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The title song, with 80s psychedelic coolth and a soaring hook, is a great listen. Mila mila is trademark Mickey – rhythmic, repetitively simple hook dominating the song, along with imaginative interludes. Anjana Sowmya infuses as much joy in Jagadeka veera as much as Mickey’s enthusiastic sound, while the friendship anthem, Thanks 2 zindagi is […]

Ori devudaa‘s languorous tune is actually quite engaging, thanks also to Anup’s own involved singing. In Janaki Janaki, Anup makes good use of a bombastic brass sound, while Pyar bina too carries a steady, thumping rhythm that is instantly catchy, over and above Raja Hasan’s vocals. Po po po, oddly enough, only starts exactly like […]

There is an unhurried, sluggish mood to Oho nenjil that Vishnu builds on well, with his music and his own vocals. Nila veyilil texture is an odd combo of 80s pop and Christian religious music, and with fairly poor singing, this one hardly works. Oh God, the short hymn-like song has Anugraha Raphy’s vocals to […]

Edhukku machan would move Imman to tears, if imitation was the sincerest form of flattery – uses Imman’s sound and Raja fixation, given it invokes Poojaiketha poovidhu! Edhuvume‘s tune builds mighty well, Naresh Iyer in great form and the violin and flute interludes sounding wonderful. Kaara karuuna is pedestrian, predictable kuthu and Vandhaaru too is […]

(I had written this on Milliblog’s Facebook page and realized, by the 30+ mails I got, that they preferred it in the blog too, away from Facebook’s walled garden. Here it is, as a result, though you should perhaps head to the Facebook page post for comments on this piece, including those from Karki Bava). […]

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