Tuesday January 19, 2016

Fitoor (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

Yeh fitoor mera is very Amit; a dual-mukhda structure that hammers the simple, evocative tune with a gradual build-up and a rousing ending, all wonderfully handled by Arijit. Pashmina ups the ante further with its oh-so-gentle melody, evoking Rahman’s Kaatre en vaasal (Rhythm) in the orchestration, and Amit handling the vocals impeccably. Zeb Bangash’s voice is the highlight in the two Kashmiri-tinged tracks! In Haminastu, Amit completes with her voice using his mesmerising, almost hypnotic backgrounds. In Hone do batiya, the soundtrack’s best, Zeb and Nandini Srikar play off each other’s parts, handling and handing back the lines beautifully, amidst the lilting melody Amit gives them. Tapas Roy is the other winning element in the song, lending wonderful authenticity to the Kashmiri-ness of the song. Tere liye is absolutely delectable – Sunidhi and Jubin Nautiyal articulate the dreamy, instantly likeable pop melody that includes a tantalizing moment of silence before the song’s end. The soundtrack closes with two versions of Rangaa Re, by Sunidhi and Caralisa Monteiro, respectively – a charming retro-style pop tune that sparkles with a punchy techno/synth segment. Fitoor has a highly tuneful soundtrack that gets the best out of its singers, and of course, the composer!

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  • rnjbond

    What a fantastic soundtrack.

    • milliblog

      Totally. Highly immersive tunes and sound. Love it.

  • Dharmendra

    Amazing soundtrack! Amit Trivedi’s best in ages.

  • Chuttan

    Ye fitoor mera by arijit seems a lot similar to 1 of the earlier composition by amit trivedi from the album ishaqzaade,the song was pareshaan!

  • Chuttan

    The song ye fitoor mera seems also to have some similarities with some indraadip composition back in 2013 sung by arijit,i could not recall exactly but listen to ghoom paranir gaan from proloy & chal chal chal from hanuman.com to figure out the similarity!

    • Chuttan

      If it is true then it shows that even talented music composers such as amit trivedi in bollywood are composing in 2016 now what had been or atleast similar to what had been composed by bengali music compisers

  • Chuttan

    This person who reviews at milliblog what is his name? Is there only 1 person? I think so because according to this person all songs of amit trivedi are perfect! The person seems to be obsessed with amit trivedi!

  • Chuttan

    Ye fitoor mera song seems to be the best composition of amit trivedi till date! It maybe 1 of the best by arijit or maybe not but it seems that amit trivedi is in full form with this song,quite icy/snowy feel,quite addictive & really outstanding!

  • Chuttan

    Well,it seems that arijit while singing for aditya roy kapur seems to be lost in some another world! So brilliant after aashiqui 2 comes ye fitoor mera!

  • Moriya

    Seriously,I HATE HATE HATE HATE Amit Tridevi and could count in my head how many songs of his I actually enjoyed but Fitoor is for sure his best because I enjoyed (almost) every song and they have been on repeat since yesterday!

    Yeh Fitoor mera, pashmina, tere liye, ranga re, and hone do baatein are great. Hasmintu Is the only dud.

    After years of everyone over praising him, he has delivered something I can also praise cause this is really good. I will point out Tere Liye reminds me of Jhankar Beats (2003) Vishal Shekhar I forgot the name of the song but it was very similar in feel and arrangements. And yeh Fitoor mera is reminiscent of Parashaan which is not a bad thing as that’s one of his best songs.


  • Moriya

    This is unrelated to Fitoor but here’s a cool “inspiration” I just found

    Remember Sur (2002) which had a fantastic soundtrack by M.M Kreem. Though it’s wildly known Dil Mein Jagi intro music was lifted from Savage Garden “I want you/cherry chick cola”) which made me think this was no coincidence and this is more of a lift of the actual tune.

    khoya hai tune Jo ae dil from Aur

    Lifted from “the savage” by the shadows

  • Say Something

    Honedo batiya is reminiscent of A.R Rahman style too, of two girls singing… just in style.

  • NMA

    One has to wonder how such an insipid cast can keep up with such fine music. This album is not to be watched on the screen, unless Tabu is in any of the songs.

  • philosophercricketer

    Genuinely good album from Amit Trivedi this time. Hope he takes forward this year and time to come. Every music director gives his best work in the middle of his career. Looks like Amit Trivedi has started that with great flourish. Nice time for music lovers to be this month – this and Sanam Teri Kasam, feeling happy and thankful

  • Rakesh Ashok

    Very few soundtrack gives me goosebumps and this is one among them. I thought there would be a #300 post for this album. It deserves much more. Kudos to Amit’s for bringing to us yet another mesmerising album. While the entire album is joy to listen to I’m particularly in love with Pashmina & Tere Liye. The other three are almost there but these two edges out just a little.

  • Music lover

    I’m listening to this soundtrack now, already first two songs Fitoor & Pashmina were fantastic! Looks like Amit Trivedi has adapted his music very well to give a feel of Kashmir, just like Vishal Bharadwaj did in the brilliant Haider…

  • Moriya

    Whoever is stalking me on Youtube I know you’re on here you piece of shit. Im not half those people but I am one of them and you better show yourself you coward dheeli choot na-mard ghatiya behnchood.

  • lovethetech

    On the public taste, this will end up in -100, a minus 100. Rock + jazz clones never makes great for public taste if slow singing instead of – never needs to be noisy beats but this lacks a lot.. A let down for common man.

  • Fahim

    Whatever people comment or speak about Amit Trivedi and his music cant change the fact that he is the one who brings fresh music everytime. Possibly his composition might sound like his own pervious ones but glad he never try to pick anyone else music like our present day hit musician do.
    Its a treat to listen to Amit Trivedi between such a chaos of useless party songs, item number or even romantic ones who are constantly following the trend of Picking Up beats and arrangements everytime.
    Its we who love shit like music with senseless lyrics and a torture to ear arrangements and when someone genuinely tries to give listeners a fresh and soulful music than we only criticize him.

    Example: Jawani Le Doobi from KKHH3 has been downloaded 31 Lac time.. Pashmina has been downloaded 9 Lac time. This is how our audience respond to music. There is no comparison between these two songs as it can never stand in front of Pashmina but result says how Deaf WE ARE…
    Happy that still Amit Trivedi believes in soulful music even though he dont get that commercial success he is giving us what best he can.

    Yes i am his fan and i can strongly prove why hes the best.

  • Noufal

    First off what an album…. After listening to it I wouldn’t have been surprised had you given it a 300….in that zeb’s track towards the end it does get quite hypnotic…. Can’t decide on which song I like the best…. And I have been noticing recently especially with the HR albums things are getting quite personal…. As long as I have been following this blog the blogger has reiterated again and again it’s his his personal opinion and encouraged to agree to disagree respectfully even when people don’t agree with him…. So please for crying out loud stop acting like toddlers and let him do his job…. Keep up the good work as usual Mr Karthick…..and long may this purple patch of Amit continue…..

  • Jil

    This 1 is for music freaks!!
    Amit Trivedi’s Mind soothing Intense Album
    super Vibes
    Starts on a Good note
    Hits peak in Haminastu n Honedo batiya
    ends on a High note
    Sit Back…Relax n Experince the Joy Ride

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