Friday October 16, 2015

Tamasha (Music review), Hindi – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

Matargashti is free-spirited and whimsical. It starts sounding European, but eventually enters a retro Hindi sound, forcing one to smile and throw hands up in the air. The instrumental, Parade De La Bastille is, however, true-blue European, with a lively sound. Irshad Kamil’s word-play lifts the Mika-sung Heer toh, a gorgeous qawali’sh tune that ends on a frenzied Punjabi high. Alka Yagnik’s voice seems to have gathered a Lata Mangeshkar’ish gravitas in Tum saath ho, with a beautiful tune stuck with a throwaway rhythm. Chali kahani is theater’ish and jumps genres and sounds rapidly to signify the action on screen, while even in Safarnama, there’s a bit of pitch and tune switch, but Lucky Ali’s voice ties it all together. Rahman leads Tu koi aur hai, a hypnotic piece that plays with Western classical choral sounds and neatly segues into Safarnama. The soundtrack’s best is Wat wat wat, where Arijit gets to do something completely fresh, with Rahman coating the Punjabi sound with a heavy fusion rhythm that adds to the fun. It’s Vengeance Mix, featuring Sashwat Singh, is a pleasant dubstep surprise from Rahman! Tamasha’s music is as thrilling and exciting as catching a flight without knowing the destination!

Keywords: Tamasha, A R Rahman, A.R.Rahman, Irshad Kamil, Imtiaz Ali, 200, #200

Listen to the songs:



  • rnjbond

    Is this the first time Arijit has sung for AR Rahman for an original soundtrack? (so excluding Tu Chale from the dubbed Kochadaiyan)

    • Sai Prasanth


    • Sunil

      Yes and I think it’s Haricharan’s official Hindi debut as Lingaa’s “Din Dooba” was dubbed

  • Syed Nizamudeen

    Is the CD available online??? From Chennai here..

  • Sathyajit Krishnan

    Chali kahani and tu aur koi hein just out of this world. How does he come up with such stuff.

  • bukowskinerd

    Wat Wat Wat! On loop.

    Rest of the songs are yet to grown on me. Giving it multiple listens for sure.

  • Moriya

    Excited to hear Alka and ARR together after what feels like an enternity. Still waiting to hear the songs. Only one i heard was the first song Matarghasti which was terrible to say the least, which means it’s “great”

    • Ram

      Can’t agree more with u on Alka’s voice…so many reviews gives her voice thumps up but I thought otherwise…Tu koi air hi reminds me of ‘jage hain’ from Guru in both tune and arrangements

      • Moriya

        I’m pretty sure they looked at the credits and just assumed every song was good because who composed it and who sang it and barely listened to it. Alka’s voice sounds jarring and anyone who likes her would be able to notice. I think it’s because she hardly to never sings anymore.

        Also Wat Wat is recycled from “Chikama Chilana” from Meenaxi and Katiya Karun.

        • Ram

          Yes and Agar tum sath ho is the mismash of ‘pal pal hai bhari’ from Swadesh (Alka’s part) and ‘Ennodu new irunthal’ from ‘I’…It has been said that it took 6 months for them to compose it…Yeah..much effort has been put to mismash it…๐Ÿ˜

          • CHVS CHAITANYA

            LOLLLL……PAL PAL hai bhari starts with ‘PAL PAL’ and AGAR tum saath ho starts wit ‘PAL BHAR’, and you found similarity between the two tunes…….please dont try to find the mole our of the hill……

        • philosophercricketer

          Correction: “Chinnamma Chilakamma” .

          In Telugu, it means – You young girl, parrot-like!

    • Udayology

      Oh my god. I don’t understand the fuss over, ‘this song sounds like that other one!’ Why can’t we just close our eyes and enjoy what has been presented instead? Truly original music has died a long time back and everything you hear now a days WILL sound like something else.

      • Moriya

        The fuss is because all the ARR fanboys think AR’s music always sounds “new” and “groundbreaking” when you can hear at least one of his older songs in his latest movies! Not to mention that ARR is “Exempt” from criticism and you need to force yourself to listen to his songs 10 times to “truly” enjoy it. I don’t recall having to listen to Taal, Jeans, Meenaxi, Guru, etc a bunch of times to like it.

        • Dhruv

          Why is fanboys or non-fans decide how you perceive music. Everyone has a sense of likability to songs and it is what decide what they like or not.

          Music is something that evolves over time. It’s so beautiful that there’s always something new eventhough it might feel familiar.

          There’s a style that develops over time and any composer would have a certain inclination to play something in a way that is unique to him. Probably the reason why you see a lot of similar sounds.

          Also, Taal, Jeans were not an overnight gems, TV channels, our childhood memories and continuous plays in and around our places made them familiar.

          Had Taal been released now, I am sure people would be shouting at ARR saying “he has lost his charm, where is another Roja? Where is that ARR who made good songs”.

          Forgot the whole world, music is personal to you. You like it, it’s wonderful, if you don’t, you move on. That’s how it is.


        ‘DEPRESSED about alka’s voice’ lollllll, ask deepika padukone, she will tell you how to come out of depression….i m just kidding…..on a serious note it is not that bad, wait a minute actually not bad at all….so please dont get depressed…

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    Ah! A 200-word for an ARR soundtrack again? Your review for OK Kanmani is now forgiven. ๐Ÿ˜› That last line was a beautiful commercial hook! You know how to please readers, dude! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Malay Samant

    Hahaha I knew it, predicted it, and here we get it, a yet another biased review from the biggest Rahman fanatic, Mr.Karthik. A plain ordinary album of ARR is overhyped to be exciting and thrilling. The only thing I can do is laugh at this review.

    • milliblog

      You laughing at the review is fine, Malay. I can only post my opinion – I cannot tweak my opinion to suit someone else’s. But I’d like to point out a minor thing – when I share my view on a Himesh soundtrack, it is a point of view *only* about that Himesh album. It is not ridiculing your view of that album. You make that connection – Karthik didn’t like that album – I liked that album – so, Karthik mocked my musical sensibilities. If you think through this carefully, you are, in your your head, making the connection that I mocked your musical sensibilities. In reality, I did not. I shared my view on a Himesh album. That’s it.

      Same thing with a positive review of a Rahman album too. I don’t share it to feel one’ness with other Rahman fans. It’s just my point of view. People who also like it think I appreciated their musical sensibilities, but I merely shared my view, and nothing more.

      • Malay Samant

        Oh come on you know it Karthik, you are being totally biased here. Leave aside Himesh and his album, this album is plain ordinary. But kya hai na ishq mein koi logic chalta nahi, I think you should consider changing the blog name from Milliblog to something like Rahmanblog
        Although I liked Tum Saath Ho

        • milliblog

          You still do not understand that this album being ‘plain ordinary’ is your personal point of view? It is not a fact. It is an opinion.

          Also, why would I change it to Rahmanblog if I have these reviews in the past?

          I understand you are not a fan of using facts to arrive at a conclusion. Had shared a *long* list of good things I had written about Himesh in this blog, in the comments thread of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, after you asked me to point out at least one thing I said good about Himesh. You left that unanswered. Chances are, you’ll ignore this list too.

          • vimal

            Lol…kartik….why do you even bother or take the efforts to reply to such comments….just leave a smiley and move on… you know these barking dogs that chase your car when you drive….you dont stop your car and bark at them back na….you just move on…of course, the dogs have a right to bark, you cant deny them…but if you stop to respond to each of their barks, you are gonna waste your time and most importantly, peace of mind….

          • milliblog

            That’s not fair. To call other composers’ fans, even subtly, that. Then there’s no difference in the ones abusing me, and me.

          • Malay Samant

            There’s no abusing, it’s a healthy discussion and being a music lover yourself you should have cleared your take on Yuvraaj’s music because you produced a list stating that those were the weak albums of ARR, but then I find your praise for Yuvraaj. Hard to understand what you meant there. Could you please clarify.

          • Malay Samant

            In all these reviews you haven’t ridiculed the work in the manner you ridicule a HR album,
            Yuvvraaj has interesting thematic music that is perhaps best seen and not just hear

            This is what you have to say about Yuvraaj music, of which you have shared a link to prove your unbiasedness

          • milliblog

            Malay, I’m really really sorry for engaging with you so long. I always believe that even at the bottom of an otherwise abusive individual who is a mad fanatic of a composer, there may be a sensible and decent human being who may at some point see logic that opinions are unique and may start to believe in diversity of opinions. But when you ridicule me personally with, “That is what makes me laugh out loud, tumhe khud hi nahi pata tum kya bol rahe ho”, as if I don’t even know what I’m writing for over a decade, I’m deeply disappointed that people like you continue to make me believe in human decency less and less. To explain that you, here goes – an album’s verdict cannot be a sweeping ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, in my view. An album is a collection of songs. Some we like, some we do not. If you think album verdicts should be binary, it fits perfectly with your overall theory of ‘either you are with us, or against us’ in the Himesh camp.

            I’m sorry I spent time in arguing decently with you. I finally realize that it was time wasted. I’m sure your Himesh would be proud of a fan who not only starts by abusing someone who doesn’t like his music and also feels people who do not like his music are fools who do not know what they are writing. In essence, Himesh would be proud of blind fans like you.

          • Malay Samant

            Nobody even noticed this album and was a disaster to say the least but look at the words you use

            “Maryan sounds good, but doesnโ€™t soar like Rahmanโ€™s music usually does”

            Have you ever been so kind to even a decent album of any other composer

          • milliblog

            Again, you miss the central point. Is ‘nobody’ and ‘everybody’ equal to me? Are they equal to you? Don’t you have your own individual opinion? I had one and wrote it. The same review has, “rambling tune doesnโ€™t help”, “despite the foot-tapping sound, feels contrived” and “seems content playing off conventional notions of โ€˜Africanโ€™ music”.

            If it was a disaster, who gets to decide it is one? You? Me? A lot of people? Commercial sales? If sales is the only yardstick, shouldn’t we all completely ignore albums that don’t sell at all?

            I’d like to believe I treat each soundtrack as a unique piece of work and each song within it in the same fashion. And not bring love or hatred for the compose to sweepingly color the impression of the album.

          • rakesh004u

            Malay Samant : Dude, what’s your point? Are you expecting Karthik to guess how the other audience respond to a particular album and then pass them off as his views? Please remember this website is not setup for making money by selling reviews, it just documents an individual’s view who is passionate about music. The reason many of us regularly check his site is that he reviews a wide body of work across multiple languages helping us to pick some of these albums which we’d have otherwise missed. And in most of the cases, I feel the review is apt for the music heard. There have been cases when I didn’t necessarily agree with his review but that wouldn’t stop me from listening to the album I like.

            You always have an option to unfollow the website if you consistently feel that his views on the subject conflict your thoughts. Or offer your album review in the comments section, people who resonate with your reviews can go through that. Just attributing motives and abusing is highly uncalled for.

          • AP

            Karthik : You don’t have to furnish mountains of evidence to establish your credentials. Anyone following your blog for all these years knows how accomplished you are as a critic / reviewer. While it is natural for any reader to occasionally disagree with your views, offering substantive reasons as to why they disagree might promote a healthy discussion.

            Name-calling and one-line accusations do not merit consideration / replies, IMHO. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Moriya

          If someone is a fan of something they will be “bias” because they like that type of music. Attacking him for being an ARR fan is just as bad as bashing someone for liking Himesh or anyone that isn’t ARR. Bias is what sites like Bollywood Hungama suffer from because they are selling an album with their review, it is not a personal review of someone as Karthiks is. This is one mans blog about his opinions on the music he likes. You need to chill out. If you don’t like his opinions why are you on his site just to troll him?

        • Syed Nizamudeen

          Sorry to intrude. I accept Karthik might be an ARR fan.. But, I’d strongly deny he is biased when reviewing ARR’s music. to my opinion OK Kanmani(Tamil) album was a fantastic one and deserved a 200. Karthik didn’t give a 200 and the same happened with Kaaviyathalaivan too. I’d rate a 100 for LHDD(Hindi). But, I remember he gave a 200.

          Its all everybody’s opinion and even I felt bad for Tamasha that Karthik gave only 200.

          Just my two cents and instead of criticising the reviewer, let outour own ears review and enjoy listening..

  • Vinayakam Murugan

    You must be doing something right, Karthik for you get equally dissed by the ARR fans and anti-ARR lobby ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rajesh Roshan

    Fantastic album…after few listening don’t think its in league of Rockstar…but still best album of the year so far

  • Bharat KV

    Goosebumps in almost every song… though some tunes remind us of his earlier works, the ARR magic is still super-intact…Wonderful use of Gentleman BGM in “Chali Kahani”… “Wat-uh Wat-uh Wat-uh” & “Tum Saath Ho” are my current favs…

  • Kishore Bhatt

    Splendid album by ARR…:) the wait for “Tamasha” audio has been worthwhile…fell in love with the songs after listening to the itunes preview…we can revisit 90s Rahman with “Wat Wat Wat” as he uses the playful tone of the Shehnai…the instrumental track was awesome and in my honest opinon, they could have had another instrumental in place of the remix…(personally, not a fan of remixes and Techno Stuff)…all the songs have been on loop since last night…:) ARR should do only a movie or two per year ( my humble opinion ) as it would not affect the quality of his music…

  • huzefa jairajpuri

    @milliblog – Hv u noticed,how ARR has used Arijit’s voice in two scales n synchronized it in ” Agar Tum Paas ho”. It has been done before in Aas Paas Hai Khuda but in a different manner. Something different yet good.

    • SB

      Both voices are in exactly same scale, one is Rahman himself. Rahman must have thought that Arijit’s slightly subdued lower notes sounding very straight and wanted to add a different layer. But in a headphone environment the overlapping duet sounds awkward.

      • Huzefa Jairajpuri

        Have to disagree here. Both the voices are of Arijit Singh. Please throw some light @milliblog:disqus

  • Say Something

    I was expecting a bad review in line with the last few ARR albums and surprised to read this..! Not sure if it’s you or the readers — when it comes to ARR or Amit Trivedi album reviews, it has become more of a distraction than honest opinion, whether you like/it really is – or not.

  • Sunil

    It’s been a productive and rewarding 23 years for Rahman Ji and this dedication for pleasing us listeners from all walks of life is revitalising for both him and us.

    What was the possibility that even 23 years he would come out with such s life changing and inspiring composition?!

    Whilst “Mel Isaiyae” and “Moongil Thottam” are my favourite Tamil songs by him, “Chali Kahani” catapults to being my favourite Hindi song beating “Barso Re”.

    I’m in deep obsession with it and highly baffled how much it’s impacted me in such short duration.

    “Chali Kahani” proves that my story with Rahman Ji began with calm, stable but soul stirring foundations and is continuing with the same impact but he is taking me to mind boggling heights and I truly believe this is just the start of a new journey.


    Tamasha Music Review

    Happy Listening!

  • Indu

    Is it just me or is ‘Parade De La Bastille’ inspired from ‘Nantes’ by Beirut?

  • lovethetech
  • viju

    Thum koi aur hai ,Thum satha ho and safrnama are awsome songs……fresh songs…

  • Blesson Baby

    Alka Yagnik’s voice become like Lata in DDLG. But its soothing to hear. Dont judge in one listen.. Listen again and again..

  • Niraj Sinha

    horrible & pathetic music and I am a fan of ARR myself

  • Niraj Sinha

    Putting it straightforward ARR has passed his prime and his music is no more exciting, rather than being politically correct we should accept he is not same Madras Mozart he used to be


      putting it staighforward you ears has passed their prime and not at all working properly, rather than being politically correct you should say that ‘i am becoming deaf and no longer able to listen to the good music’…

  • Aish

    i loved all the songs of tamasha…they are really very very beautiful, my rating is 9*/10*… history knows the more people hate the songs at first the more it becomes a hit later on….


      It is not about liking or not, now a days it became a fashion to compare a song to other song and say i didnt like it……idiots

      • Aish

        so what… if i like something then i like it!!.. thats it!! :))

  • Chuttan

    Mattargashti superb song,fun filled with addictive tune,weird but still fun filled lyrics with Mohit Chauhan singing in full fledged form.
    Tum saath ho, the latter part with most part by Arijit dada brilliant,maybe if it had been just that part it could have been the bst song of the year but the earlier part converting it into jst an excellent track.
    Wat wat another super class fun filled track.
    Well most other music composers use Arijit mostly for solo tracks but as far as i know ar rahman has nvr used Arijit for a solo track

    • Chuttan

      Rest of songs i haven’t heard yet

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