Sunday March 29, 2015

Mr.X (Music review), Hindi – Ankit Tiwari & Jeet Ganguli

Posted by Karthik

To ju hain sees Ankit churning his standard template to the hilt. Where Ankit really scores is in his other two – Shukrana starts off meanderingly, but soon a pumping rhythm takes over and lifts the song up, while Alif se has catchy techno break-beats that work well. Jeet’s title song has a Bond theme’ish functional outlook, with Mahesh Bhatt asking us to call him names. Jeet’s other song, Teri khushbu, in both versions, (Arijit and Palak) is the soundtrack’s best – beautifully tuneful, given its possible raag Keeravani orientation. Ankit and Jeet deliver a listenable soundtrack, in Bhatt tradition.

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  • Juna

    Ankit is beyond tiresome, how can someone who only composes 1-2 songs per soundtrack be so repetitive?

    Bollywood isn’t entering its dark days.. It is truly in its darkest times right now.

    • rnjbond

      I don’t know if “darkest times” is accurate. Don’t forget some of the great work put out by AR Rahman, Sachin-Jigar, Pritam, etc

      • Juna

        ARR is overrated and has seen better days. Not a fan of sachin jigar.

        Pritam, Vishal-Shekar, S-E-L are the only promising composer but they are tiresome and repetitive.

        • rnjbond

          Well, if you don’t like AR Rahman or the composers behind one of the best soundtracks of 2015 (Badlapur), I can’t convince you of my viewpoint.

          • Juna

            Who says I don’t like ARR. Him being overrated doesnt mean I dislike him.
            I only heard Jee Karda in parts. I havent heard it in full or the album so you could be right but from the bits I’ve heard it didnt make me run out and listen to it. Same could be said about S-J. The only soundtrack i actually heard and liked was tere sang over 6 yrs ago!

  • rnjbond

    Shukrana is a bit better, but Tu Jo Hain is almost exactly like Sun Raha Hai met Tu Hai Ki Nahin.

    I think the popularity of Aashiqui 2 (and to a lesser extent, Ek Villain) is responsible for this. Producers go to Ankit Tiwari asking for the next Sun Raha Hai or Galliyan because they want the soundtrack to be a hit (and carry that goodwill over to the film itself). I worry they’re doing the same to Mithoon. I miss Mithoon from the older days – his songs from Anwar, Bas Ek Pal, The Train. Not that I don’t enjoy his stuff now, but it feels like producers are boxing him in and want him to produce more songs like Banjaara and fewer like Hamdard (or even Awara from Alone, which was a very underrated song).

    • Juna

      Mithoon was so good back when he started. Train was imo the best soundtrack in 2007.

      You really hit the nail. Tu Jo Hain is such a mishash of Sun Raha Hai and Galliyan actually… And Galliyan itself is copied from the style of Pritam in Ankahee (2006)

      • rnjbond

        I’ll defend Mithoon. Aggar was a fantastic (albeit short) soundtrack. And the songs didn’t have the same template to them, which I loved. I wish he would still do more songs like “Paas Aaya Kyon”. Lamhaa I’ll give you was a merely okay soundtrack with one phenomenal song (Madhno). Don’t forget he also did two songs in Murder 2: Aye Khuda (which I still feel is a phenomenally underrated track) and Phir Mohabbat. But these were all pre-Tum Hi Ho.

        Since then, he’s had mostly “compose one song” appearances and it seems the producers want another Tum Hi Ho. Hence his tracks for Samrat, Yaariyan, etc. His tracks in Ek Villain were much better and I’m glad he did a more classic Mithoon track in Alone with Awara. But his talent is still there… If you haven’t seen his appearance on MTV Unplugged, see it (specifically Tum Hi Ho – Instrumental, Hamdard, and Aankhen Teri).

        • Juna

          Don’t see why you’re defending him. As I said nothing bad about him. I said his full composer albums (more or less full where he is the main composer) had great songs. Murder 2 was a multiple composer soundtrack which is not what i am referring too.

          He just isn’t “creative” and plays it way too safe, and when he is “creative” he simply milks it (producers maybe or not). Quite frankly Tum Hi Ho makes me nauseous. It was an okay song but they made it so insufferable playing it ad nausem.

          My point is when you’re making barely 10 songs a year, they better be 10 damn good songs that we havent heard before.

          • rnjbond

            And the point I was making is that Mithoon is being constrained by producers, that’s all. Why else is he roped in for a song like Baarish from Yaariyan? It’s because the producers want another Tum Hi Ho or even another Banjaara.

            Even among his recent stuff, songs like Hamdard from Ek Villain, Awaara from Alone, and Meheboob Ki from Creature 3D tell me he absolutely has the talent to be outside that “Tum Hi Ho”-esque zone, but that’s just not what producers are asking for when they have him compose one or two songs in a soundtrack.

          • Juna

            Both Awara and Mehboob Ki are reminscent of his songs from Tuhi Mera Rab Ki Tarah Hai album. Nothing new.

          • rnjbond

            If you say so!

  • Ankit will soon fade into darkness like Himesh…

    • Juna

      In Himeshs defense, he made a lot of really good songs. If he didnt get all egotistical and ruined good tunes and music with his horrible ainging, he would be still be amongst the top. I can’t help but remember Kajaare and how good those songs would have been had he let other singers sing tham, likewise with Radio.

  • Spandan Paul

    Tu jo hain sounds remarkably similar to Farhan Saeed’s song ‘De Ijazat Jo Tu”

  • Nice and simple movie.

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