Saturday January 17, 2015

Mythri (Music review), Kannada – Ilayaraja

Posted by Karthik

Despite Raja’s effort in the backgrounds, Hudugaatave and Gelavu onde are undone by jaded tunes; there’s only so much the orchestration can salvage. Idu yaava lokavo pulls together better as a pleasant melody, but is out of place from its 90s timeline. Aakaasha meluntu is embarassingly dated on every count. Kailash Kher brings the soundtrack’s best, Chandranenu chenda‘s soulful tune to life; it is aptly and wonderfully arranged too! At his peak, Ilayaraja’s music was never dependent on the directors, but recently, only musically evolved directors bring out his best. In Mythri, both the director and the composer haven’t helped.

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  • Anish

    Karthik, Atlast better sense prevailed with you and you have correctly given less marks and rectified your blunder in Shamitabh review

    • milliblog

      Either you still do not get it, or you’re intentionally playing dumb (and are very good at it). There is no need for anyone to ‘rectify’ between 2 different soundtracks – what is this, some university exams mark? They are 2 different musical albums and I wrote what I felt about them, individually. You do not agree with one, both – whatever. Simple. Why connect both reviews unnecessarily as if there’s some cosmic connection between both?

  • Devaraj Bee Em

    Karthik.. Please listen to the Mythri Music Again. Ilayaraja’s Music never sinks in to one time listeners like yourself.

    • basu

      Im looking for it too !

  • roshen

    any body knows the ending song of mythri movie

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