Tuesday July 28, 2015

Nilkanth Master (Music review), Marathi – Ajay-Atul

Posted by Karthik

Vande mataram‘s recreation by Ajay-Atul is spell-binding! They take the good old, familiar verses and make an anthem out of it all over again! Vishwajeet Borwankar, Ajay Gogavle and Rahul Saxena take on the rousing part of the tune, while Savni Ravindra and Amruta Natu handle the softer ‘Sujalaam sufalaam’ and ‘Shubrajyotsna’ portions in a beautiful division of singing duties. Partuni yena seems to be sticking to the mesmerizing strains of Charukesi raaga, but with generous diversions at places. Shreya Ghoshal is an expert in handling such deeply engaging melodies and she joins Javed Ali to deliver a knock-out! The song reeks of Ilayaraja’s flourish at many places, particularly the antara! Ajay and Shreya join to sing what seems like Chakravakam (Ahir Bhairav) raaga in Konse desh chala. Given the raaga’s allure, it is instantly captivating, but what is even more interesting is the way the composers go off-raaga like Partuni yena, layered on a wonderful rhythm! The soundtrack’s crowning glory is the Shreya Ghoshal solo, Aadhir mann jhale! Invoking Ilayaraja’ish nuances again in both the core melody—Sindhu Bhairavi? Vakulabharanam?—and in the fantastic interludes, the song is a phenomenal experience to soak into! Ajay-Atul’s incredible sense of melody rocks this soundtrack!

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  • Subhadra Yadav

    Thank you, for the reviewing one. Please suggest me regional albums (Tamil, telgu, Marathi). all these unknown albums sound lot better than 90% of the bollywood songs these days.

    • Music lover

      I can suggest some Marathi movie albums:
      Natarang, Jogwa, Lai Bhaari, Fandry(only 1 song) – Ajay&Atul at their best in these albums! Jogwa got them the National Award for best Music.
      Timepass, Balak Palak: some nice modern pop/rock style songs
      Do check out recently released “Katyar Kaljat Ghusali” (by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy — absolutely mesmerizing pure Indian Classical songs)

      I agree with you – bollywood songs are very forgettable these days.

  • wootshire

    What an album! Fantastically deserved praise.

    Though for me, what worked stupendously in Partuni Yena was the violin strings in raga Jog. The final bit with the strings reminded me of ‘Pramadhavanam Veendum’ in the best possible way.

  • Say Something

    Liked Partuni yena and the rest fell apart [somewhat old and stale..] during subsequent listens.

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