Sunday August 2, 2015

Puli (Music review), Tamil – Devi Sri Prasad

Posted by Karthik

In Yaendi yaendi, Devi Sri Prasad hands Vijay and Shruti a lilting melody that has his stock tune written all over it; it works, for its charming simplicity. Jingiliya cleverly upgrades the age-old tribal song sound into a more pulsating, catchy variant. Sottavaala stretches the familiarity a bit too much, with a staid template and cringe-worthy lines like, ‘KaNNaale garbam seiyyadhe’! Mannavanae mannavanae and Manidha manidha‘s booming, ambitious sound couldn’t mask the ennui their tunes evoke, while the title song, despite minor respite in terms of Mano’s comeback, is painfully jaded. Largely tedious soundtrack, in true Devi Sri Prasad style.

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  • Say Something

    Jingunamani from Jilla becomes Jingiliya in Puli?

    DSP has no idea what the hell is he doing. His style of working seems to be kissing up to the huge stars and somehow getting to score for their films despite any semblance of quality. Rock Star DSP..? More like “recycling mud” DSP.

    Some of the stars like Vijay couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about songs, depending only on their charisma and rampant fanboyism — and composers like DSP live off them, feeding their ego. Yuck..!

    • Jagan Kumaravelu

      Oh come on! Vijay has had pretty good entertaining albums in recent times like Kaththi, Nanban, Thuppakki, etc. And its been really long since he had an album from DSP for his film (the last time DSP did a Vijay film was Villu back in 2008-09). Obviously stars like Rajni, Vijay, Ajith, etc wont have heavily musical inclined albums. Their albums has to be entertaining, foot tapping and dance worthy with enough commercial elements.

      • Say Something

        Is not about DSP scoring for Vijay. Kathi, Nanban, Thuppakki etc., are big budget major directors abd any composer needs to step up, to have any future. Who are the promising, fresh, talented composers in Tamil now? Ghibran, Santhosh Narayanan, even a couple of unknowns — like Sean Roldan, Justin Prabhakaran etc., Can’t they see Imman can provide far better than DSP? Probably they can. Or they couldn’t care less. Till couple of films bomb miserably…

        Their albums has to be entertaining, foot tapping and dance worthy with enough commercial elements = mundane, forgettable, below ordinary and pandering to their star power? After so many films, aren’t they supposed to know, be professionals?

        • Siva Prasad

          Alex pandian, Singam 2, Bramman Veeram Puli … Just 1 short of double hattrick disasters for DSP in Tamil. I used to patiently wait for a good album from him and he is repeating everything from tunes, singers, instrumentation, templates ( template is a perfect word for him) getting progressively worse. Someone needs to tell him that he should start with a fresh approach.

    • Thiru Vetti

      Think Vijay has always had the luck with better songs among his peers. But I think DSP is a bad choice and it shows in Puli!

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