Archive for May 7th, 2015

Njanoru Malayali flows beautifully, owing to its possible source of either Saama or Arabhi raga. Jayachandran is a fantastic choice to sing this very-Malayali song with the perfect ethos captured in its tune and orchestration. Varikomale is an engaging tune too (with 3 versions, at that!), and between Najeem Arshad and Gayathri Asokan, the melody […]

Everything just works in I Remember You – that scratchy record prelude, an immersive and ambient pop tune and of course, Shaktisree Gopalan in spellbinding form, completely different from her conventional film songs so far. Nikhil’s reprise of the song is good, but no match to the former. Sachin Warrier does a great job in […]

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