Thursday March 19, 2015

Oru Vadakkan Selfie (Music review), Malayalam – Shaan Rahman

Posted by Karthik

Vaikkom Vijaylakshmi is consistently becoming that kind of a singer who completely owns a song; Kaikottum kandittila is no exception. Beyond the Rahman’ish violins in Neelambalin, the tune is gorgeous, thanks also to Arun Alat’s endearing vocals. Enne Thallendammaava is massively funky, with Shaan and Vineeth having a lot of fun singing it along with a ultra cool violin base. Paarvanavidhuve is very apt for Harish Sivaramakrishnan’s vocals – a lively and pulsating desi-rock fusion. Chennai pattanam‘s kuthu sound and the Tamil Yekkam pogavillai‘s hard rock sound are less engaging overall. Shaan and Vineeth – 4 great songs. Good deal.

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  • jason rex

    Shaan the best in Malayalam!!

    • Rahmaniac AR

      No way! There are some really magnificent guys like Sharreth, Rahul Raj, Prashant Pillai, Bijibal etc! Shaan is very good, but no where near these guys.

      It is like saying Suresh Raina is the best batsman in the current Indian team, despite the presence of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane and M.S. Dhoni.

      ‘Vadakkan Selfie’ is a very interesting album. Neelambalin is a cute melody! Shaan is in a very good form these days.

      • lovethetech

        Raina performs in clutch times. He plays from heart and no inhibitions and lively. Rohit sharma should never play for India. Rohit is the one who had 100s of chances and useless cricketer and the most boringly lazy and not VVS.He is No Hit sharma. He is filling up the warm chair in Indian team for Mumbai Quota.

    • Anoop C Nair

      Shaan is very good…but the best in the business is Gopi Sunder.. He’s like Pritam in bollywood 2 years ago.. Compared to the volume of films he’s doing his quality in amazing..

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