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Dilwale (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Posted by Karthik

Janam janam sounds like checking off a list of standard-issue elements in a Bollywood’ish melody, including clever use of Francis Lai’s Love Story theme, Where Do I Begin. Gerua too uses that, but goes further, with an obviously-pleasant sound, while Dilwale Theme hammers it down finally. Manma emotion is good fun, catchy hip-hop led well by Amit Mishra. The lilting, very-Goan Tukur tukur seems like a companion piece to Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s Chicken Kuk-Doo-Koo. Daayre‘s Coldplay’ish sound is accentuated by Arijit’s singing, while Premika rounds-off the album on a peppy, predictable note. Dilwale’s music distills Bollywood in all its familiar glory.

Keywords: Dilwale, Pritam, Rohit Shetty

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  • Chuttan

    Premika sounds quite like a song maria of bengali movie herogiri at some instances especially the main line. Check me if i m wrong.

    • Somadri Chatterjee

      Not Maria exactly, but it’s so like a Jeet Gannguli bengali dance track! The arrangements are way richer though. Arrangements have always been Pritam’s main forte over tune.

    • Moriya

      Premika reminds me of a forgotten song called Shut Up Aa Nachle from Ugly Aur Pagli

  • Chuttan

    Also the singer is same i.e Benny Dayal,common in both songs.

  • Moriya

    Great album but so many rehashes.

    Janam Janam had shades of so many songs. The music reminds me of Secret Garden / 90s Perfume Jingles.

    Gerua is similar to the love tracks from Action Replayy

    Manma Emotion is Main Tera Dhadkhan Teri from AGKPK (2009)


  • Jaydeep

    I expected a comment on choice of the word, Gerua. I think it is only second time that a lyricist has thought out of the box to use earthy word for the earthy color, since Javed Akhtar’s kathai.

    • milliblog

      Point. But, for some odd reason, I felt Gerua usage seemed forced, almost gimmicky, unlike kathai (another SRK song!). I guess it’s more to do with the surround sound around gerua (the production crew selling a new mystery word before launching the song, SRK tweeting its meaning etc.) than the word usage itself.

      • Jaydeep

        I have never been fan of Irshad Kamil’s work, but he surprised me this time. I was impressed, probably a little more than you as I didn’t know the hoopla surrounding it.

        • jay

          lyrics are by amitabh bhattacharya, not by irshad kamil.

          and yes gerua seems gimmicky…

  • Chuttan

    Well,when Arijit sang many songs in Aashiqui 2 & Khamoshiyan,although, the songs were good(overall) it was said that it’s a forced decision to copy Aashiqui & Rockstar pattern. In this album,this ratio is I think record-breakingly high with 5 out of 7 songs to his credit but no one is complaining. Is this bcoz this is a big film so people are afraid to speak the truth? Where are those people now?

  • Chuttan

    Gerua is also name of a place in Assam,India.

  • rnjbond

    I enjoyed this album! Pleasant listen. And I really like the Goan sound used in Tukur Tukur (Kuk-doo-koo was my favourite song from Bajrangi Bhaijaan)

  • Chuttan

    Daayre is bcoming 1 of my fav songs these days esp in these weather conditions. Gerua is good but is towards more commercial side & I feel personally Daayre is better bcoz maybe it seems more fresh while Gerua seems as if u have listened it earlier many times even when u r listening it for the 1st time. Same verdict for manma emotion jaage,premika as of gerua. Acc to me,Daayre is easily the best song of the album. I personally feel that Dilwale is a much better album than Bajirao Mastani.

    • Moriya

      This is a great album. Songs like Janam Janam or even Gerua never get made anymore. However Bajirao Mastani is great in its own right. As far as commercial Bollywood soundtracks go, Dilwale is one of the best. Far better than Happy New Year or Chennai Express songs. The last time we had an album with different songs for an SRK movie with each one being good or great was OSO back in 2007.

  • Dilwale’s soundtrack reminds me of songs of so many other hindi movies. Gerua is too much like suraj hua madham for k3g, Manma Emotion Jaage is a little different but still heard it somewhere. Arijit Singh sang quite a few songs in this album from Pritam

  • Chuttan

    Well now i can remember to what song i was thinking gerua was similar to?! Gerua is a lot similar to teri ore song from singh is kinng,pritam common in both cases & even more than that gerua is similar to a song called piya o re piya from the movie tere naal love ho gaya! That was i think sung by atif aslam & shreya ghoshal!

  • Chuttan

    Manma emotion jaage re song sounds interesting both in music & lyrics in the female part,pritam seems to apply his innovative brain right there,while the male part is predictable,outdated but addicting!

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