Saturday May 9, 2015

Kick 2 (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Posted by Karthik

Bhole’s singing is severely manipulated in Mummy, but it goes well with the song’s playful nature. Masthani is standard-issue Thaman – passable fun. Thaman showcases his prowess in Temple song – imaginative and expansive sound, while Kick is an easily addictive folk foot-stomper! Where Thaman hits it out of the park is in Nuvve nuvve and Janda pai kapiraju! The former is almost Rahman’ish – fabulous quasi-sufi melody excellently sung by Jonita and Thaman. The latter is so well put-together, as if a classic MM Keeravani-style composition that’s superbly modernized! There’s a marked evolution in Thaman’s sound in Kick 2.

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  • wootshire

    The repeated bit in ‘Mummy’ recalls the Nadaswaram bit in ‘Pakkam Vanthu’ from Kaththi to an uncomfortable degree…

  • Fincher Rocks!

    Good that you said it’s quasi-sufi.. because it isn’t sufi! I think you have not been listening to much of Rahman since many years, that you have apparently lost clue on the depth and intricacies in a Rahman’s composition! Anything above average has started seeming ‘Rahmanish’ to you.

    10 years back, I think you were more sensible while calling something ‘Rahmanish’, because I happened to check archives and saw the music review ‘Aran’, the Tamil dubbed version of ‘Keerthichakra’. When you said ‘Pooncholai’ and ‘Mugile’ were Rahmanish, you were spot on.

    • milliblog


      • Fincher Rocks!

        ‘Almost’ is a powerful word. But thanks for the clarification.. Your reply conveys that you didn’t mean to say that the track’s depth is ‘almost’ Rahmanish.

  • rnjbond

    Just wanna say I’m really enjoying this soundtrack and there is zero chance I would have discovered it without this review. I literally only listened to it because you described Nuvve Nuvve as “almost Rahman’ish”.

    So thank you for helping me diversify my music selection!

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