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Shabbir Ahmed’s wishful thinking of 4 Saturdays in a week is the only solace of Amaal Malik’s Char shanivaar. Himesh gets Arijit for Baaton ko teri, but the tune is monotonous and painfully simplified. But Himesh’s other two songs are pretty good – the catchy Punjabi mix of Yolo, sung fabulously by Sreeramachandra, and the […]

Sooraj Santhosh sings his heart out in Rama rama, packaged in Devi’s usual bombastic, catchy rhythms, ably supported by Ranina Reddy. Sagar and Simha, in contrast, don’t seem as effective in propping Jatha kalise or Dhimmathirigae‘s already tiresome tunes. But Devi dials up the bombast for Jaago, with his current Baba Sehgal-replacement, Raghu Dixit. It […]

Saturday July 18, 2015 18:45

Hitman – July 18, 2015

Originally published in The Hindu. Don’u Don’u – Maari (Tamil), Music: Anirudh Anirudh kicks up a brilliantly funky sound in ‘Don’u Don’u’, complete with horns, curiously cheesy English hip-hop phrases and a captivating call-and-response tune. Anirudh and Alisha Thomas seem to have had a fantastic time singing it, particularly the former, who rocks obviously-catchy lines […]

Kya pataa is the kind of song Vishal used to hand over to Suresh Wadkar. Then, he started singing them himself. Now, he gets Arijit to sing this whispery, ambient tune, beautifully accentuated by those jazz’y backgrounds. Ash King brings Gulzar’s typically colloquial lines to life in style, in Carbon copy, amidst Vishal’s thumping, guitar-laden […]

Ee kootil, beyond that familiar Bollywood’ish rhythm, has a lilt that grows on you, thanks also to Madhu Balakrishnan’s vocals. Vijesh Gopal-sung Melle vannu has a similar sound, but with less engaging results. Oh thirayukayano‘s (and Vazhvom thazhvom‘s) soulful melody sounds great in Sreejith Edavan and Reshma Menon’s vocals, while Haricharan and Sooraj Santhosh prop […]

Thursday July 16, 2015 19:32

Maya (Music review), Tamil – Ron Yohann

Aayiram aayiram sounds like the power version of a Bond theme, with the rock elements rigged up a notch higher. Chinmayi sounds different from her usual self and carries the complex tune wonderfully. Swetha Mohan’s Naanae varuvaen is a serene tune that plays between her immersive vocals and stellar backgrounds Ron concocts. Shakthishree’s Thoonga kangal […]

Thursday July 16, 2015 19:31

Masaan (Music review), Hindi – Indian Ocean

Tu kisi rail si guzarti is more Euphoria than Indian Ocean, but the charm remains intact, building a steady and lilting folk’ish tune on the back of Nikhil Rao’s guitaring. Varun Grover’s lyrics, adapted from Dushyant Kumar’s poem, is charming! Mann kasturi is decidely more Indian Ocean, again sipping into Nikhil’s fantastic guitars to build […]

Stay awake, beyond the middling opening, gets better as it progresses, particularly in the anupallavi, thanks to Subramaniam Nandi’s lyrics on Chennai. Vellai irave too gains steam only after the fangled-Tamil prelude by Ramya. Papparappa, by T.Rajendar and Priyadarshini is regurgitated kuthu with nothing new, while Vijay Antony sings the adequately background’ish Kolai vaal as […]

Oh priya priya is text-book example of simple, frothy pop. In Once upon a time, Anup imports his Telugu-style catchy kuthu, with Mukesh doing this usual to bring it to life. Devadhai paarkiraal, by Aravind-Shankar, too is Telugu-style melody, though the tune borders on S A Rajkumar’s typically much-derided saccharine-sweetness. Tamil gets chewed by Javed […]

Saturday July 11, 2015 18:59

Hitman – July 11, 2015

Originally published in The Hindu. Rangabati – Coke Studio@MTV Season 4 (Ram Sampath, Sona Mohapatra & Rituraj Mohanty) Rangabati is a heady mix that at times seems forced, but given the fact that Ram and Sona bring their respective mother tongues together, it seems perfectly justified and in sync. The two Tamil rappers, Tony Sebastian […]

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