Tuesday December 8, 2015

Charlie (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

Posted by Karthik

In Akale, Gopi pitches in with what seems like music from Africa and Malgudi Shubha delivers it brilliantly like only she can, with some beautiful nuances that seems to mix a deeply Indian tune with a foreign (African) style – fantastic world music package. There’s more world music goodness in Pularikalo, but this time, with Gopi’s favorite sounds from the Middle East. Jossy’s sax majestically dominates for a minute and a half, while Shakthishree swoops in with her ethereal voice eventually. Shreya Ghoshal handles the saccharine sweet melody of Puthumazhayai better than Divya Menon, while Oru kari mukilinu comes alive thanks to Vijay Prakash’s fantastic vocal prowess. Rajalakshmi’s Christian prayer, Sneham nee is serene and aptly pious. Chithirathira is typical Gopi Sundar tune, using what seems like Vakulabharanam raaga to evoke the Middle Eastern effect, though the severely edited opening speed-singing portions by Vijay Yesudas sound unnervingly artificial. Dulquer sings Chundari penne mighty well, in what seems like a package that doesn’t digitally help his voice (the current norm of actor-singers)! With its easy, expansive African vibe and heady, rhythmic tune that mixes chenda too, it makes for a great listen! Gopi Sundar delivers again, unsurprisingly, given his scintillating form.

Keywords: Charlie, Gopi Sundar, 200, #200

PS: Dear Malayalam producers, composers and audio labels… please make up your mind while releasing a soundtrack. This staggered release cycle is incredibly disorienting.

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