Sunday October 11, 2015

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya

Posted by Karthik

There’s an odd comfort in monotony in Prem leela. The title song‘s sparkling melody comes alive with Palak’s voice, while Himesh makes good use of vocalized rhythm in Jalte diye, ruled by Anwesshaa’s vocals. Shaan and Himesh unleash their inner Kumar Sanu and Nadeem-Shravan, respectively, in Aaj unse milna hai (plus Kehna hai, and another variant, Murli ki, that’s sad for unintended reasons), for middling nostalgia. In Jab tum chaho and Tod tadaiyya, it’s only the Pancham influence that stays. Halo re seems targeted at Dandiya 2015, while Himesh unbearably oversings Bachpan kahan. This Prem is more Rajshri than Himesh.

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  • sumanthgutta

    Poor comments from you Malay Samant. Not sure if you remember, this blog was started and probably continues to be Milliblog’s hobby as a forum to air his personal opinion which he wishes to keep it in a public space. Not sure why you chose this line of language against someone’s personal opinion.

  • Ahsan Saadat

    Himesh music for this film is quite outdated (1990s), most of the credit will go to the director for approving such music.

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    Beg to differ on “Bachpan Kahan”. As much as we have despised Himesh’s singing, he very surprisingly underplays his vocal chords in this particular song and sounds very soft and very bearable. This is a Rajshri soundtrack, targeted at the crowds that love the “melodrama”. For the target audience (I am included in that), the soundtracks works wonderfully well.

  • Moriya

    Some people need to chill out. This is one guy’s review, he’s not reviewing on your behalf.

    This is probably the best OST this year. Jalte Diye/PRDP/Jab tum chaho are great. Aaj Unse is DEFINATELY a copy of an older N-S or Anu Malik song the first two lines are completely as-is of an older song (or an older Himesh song from the 2000-2003 era when he was basically known for being a mix of n-s/anu), but it’s good nevertheless. Tod Taiyaa is a rehash of Balma from Khiladi 786.

    Only bad songs are Prem Leela and Bachpan.

    Also Im really sick of people referring to “90s music.” These songs could easily have been made in the mid-2000s when bollywood music had coherence and lyrics to it. Bollywood music stopped being consistently good after 2006/2007.


  • Subbu Atha

    I liked Jalte diye. Anweshaa was fab as usual though I don’t know where harshdeep sang in the song. Title song was catchy too.

    • Malay Samant

      Harshdeep Sang the first few lines

  • zantahawaldar

    The best album of the decade, not just in Bollywood but across the world. If other planets and universes had living creatures, this album would have trumped any music they could create. Easily. Why NASA is not sending soundwaves of Himesh’s singing to befreind aliens is beyond me.

    This reviewer needs to format his brain, install some understanding of real melodious music and not let viruses like ARR-Amit Trivedi infect his thinking.

  • Rathnavelu

    It’s functional from a Rajshri brand level. That’s it. Couple of decent tracks here and there. Not sure why Rajiv Vijaykar rated it a 4 star OST, baffling!

  • jay

    would have been better if Barjatya would have stuck to his usuals Raam Laxman or Late Ravindra Jain who gave melodious music for Vivah…
    himesh tries hard to tune his music according to barjatya standards set by raam laxman and ravindra jain (RIP sir), but gets only jalte diye and to some level aaj unse right.. rest is mostly music that will look good on screen, not in ipod or mp3 players.

    • Malay Samant

      Sorry you are wrong, I have been hooked to the whole album since last 3 days, they are fabulous stuff, think Joginder Tuteja knows something about music

      • jay

        dude not getting into an argument with you as i have seen ur side with your argument with karthik…
        trying to infulence each and every person who criticises himesh’s music and degrading them is not the way.

        you stay happy with the music…. we will stay happy with someone’s better music… Peace out!!

      • rnjbond

        He’s wrong because you have been hooked on the album? How does this make any sense…

  • Moriya

    Figured out where Aaj Unse Milna is lifted from….

    Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya, specifically the kumar sanu version. Oh boy…. the interlude of music from the first verse and the second even has the same arrangements!!!!!!

    And to those who think Himesh would never be inspired N-S… he cleverly reused Meri Mehbooba from Pardes for Aap Ka Aana from Kurukshetra. The only thing is Himesh makes enough changes so its never “technically” a copy (much like how ARR or V-S lift songs without actually lifting them. Its pretty smart actually)

    I like this album and himesh is one of my favorites but it can’t be overlooked especially since it was a popular song back in 2002!

  • a music fan

    Malay seems to be logical(more than the reviewer). His language is rude nd cheap but he seems truthful.

    (Not related to the above) I just heard all the songs from the movie. This is not a good album even by himeshs standards(i like himesh but only when he composes good songs, or u can say the type of songs i like. To avoid any debate) the title song is the best. Haalo re is enjoyable. Bachpan kahaan is childish, in a bad way lyrics-wise. Rest of the songs hve no identity. Aaj unse milna hai sounds similar to lo ji hum aa gaye hai from ek vivah aisa bhi. Jab tum chaho has a bani bani prem diwani type of feel to it. Lyrics r too poor. Gujiya lele barfi lele. Honestly. What was irshad kaamil thinking. Had already watched prem leela song on tv, and felt instant dislike towards it. Harshdeep only gets to sing the same type of songs every time we see her name. Rang de basanti or guzarish or here. Tod tadaiyya is like an unreleased song from the 90s.

    In short himesh can do a lot better than this.

    • a music fan

      Jab tum chaho sounds like the old falguni pathak songs. Indhana vinava gaiti more saiyya in particular. Also similar to pari hoon main. Aayi main to aayi baharo ke.

    • a music fan

      Saiyyan tu kamaal ka, baatein bhi kamaal ki.

      Irshad kaamil LOL. 😂

      • a music fan

        Irshaad kaamil saab aap bhi kamaal krte ho 😛

  • Sun Sunny

    PRDP album certainly seems an anachronism in today’ era.

    However, true to the theme of the film and need of the
    Barjatyas….. The album surely is an opulent, analogous to the opulence of the
    film…and does certain justice to bygone 90’s Era…

    Himesh should be highly reverred for bestowing more songs on the
    fresh n young cavalcade of singers, viz., Palak Muchchal, Aman Trikha, Vineet
    Singh, Anwesha, Aishwarya, Neeti Mohan, Shadab, Mohd Irfaan, etc…

    Even Shaan makes a decent comeback, brings back his mushiness…

    Himesh renders a song so subtly n with surprising restraint…
    NAILS it !!

    However, the album still falls flat on the creativity
    perspective, in terms of instrumentations and arrangements, even lyrics I would

    When it’s India’ Super Hit Machine and Musical Maestro Himesh
    Reshammiya at the helm of affairs… Expectations are SKY HIGH…at an Apogee

    I feel PRDP is 7.5/10… giving a slightly upper edge to Himesh,
    for creating a Soundtrack true to 90s…. !!

  • rnjbond

    Jalte Diye is quite a nice track! I do like the wave of nostalgia the soundtrack brings me, but on its own, it’s decent.

  • Vignesh

    @karthick. I really liked your discussion with JemHimeshji FanForeva. And I appreciate ur statement that its ur prerogative that u write ur own write-ups.
    But have ever thought about this, if at least 40% ur review readers agree with ur review then ur review may very well be unbiased. But what if, if evry1 is showing their dissent towards the review or any statement in it? Then u seriously have trouble in accepting some things!
    When being pointed out u keep arguing with ur side being correct.
    Please do give a second thought about what i said and try thinking in all perspectives. Cuz a good reviewer will and should think about how he manages the criticism. BTW ur review was worse.. Sorry to say that bro’.

    • milliblog

      Vignesh: The readers of this blog are not debating facts like the world being round, or that the sun rises in the east or not. They are debating opinions, views and personal perspectives. In those cases, unlike facts, there are no right, wrong, correct or incorrect.

      There is no ‘my side is correct’ – there is only my opinion. You may agree, disagree or whatever with it, but that’s what I have. I do not need to change my opinion just because you say so – we both can live perfectly peacefully by holding different opinions.

      • Vignesh

        Crapp.. First of all don’t keep arguing. Learn to accept things. That’s the only message I keep telling u from the beginning. If someone writes a response, try to accept the criticism in it. That’s how a good reviewer should be. Don’t argue with the readers. Never did I ask u to change ur opinion. I just wanted u to give a second thought about it. That’s it. U may have felt that the songs are not so nice but that doesn’t mean that you can comment about the existence of me and u. I liked the way u said about the ‘correct’ statement. But am afraid, I never said that u r wrong or I am correct either. Learn first to accept things rather than disappointing ur readers with those kinda pessimistic words.

        • milliblog

          Seriously? Why doesn’t the ‘Learn to accept things’ part apply to you? Also, ‘If someone writes a response, try to accept the criticism in it’, when read as, ‘If someone writes a review, try to accept the criticism in it’?

          Pessimistic words? That was funny 🙂

          • Vignesh

            U still keep arguing. U are the one who wrote this in a public forum. Was that I?? Then how come u say that I need to accept things? Whats funny in it there? What has happened to u Karthick? Its as if like a cricketer argues with a reporter for having commented about his bad performance in a concluded match.

          • milliblog

            Do you see me arguing with every comment out here? No, right?

            You said, “When being pointed out u keep arguing with ur side being correct”. I was merely pointing out that there is no ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ in a review. Why is it so difficult for you to comprehend?

            ‘Bad performance’ in cricket is a result of a match being lost. There is an action – ‘bad performance’ and there is a result… ‘match lost’. There is no win or loss in a music review, because, let me state this again loud and clear… these are opinions. Opinions are subjective. Always.

            I wasn’t arguing, if you care to notice. I was pointing to the fact that you are discussing opinions as if they are facts. I have no issues with you not liking my opinion or stating it here in the comments. But you cannot talk of your opinion and mine being like a fact. They are NOT facts. They are opinions.

          • Vignesh

            Oh Jesus.. Was that I who misunderstood it or u?? I beg ur pardon.. See there, I said that u were being pointed out.. Was the action done by me?? Why are u not even trying to understand what I am supposedly trying to say??

            U can write a positive review for an album or write it out saying the album was worse. Am not concerned about botha them. I am sorry, I wanted u to just accept ur critics. That’s it.


            What I had to say there was to GIVE A SECOND THOUGHT. If u want to, pls say ok or else leave it.

            And one cricketer’s bad performance has nothing to do with a team losing a match. Please correct urself.


          • milliblog

            Accept my critics, as in, respond to them? Or, if I respond to them with my point of view, you’d pounce on me with, ‘why are you arguing?’. If I don’t respond to them, that’s fine? That is something you’ll see as ‘accepting’ negative criticism?

            Didn’t I do that with 90% of other comments here? (Take a Iook at the Facebook comments above). I suppose you were not expecting a response from me. Sorry that I responded. Imagine that I was silent. Ok? From now on, I won’t respond to your opinion since you think that’s arguing.

            And yes, Byeee.

  • asharma908

    This debate keeps erupting here and elsewhere with predictable regularity. People need to learn to focus on expressing their opinions and not forcing their own or masses’ opinions on others. These reviews are meant to be biased based on one’s own choice of music. If your opinion differs from Kartick’s or any one else, why don’t you elaborate on what you like or dislike about a particular song or album instead of having a knee jerk reaction and accusing others of their inherent biases. Personally, I do not agree with a significant number of reviews here but if Kartick gives a good review, I will make an effort to listen to the tracks (with some exceptions such as this musician) and then forming my own opinion. I may not like 50% of those songs but he has my gratitude for expanding my choice of music and going beyond the realm of bollywood music that I believe is increasingly becoming predictable and disposable, including Amit Trivedi’s music. My collection now has more regional music than hindi. (but for him I would not have discovered Santhosh Narayan). Coming back to hindi music, I mostly agree with his opinion of Amit Trivedi but have a 180 degree opposing view of AR Rahman. In fact, when he does not like a ARR soundtrack, there is a solid chance that I will love that album and vice versa :). But it does not make me respect him less for his taste or analyzing abilities.

    • Moriya

      I have to agree. I personally loved Blue, Ada, and this other one I forget the name from 2010 Ravaan? And I’m pretty sure each of these were 100 words but those were some of the best songs I’ve heard from ARR from his post-slum slummer.

  • Aakash

    Okay, can anyone accurately ID where Aaj Unse is taken from? It’s definitely an old N-S, Kumar Sanu song. But it’s not just Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya Hai?

    • Moriya

      It is Haan Maine Bhi pyar Kiya. The ending of the “Hum yaar hain tumhare” is nearly the same. However, since N-S do recycle their songs (Mubarak from that same movie was remake of one of Nadeem saifi sayesha songs) I’m sure the are tune portions in an older song.

      It’s the aaj and the unse that reminds of other kumar sanu/anu malik songs such as aaj humein Maloom from aa gale lag ja or raaj mein unse mulaqaat from vijay path. But tune wise it is the Haan Maine Bhi pyar Kiya refrains

  • Siva Prasad

    Liked prem Ratan and Jab tum chaaho and looks like they are too front bencher type or 90s style for anyone to like. I liked the 90s rhythm in Prem Ratan and the 90s type hook phrase “Jab tum Chaho” . Enjoyed these refreshing songs after listening to many artificial sounding tunes from the recent past. Old is the new New.

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