Saturday April 18, 2015

Lion (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Posted by Karthik

Mani does what he knows best in One And Only Lion – true-blue Telugu masala track that’s meant for a hero and two ladies prancing around him. Pilla, even more so – the kind of song and dance you’d indulge in, after biting into smoking hot gongura. Aisa ambani pilla‘s playful tone is a good listen; that consistent thavil backdrop is funky! Akasam is the ambient melody Mani excels in – odd Punjabi lyrics, catchy chorus and a pleasant tune to boot! Anaganaga closes the soundtrack on a resonant, pop-bhajan’ish note! Mani Sharma back in form after a long time!

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  • Bruce Wayne

    The song “Pilla nee kallakunna”: probably just boils down to personal tastes, but would have been, for me, 10x better if it had some bass and pads to go with the vocals and heavy percussion; currently it is just vocals and percussion for the most part (except the pallavi and interludes).

    A good example is the title song from Narasimha (Padayappa in Tamil) which has a similar main drum loop going but sounds better due to the melodic quotient added by the harmonic arrangements (especially in the charanam).

    Thaman’s “Chulbili” in Dookudu (which appears to be both aurally and visually inspired from Robo’s “Kilimajaro”) suffered from the same problem (as Pilla in Lion), though it does have pads used (very) sparingly to good melodic effect.

    Then again, it may be the composer’s (or the director’s) decision to have a “raw” sounding song to appeal to the masses.

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