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Sanam Teri Kasam (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya

Posted by Karthik

The title song‘s repetitive tune is adequately droning, though Mohammed Irfan’s reprise is better than Ankit Tiwari’s. Ditto with Kheech meri photo that’s banally monotonous. Bewajah is interesting, but marred by Himesh’s awkward vocals, while Ek number is hilarious, for all the wrong reasons. Himesh gets Tera chehra right, however, thanks to the new-age ghazal-style melody, inventive music and Arijit’s singing. Haal-e-dil too is an engaging pathos melody that shines in both versions, by Sreeramachandra and Neeti Mohan. Himesh closes the soundtrack confidently with the catchy techno-pathos, Main teri yaadon. This is the best of Himesh, in a long time.

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  • rnjbond

    Is it just me or the beginning of Tera Chehra EXACTLY like the beginning of “I’ll be there for you” from Teree Sang? (

    • CA Nitish Vijay


    • Jimi Hndrx

      Exactly!!that’s why i was thinking that I’ve heard that tune before but couldn’t recollect the song’s name.

    • Moriya

      I think it’s because the arranger might be the same, but even that intro sounds later like “na tum jano na hum” from kaho na pyar hai too and a few other songs, and also another songs from the early 2000 – 2004 era.

    • Abhi

      Usual from Himesh… Copy and paste.

  • CA Nitish Vijay

    Sanam teri kasam title is an addiction affair , ankit tiwari is perfect for this and mohammad irfan makes it his own in reprise version, kheech meri photo introduced aksara and darshan (sung jab tum chaho a lil though before ), both of them are confident and render it quite well, the song doesn’t fit into any particular genre though can be called cute, bewajah is Himesh’s best rendition in years, an amazing track and Himesh is in full form here, tera chehra is my favourite track of the album because Lyricist, singer and composer gel here so well that the trio has given their full heart, arijit has sung his heart out and composer keeps the arrangements minimum, take a bow shabbir ahmed for the lyrics, haal e dil female is nice, male version doesn’t appeal to me . Ek number needs repeated hearing ,but himesh the singer doesn’t complement himesh the composer here, an amazing composition ruined by nasal himesh. Mika would have been a perfect choice here. Mein teri yaadon is excellent with techno sound and subrat sinha ‘s amazing lyrics, arijit renders a perfect composition with ease. One of the best albums in recent times, way better than sanam re .

    • Moriya

      Lyricist is Sameer or “Sameer Anjaan.” I am SURE you know who sameer. Himesh-Sameer made Tere Naam together and many other ones.

  • Moriya

    For once we agree. This is a great Himesh soundtrack. Tera Chehra, Main Teri Yaadon, Sanam Teri Kasam Reprise and the Haal-e-dil song are awesome and HImesh did a good job (than the one or two songs per album nowadays).

    Kheech meri photo/Ek Number are “So bad it’s good” and grow on you. Also “Ek Number” is lyrically similar to an awful song song, ironically written by Sameer who is the main lyricist here, but these lyrics are credit to himesh himself to a song “Mera Pyara Mukhda Ek Number” from Maharaja (1998). Yet again Himesh digs into the Nadeem-Shravan repertoire at least this time he copies the lyrics (how did sameer not notice this lmao) and not an old N-S tune

    8/10 – Great album

  • Sunil

    I think I’ve been inveigled by Himesh Reshammiya as don’t know how on earth I’ve fallen for this soundtrack, “Sanam Teri Kasam”? I’m not complaining! Every track funnily has struck a chord with me even if it doesn’t correspond with my usual taste. It’s soundtracks like this that prove music chooses the listener and not vice versa. I just happened to stumble upon it the other day and have been looping it since. There’s a fine balance of wing-ding numbers and affable melodies both of which soar with exceptional singers. Himesh Reshammiya is certainly not a trailblazer and I don’t really appreciate his quality and flexibility as on average he is yielding musical mediocrity but with this album he seems to have taken a gargantuan leap by cannily diving right into the script and portraying distended variation compared to his recent releases.

    • CA Nitish Vijay

      Mediocrity? This is harsh and not acceptable.

    • sumit sinha

      Have you ever listened any of his tracks/albums in the past ? If yes, then you haven’t said that.Forgot what others says about him.Take a list of albums or songs and do that please.People are so naive and judgemental.They don’t mind insult his talents because they are not able and they cannot do what he does or did. At least, he tried and have dare to compete and do things that others are not doing.Comparison is also good but don’t try to pull down others.I know you love Rehman and Pritam and VS and so many newbies in the music town.They have their expertise area .Also they are backed by SRK ,Ranbir,Aamir,Hrithik camps.They are biased toward him and so some segments of so called high class people.So I will request you to left all those things and just listen once.And come back once to reply here. 🙂

      • milliblog

        Please do a search for the word ‘Himesh’ in this blog. Have listened to every one of his albums and wrote about it.

        As for bias and being judgemental – that works both ways. Why can’t you be called biased, to Himesh, like you call others biased against Himesh? As I mentioned, these are opinions. For more on this, read:

      • Moriya

        How are Pritam or V-S newbies? Their first songs were made in 1999/2000 which is over 16 years ago……

  • sumit sinha

    That was harsh review..Over the years I have noticed one thing.Just because the singer is HR you called the song bad and awkward.Why you reviewers and other so called masters of music have so much hate for HR ? If you see his track record you can easily say that he has surpassed every other music composer in his time .He has done so many different things and still surprising everybody with his will to do new things whether composing, production, singing, acting,lyrics,talent show judging , almost everything.Whether excepted or not he is way more talented than any other Hindi music composer.Yes exceptions are there.Change your perception man.He is award winning singer and you cannot doubt his composing skills which is best after Rehman as i think I must to do this because Rehman has won OSCAR’s and GG’s and National awards and has a reputation internationally.HR’s rendition gone perfectly with the song “Bewajah” .I don’t see any other singer except Kumar Sanu & Sonu Nigam who can only lift this song beautifully but HR has also did full justice to the song.

    • milliblog

      Why should the entire world think Himesh is a good singer (and a good composer)? Why can’t there be other views about his singing/composing at all? That ‘he is a good singer’, ‘good composer’ is not a fact like ‘the world is round’. That is an opinion and opinions are always individual and subjective.

      If I don’t like Himesh’s singing, that is my individual opinion – not the opinion of a country. Just like you hold the opinion that he is an amazing singer, I’m holding the opposite opinion based on my likes and dislikes.

      • Malay Samant

        Your typical reply every time someone tries to criticise you buddy. You should just stick to reviewing and let people decide whatever they think of it. But you always try to counter attack them and indulge in a war of words. Not good. Well everyone knows that you will never like Himesh what so ever he does. Phir bhi hum jaise gadhe ek baar to tumhara blog dekhte hi hain ki shayad is baar dil pighla ho. Any ways no offence but you should admit one thing that not even a ARR album gets this much attention on your blog with so many people discussing on it. It’s Himesh Power buddy.

        • milliblog

          Sorry, you’re changing the goal post. Again. As always.

          All I’m saying is this – you have the right to say, ‘Himesh rocks. He is the best’. I have the right to disagree. It’s as simple as that. This is not a war of words or a counter attack – a simple difference of opinion.

          As for not liking Himesh no matter what he does, may I point you to the review above?

          • Malay Samant

            It’s actually a waste of time, arguing / discussing music with you. I am not in that mood buddy. Go and do whatever you want to do man.

          • milliblog

            You are truly a unique human being. I *am* doing what I want in *my* blog, with or without you asking, arguing with me. You are the one consistently coming and arguing and trying to force your personal opinions on me in the hope that you can change the whole world into a Himesh-loving planet. I’m merely pointing to the pointlessness of your effort and making you look at the broader picture of living with different opinions peacefully without trying to force it on others.

            It’s truly amazing that you ask me to do what I want when I’m doing precisely that.

          • Malay Samant

            Theek hai bhai shaant raho………huhhhhh

          • milliblog

            Reminds me of children going, ‘You shut up!’, ‘No, you shut up’… can you please stick to a point while arguing instead of behaving like a child?

        • Jagan Kumaravelu

          Malay Samant – Stop it kiddo! I remember you from Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. You might be a very staunch Himesh bhakt, but stop targetting people who are discussing about their viewpoints. Everytime you do this – you get personal with people who critique anything negative about Himesh.

  • Ankit Tiwari’s voice really suits this song. The title song is my favorite track from this album.

    Door jaaoge jo tum
    Mar jayenge hum
    Sanam teri kasam o
    Sanam teri kasam o
    Sanam teri kasam


  • Chuttan

    Tera chehra by arijit,that ‘tera’ reminds me of the tera in tera hone laga hoon from ajab prem ki ghazab kahani!

  • Chuttan

    After listening to a lot of music composed by himesh,i can safely conclude that himesh seems always in search of some catchy music so that it gets hit instantaneously! There are also some other music composers but himesh is the real king/miyan of catchy music!

  • Chuttan

    Sanam teri kasam title track seems to have something similar to kabhi jo badal barse,that oohoh really quite similar in both cases,both having addictive tune,1 having arijit the other,ankit/md irfan,all the 3 of which have quite similar voices!

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