnotic backgrounds. In Hone do batiya, the soundtrack’s best, Zeb and Nandini Srikar play off each other’s parts, handling and handing back the lines beautifully, amidst the lilting melody Amit gives them. Tapas Roy is the other winning element in the song, lending wonderful authenticity to the Kashmiri-ness of the song. Tere liye is absolutely delectable – Sunidhi and Jubin Nautiyal articulate the dreamy, instantly likeable pop melody that includes a tantalizing moment of silence before the song’s end. The soundtrack closes with two versions of Rangaa Re, by Sunidhi and Caralisa Monteiro, respectively – a charming retro-style pop tune that sparkles with a punchy techno/synth segment. Fitoor has a highly tuneful soundtrack that gets the best out of its singers, and of course, the composer!

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