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Thursday October 22, 2015 19:24

Vil Ambu (Music review), Tamil – Navin

Navin, who debuted as Arrora, in Kalyana Samayal Saadham, ropes in 3 composers to sing 3 songs! Interestingly, the songs sound like something they themselves may have composed. Anirudh sings the catchy kuthu Aala saachuputta, a sorta Kolaveri homage, with melodic anupallavi and interludes. G.V.Prakash’s Kurum padame is breezy, and along with Vandana he sings […]

Thursday October 22, 2015 19:20

Uppu Karuvadu (Music review), Tamil – Steeve Vatz

The title song seems like a catchy mix of Madras kuthu and Goan dulpod, much like Ilayaraja’s Vetri Vizha Marugo marugo, made better by Steeve’s choice of instruments, including a neat nadaswaram phrase. Velmurugan and M.M.Manasi are dependably good with the singing. UK UK is a background’ish medley at best. The soundtrack’s surprise is Gautham […]

The short Mayukha has a generous smattering of Baahubali’s music. Crazy is very Keeravani, building in a simple, pleasant and tuneful melody. And, after an austere prelude, Maskesko shows why Keeravani is the master of authentic Telugu masala tunes – it’s a heady, foot-tapping and raucous kuthu aced by Mohana Bhogaraju in her high enthu […]

The title song makes it seem like Bheems has imbibed the Thaman style of music, but it lacks the spunk the latter adds. The globe-trotting Aasia khantamlo is very Andhra at heart, paticularly the rhythm and hook. Chupulatho deepala is straight out of Manisharma’s melody book; simple, lilting and made better by the Vijay Prakash. […]

Tuesday October 20, 2015 19:07

Boxer (Music review), Kannada – V.Harikrishna

Dheem dheem is a charmingly catchy tune. Harikrishna ropes in Tipu to do the honors and he brings in his typical laid-back style to deliver it in style. Karthik and Vijay Prakash do something similar in Thunta thatakiye and Tagar putti, which could be easily mistaken for D.Imman’s tunes, with pounding, folk’ish rhythm. The soundtrack’s […]

Sean Roldan’s pained, strained voice makes a perfect base for the pathos-tinged melody of Adiyae azhagae, well-supported by Padma Latha. It’s Justin’s beautiful tune that stays, though. In Maangalyamae, Justin offers solid fun, with the lines Karky provides and the hilarious mishmash tune he conjures up! Not just that, he has a host of voices […]

Sunday October 18, 2015 07:50

Hitman – October 17, 2015

Originally featured in The Hindu. Kalakkattu kannaala – Kathukutty (Tamil – Aruldev) Beyond the simple lilt Aruldev loads in the song, and even beside the Raja’ish flute he employs, the song works for one very simple reason – Hamir Kalyani raaga (or Kedar, in Hindustani)! As a result, invoking everything from Hum ko mann ki […]

There is so much of Ilayaraja in Pasanga 2. The Anjali’ish way to a children’s song, in Chota Bheema, sung brilliantly by Yazhini and Srikanth… the Western Classical base in Tham tham (but with a maudlin anupallavi) and the Rum bum bum’ish rock and roll in Kaattukulla (though it seems a bit hurried here, while […]

Friday October 16, 2015 20:17

Vedalam (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Aaluma doluma is lyricist Rokesh’s show, with Anirudh layering it with a mesmerizing techno sound. In Veera vinayaka, the composer seems to be using Vakulabharanam raaga to a hypnotic effect, and with Vishal Dadlani, he sings it mighty well. Anirudh ropes in Shruti and Shakthisree for the racy, R&B’ish Don’t you mess with me where […]

Friday October 16, 2015 19:05

Tamasha (Music review), Hindi – A R Rahman

Matargashti is free-spirited and whimsical. It starts sounding European, but eventually enters a retro Hindi sound, forcing one to smile and throw hands up in the air. The instrumental, Parade De La Bastille is, however, true-blue European, with a lively sound. Irshad Kamil’s word-play lifts the Mika-sung Heer toh, a gorgeous qawali’sh tune that ends […]

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