Sunday June 14, 2015

Baahubali (Music review), Telugu – M.M.Keeravani

Posted by Karthik

Mamatala thalli opens on a soft note, evolving to a grander sound at two places, around the 1st and 2nd minutes. Sivuni aana‘s beautifully rolling lyrics and hymnal sound is captivating, while Pacha bottasi‘s tune, while pleasant, is standard issue material from the veteran. Nippulaa swasa and the short Jeevanadi are background’ish at best. The soundtrack’s best are Dheevara (and it’s English version!), a highly imaginative track that marries very filmy Telugu melody with pulsating Western pop, and Manohari, a brilliantly rhythmic number with fantastic singing by Mohana Bhogaraju and Revanth. Two standout tracks in an opulent soundtrack by Keeravani.

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  • Siva Prasad

    My pick for this album — Manohari . Nice rhythmic number.

    The soundtrack lacks a punch though ! A classical dance number like the one in Padayappa or chandramukhi would have added the required punch for this folklore where kings from the olden days generally are patrons of dance and music !!

    • Fincher Rocks!

      True Siva! A classical dance folk number, which is at least half as epic as ‘Oru Murai’ from ‘Manichitrathaazhu’ (The original version of ‘Chandramukhi’)

  • Uday K Panthagani

    I dunno, I was expecting an epic orchestral score from Bahubali and all I get is standard-fare Keeravani. Dheevara is interesting, but it has a very short shelf life.

  • Our Baahubali Audio Review and Rating would be 2.5 out of 5. We expected something extra ordinary from the musical team of Baahubali. Now all hopes for the box office return.

  • Chandana Jp

    You have shared good and useful information

  • ramadugu

    Paccha Bottesina resembles a familiar tune that I have heard/listened long time ago. I checked your itwofs website to find if its the case. I am not saying its a copied song, only that its tune resembles a previously heard song. Any ideas?

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