Archive for June 11th, 2015

Ninnamanemunde is mighty staid, despite all the effort from Rahul Nambiar and Ramya Behara. Ladies And Gentlemen has a consistently catchy rhythm to save it from boredom, but Mickey gets everything right in Kannalle, with it’s wonderfully foot-tapping sound, besides Karthik and Shivani’s pitch-perfect singing. Mickey rehashes his own Chakkilingitey title song to great effect […]

The title song‘s chest-thumping and hero worship is listenable thanks to Tipu’s rendition. In Thutthoori talavarayya, Arjun’s composition seems to skillfully mimic Pancham and Vijay Prakash’s vocals add to the charm too. Sharan sings Kaal KG kallekaai, in a spoofy kuthu tune that Arjun usually reserves for himself; Sharan does an equally good job. Nakash […]

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