Friday October 16, 2015

Vedalam (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Posted by Karthik

Aaluma doluma is lyricist Rokesh’s show, with Anirudh layering it with a mesmerizing techno sound. In Veera vinayaka, the composer seems to be using Vakulabharanam raaga to a hypnotic effect, and with Vishal Dadlani, he sings it mighty well. Anirudh ropes in Shruti and Shakthisree for the racy, R&B’ish Don’t you mess with me where Karky plays on Ajith’s dialog from Mankatha. The soundtrack’s best is Uyir nadhi, an endearing pathos tune sung fabulously by Ravishankar. Anirudh seems to be mixing Vasantha and Charukesi raagas to create the wistful effect. The Theri theme is frenzied EDM. Punchy, likeable commercial soundtrack.

Keywords: Vedalam, Anirudh

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  • bukowskinerd

    Anirudh’s worst yet. Oh man, Veera Vinayaka is such a lame imitation of Deva Shree Ganesha, it’s so obvious Anirudh didn’t even try. Not that I always mind derivative works, but this is just shit.

    • Matter Boy

      Add to that, the shruti hassan / shakthishree no. is very similar to stylish thamizhchi. Our man turns a blind eye when it’s anirudh.

      • ragu raam

        VIP -title song- vella illa pattadari is very close to rockstar sade haq ,

  • Noufal

    I think ajith is slowly reaching a status like rajini in the industry that you can’t expect good music from their movies even from reputed composers…. BTW I found the album insufferable….. Seriously what the hell was that…..

    • FincherIsAnAuteur

      But when did a reputed composer do an Ajith-starrer?? When was the last time?? It has been ages, I believe..

  • Roger Nathan

    what kind of crap music is these? alluma,,little bit tolerable but veera vinayaka??????? whats is he trying to create?

  • Brick

    Aaluma doluma by Badshah in Telugu had very Catchy & Crazy lyrics. like it 🙂

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