Monday April 6, 2015

36 Vayadhinile (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Posted by Karthik

A decade ago, Happy would have been a gaana song. Santhosh Narayanan turns the same lyrics (hilarious, ponder-worthy, by Vivek) into a funky, rhythmic tune! Pogiren has standard-issue inspirational lyrics and even Kalpana Raghavendar sounds less impressive; it’s only Santhosh’s soaring music that holds the song. Rasathi has Santhosh’s trademark – unusual and alluring orchestration and singer/composer Pradeep Kumar’s mother, Lalitha delivers it with panache! Of the scores, President oddly seems like John Williams’ Jurassic Park score, for a less dangerous reptile. Kannadi, Vidiyal, Kanavugal and Kanneer are, however, highly emotive and Mysshkin’ish too! Santhosh’s short soundtrack is Happy Rasathi.

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  • cabdriver

    This album is sooo much better than ok kanmani! Wish AR Rahman went back to making soulful music like alaipayuthey songs instead of focusing so much on latest technology, instruments. Parandha Sella Va was the only good song in ok kanmani. Each of the songs in 36 Vayadhinike are gems!

  • Sathyajitk

    Sanhosh’s choice in Picking Movies is very Good. Never seen a Composer Landing Good Projects one after the other. Coincidence or Luck? Pretty Good album as well.

  • Sam Singh

    After fantastic EO, I had great expectations. I am very disappointed with the songs. I hope next one (Irudhi Suttru?) will suit my tastes.

  • Kishore Prakash Menon

    Decent soundtrack. The score excerpts are good, though Santhosh borrowed notes from the theme ‘Journey to the Island’ from Jurassic Park and tweaked it in the track ‘President’.

    Besides, ‘MYSSKINish’ sounded like an amateurish description for other
    tracks. Those tracks are more of Santhosh’s attempts to emulate
    Alexandre Desplat’s classics like ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
    and ‘The Imitation Game’. He has done a decent job though there is absolutely no comparison to Desplat! But I found it very clumsy when the string ensemble suddenly stops and starts playing another note (without a reason for a pause and an appropriate sustain for the pause) like how a solo instrument does. (The portion after the opening brass section in the President Theme).

    But Santhosh has been very consistent and kudos to his hard work.
    As Sathyajit says, his choice of selecting projects has been exceptional. And he’s working really hard on each soundtrack.

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