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Follow follow hopefully is about following on Twitter and not real life stalking; the tune is simple and addictive, with Junior NTR doing a competent job singing it. Na manasu neeto‘s rhythms are typical Devi and dictate the tune; basic, but catchy. Don’t Stop works easily, thanks to the anthemic sound and Raghu Dixit’s punchy […]

Chakkandala chukka is a rather predictable wedding dance song. In Chirunavvule, Kalyan gets Haricharan and Sushma Triya to sing a spritely song that also has a nice retro’ish title hook layered over sweeping violins. Pal pal, while high on energy, depends on too much on its hook, ignoring the rest. In Manasantha meghamai, Kalyan has […]

Tuesday December 29, 2015 19:27

Kathakali (Music review), Tamil – Hiphop Tamizha

Azhagae is so very Yuvan Shankar Raja’ish, right up to the way Adhi sings the seemingly never ending tune that does away with conventional structures. Erangi vandhu builds its kuthu ambitions really well, with Anthony Daasan and Adhi rock the dancy tune. Kaadhal krotham is an interesting and punchy instrumental piece that uses whistle to […]

Tuesday December 29, 2015 19:24

Style King (Music review), Kannada – Arjun Janya

Ala le sukumari is a curious combination of Arjun’s liking of Harris Jayaraj’s music and some spritely kuthu; passable enough. Gangu gangu too has that Harris effect, but Arjun uses Indu Nagraj’s parts to cleverly bring his own style. Nanage‘s melody is amiable, made better by Karthik and Anuradha Bhat’s vocals. Tippu is the highlight […]

Saturday December 26, 2015 20:33

Milliblog Annual Music round-up 2015

A version of this post was published in The Hindu. This happens to be the 8th annual music round-up in Milliblog, in a year where Milliblog completed 10 years! This list is for soundtracks released between December 15, 2014 to December 15, 2015. And remember, it is perfectly justifiable to have reactions like, ‘How can […]

Soch na sake, with its gentle lilt and Arijit Singh’s vocals, is pleasant to the point of being soporific before Tulsi Kumar wakes you up with her dependably bad singing. Arijit’s solo version doesn’t have such impediments. Mera nachan nu, led by Divya Kumar, is standard-issue Punjabi liveliness, even invoking Jaidev Kumar’s Dil le gayi […]

Friday December 25, 2015 17:00

Gethu (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Thillu mullu is to Mersalaayitten what faux dual roles is to Indian films where the hero goes around with a fake mole on his face and no one recognizes him. Haricharan lifts the predictably familiar tune of Thaen kaatru, though Harris throws every stock sound at it. Adiyae adiyae sounds like a racy melody but […]

The earthy Hero intro theme brings back the heydays of Karakattakaran. In Vathana vathana, Kavitha Gopi and Priyadarshini’s full-throated singing and the captivating tune evoke pleasant memories of Veetukku veetukku. Paaruruvaaya gets a mesmerizing Mayamalavagowlai treatment; Sathya Prakash and Surmukhi deliver it with incredible piety. Sharreth’s vocals and the Shubhapantuvarali raaga layers Idarinum with excruciating […]

Night is still young is droning and monotonous – some combination, that! Crazy feeling uses its repetitive structure to its advantage; that it has a rhythmic sound helps. Masti masti has masti written all over its ebullient tune, and Devi’s background is almost Raja’ish! Sagar brings in an Altaf Raja’ish affectation to the title song, […]

Tuesday December 22, 2015 19:21

Dictator (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Divya Kumar holds the racy, techno Ganesh bhajan, Gam gam together mighty well, but its Thaman’s energetic orchestration that really is the star. What’s Up Baby and Tinga tinga are incredibly templatized in every conceivable way, as if the tunes composed themselves, in self-extrapolation mode. Chura chura‘s ambient sound and gentle tune gets significantly better […]

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