Thursday January 29, 2015

Temper (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens

Posted by Karthik

Choolenge aasma‘s lilt is bang on target – groovy and Adnan in his usual impeccable form. The title song is good fun too, loading on the rhythm to impressive effect, while Devudaa, despite labored singing by Anup and Puri Jagannath (!), at least has a few absorbing hooks. One more time‘s faux-classical touch is consistently engaging, given the fabulous tune overlaid on it, with Ranjith and Lipsika doing a great job with the vocals. Geetha Madhuri saves the mostly templatized Ittage recchipodham with her enthusiasm, while the pulsating theme is functional. Aptly mass’y and enjoyable commercial soundtrack from Anup Rubens.

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  • disqus_iXsVT7Lk4e

    I’m assuming you didn’t understand the lyrics? They’re atrocious! Too many hindi lines for Telugu songs! At the same time, this sounded too similar to Anoop’s earlier albums. 1.5/5 for me.

  • Sid

    Hello Karthik,
    I’m a avid follower of your blog, especially your Telugu reviews. I must say you are very good! Just a suggestion, you should review Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini by music director Hari. It has some good melodies, could deserve a #200 imo. But its up to you I guess, since this is your website 😀

  • Siva Prasad

    Junk from Anup Rubens ! Disappointing !

  • disappointed with the audio

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