Thursday November 19, 2015

Abbayitho Ammayi (Music review), Telugu – Ilayaraja

Posted by Karthik

Reena mecareena‘s Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) origins are really hard to ignore, and a bit strange, given this is by Ilayaraja! Still, it’s a catchy, easily likeable song, sung with the right enthusiasm by Piyush Kapur. Vibhavari holds the lovely, bordering-on-melancholy melody of Edhuru choosthunna beautifully together and the composer’s legendary sound is in full display in the interludes. Tholi paruvam picks up steam only when the violins kick in, at the end of pallavi, while Maatallo cheppaleni is Karthik’s show all the way; he breathes life into the incredibly pleasant possibly Kalyani raaga based tune and elevates it! Kanulu kalanu piliche is vintage Raja – a wonderfully involving and waltz’y melody that the composer adorns with the choicest of interludes, even as Haricharan and Chinmayi are fantastic with their singing. Okasari O vayyari, despite the interesting rhythm and cool guitaring, has a was-hep-back-in-the-days tune, but Saradale gets four girls, Manasi, Ramya, Rita and Reena for a thrumming tune that they rock together. The short title song, both versions, is odd, to put it mildly. After starting the year with a bang (Shamitabh), the veteran composer closes the year with a bang too, with an inimitable showcase of great tunes!

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  • Kathik

    After repeated hearing 3-4 times still I coulnt still judge the songs. Ppl when they say repeated hearing gets best for ARR then y not for IR.
    IR turning his direction here into hip hop , techno. Style. role of KR in arrangements can’t be void here

    • lovethetech

      Auto tune loops are not there. ARR made good music till ‘Taal’ after that u can count good songs from him unless u listen 100 times to like it – repeat listen makes even the bad music likeable. Test one average music song for for 60 days and then u will like it.

      Reena is just almost ‘clone of Jackson BAD album theme music. It is good. If u say u did not feel that song, u r destined to like computer music auto tunes only, not the real music from instruments. Poor U. start listening to the man made music.
      BTW, I enjoy both of them.


        Yes. You are correct. I felt “Oh butter fly” and “Kanmani anbodu kadalan” song feel… Kanalu kanulu – repeated mode… I think KR did music arrangements except Kanalu Kanulu song….

        • Kathik

          I dont agree on Kanulu kalanu same like O butterfly or Kanmani…feel of the song is also entirely different.

          KR might have done the arrangement for most songs.

    • lovethetech

      Try this. Great beats 1:35 to 2:04 and guitar at 1:58 … Guita again 3:55 sss. audible at 4:06 , 4:10 ….

  • Shanker

    Amazing album.. Karthik btw it is “Kanulu KALANU piliche” which translate to “eyes are calling dreams”

    • milliblog

      Terribly sorry for that oversight – updated!

      • Shanker

        Wow that was fast .. also if you would have understood the lyrics you would have appreciated the song even more !!!.. i got tears after hearing it couple of times which is good 🙂

        • milliblog

          Unfortunately, I love Telugu only for the sound, not for the meaning, which I don’t know 🙂

          • Kathik

            Yes. I liked the singing though I never understood anything yet it sounds beautiful. Same for Punnami Puvvai in Rudhramadevi

  • vn_shankar1

    Some amazingly beautiful songs indeed. Just cannot stop listening.

  • saran

    I would say ilayaraja is stereotyped for rural movies in Tamil.. He doesnt get much romantic movies in Tamil… In Telugu, he gets opportunity like sri rama rajyam, rudhrama devi, abbayitho ammayi.. shamitabh in hindi.. in tamil, its like kida poosari magudi, porkalathil oru poo, oru oorla.. Exceptional being megha and NEPV..

  • Sathyajit Krishnan

    It is so freakishly frightening to think that Raja would have composed this entire album in a matter of Few Minutes. Outstanding!

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