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Roy (Music review), Hindi – Amaal Malik, Ankit Tiwari & Meet Bros Anjjan

Posted by Karthik

Amaal Malik’s Sooraj dooba hain is a mighty enthusiastic techno dance number with lively vocals of Aditi and Arijit. Meet Bros Anjjan’s Chittiyaan kalaiyaan, the desi dance number is easy on the ears with Kanika’s extra oomphy vocals. Ankit Tiwari’s Tu hai, Boond boond and Yaara re are in typical Ankit-style – soaring, immersive melodies that are wonderfully orchestrated! The man sings amazingly in the first two while letting KK breeze through the third’s pathos, aptly. Tu hai’s female version is Ankit paying obeisance to the film’s producer by letting Tulsi Kumar maul a lovely tune. Highly listenable, multi-composer soundtrack!

Keywords: Amaal Malik, Ankit Tiwari, Meet Bros Anjjan, Roy

Note: Sorry for the Ankit vs. Arijit confusion. The latter seems to be ALL OVER the place. While I was listening to Roy’s songs, there was another tab with new of Arijit’s Tamil debut, another one of his Bengali songs and so on. Result: gave poor Ankit the raw deal. Apologies again.



  • //^:’&,:/

    Arijit style melodies? Don’t you mean ankit style?

    • milliblog

      *gulp* sorry πŸ™‚ Too much Arijit all over πŸ™‚

      • rnjbond

        Too much Arijit?

        No such thing!

  • arziyaan

    This is a really good soundtrack. Only chittayan kalyan is so-so (rehash of Baby Doll)


  • Rony Simon

    Why do you say Arijit Singh’s Tu hai, Boond boond and Yaara re? Sorry I did not get the link.

  • Kedar

    There’s one more: 😎
    “…..*Arijit* paying obeisance to the film’s producer……”

    You’re welocme πŸ˜›

    • milliblog

      Darn it!!! πŸ™‚ Updated.

  • rnjbond

    Has there ever been a worse case of nepotism in Bollywood than Tulsi Kumar (except maybe Uday Chopra)? She’s had a singing career that any contestant off Sa Re Ga Ma, Indian Idol, etc would do anything for (while they probably have 100x the talent), but she’s not a good singer and she has a pretty intolerable voice. And what started with Himesh songs has gone to her taking a song like Kuch Toh Hua Hai (Singham 2) down a couple notches.

    Just imagine how Tu Hai would have been with a proper singer. Think about how great Sun Raha Hai, sung by Shreya sounded, or even how great Galliyan sounded, sung by Shraddha, an actress.

    Fantastic soundtrack overall, but just wanted to vent a bit!

    • arziyaan

      Why does everyone hate tulse so much? I think her voice is cute and good for certain songs, like himesh or humko deewana kar gaye.

      • milliblog

        I’d need to respectfully – and vehemently – disagree about her voice being ‘cute’, and her being good for certain songs.

        • arziyaan

          Everyone has their opinion I guess. I don’t mind her voice. On the flipside I find Arjit incredibly overrated, and yet everyone seems to think he’s god’s gift. *shrug*

          On another note, Chittaye Kalaiyan has shades of “Sanu Ner Wala Phool” by Noor Jehan.

          • Somadri Chatterjee

            Not taking any credit away from Arijit, he’s been a revelation in the last few months after a forgettable start under Pritam (Saawli Si Raat from Barfi sounded very off key to me and so was Siyaah Raatein from Agent Vinod). He has indeed reworked very hard on his voice and is delivering. But I somehow feel, the kind of songs he gets to sing, would have suited KK’s voice much better.

          • arziyaan

            His voice is good but bollywood just goes overboard. I miss K.K and other good voices likes benny, javed ali, etc

          • rnjbond

            I do miss KK. I know he’s still around, but he’s not nearly as popular as he was at his peak in 2007 or so, when he was everywhere.

          • Somadri Chatterjee

            Agreed. We remember how the same happened with Atif Aslam too.

          • rnjbond

            I’m not sure that’s a fair statement. Tum Hi Ho is what rocketed him to superstardom (he’s in a similar position to KK in 2007), but his songs before then were great. Loved his voice in Raabta, Phir Le Aaya Dil (Barfi), Phir Mohabbat (Murder 2), and Duaa (Shanghai).

      • rnjbond

        Her voice is pretty awful and she’s really off-tune… I don’t care when it’s a Himesh song, but when her voice is exposed like in Tu Hai, it goes beyond bad. Don’t believe me?

        Tulsi singing Banjaara –

        Tulsi (trying) to sing Galliyan –

        Mujhe Ishq Se –

        • arziyaan

          I don’t even really like those songs to begin with. Galliyan is good,but it’s just another rehash of the Pritam – Bhatt type songs of the 2006/2007 era.

          I like her voice for faster type songs like Tadap Tadap

          or Mohabbat Ke Guzairsh

          • Kedar

            With respect, Tulsi in Tadap? Really?

            Again, really?

            I’m already imagining what heights Shalmali Kholgade would’ve taken that otherwise decent song to!

          • arziyaan

            I’m not disagreeing about Nepotism for Tulsi thats for sure.

            T-series has a horrible history of forcing the wrong singers for good songs. But as far as I know they aren’t dubbing her other people at least.

          • rnjbond

            Fully entitled to your opinion, but I really think she sounds terrible. Again, put a competent singer there (Aditi Singh Sharma, Shweta Pandit, Shalmali Kholgade, etc) and it’s a different story. And that’s not even touching what would happen if you put a top singer like Shreya or Kavita Seth or Shilpa Rao on those tracks.

  • Jaydeep

    A nice album overall, except for meet bros track. Ankit’s tracks are great but Amaal Malik easily walks away with the cake with his solo track. Sooraj dooba is winner in all aspects. It’s an excellent composition, great youth oriented arrangements & awesome singing by Arijit & aditi.

    • rnjbond

      Amal Malik has been really promising so far. Between Sooraj Dooba Hai and the beautiful “Naina” from Khoobsurat, he’s produced two stellar tracks in major films. He also produced “Love You Till The End” from Jai Ho, which I thought was pretty decent.

      • arziyaan

        It would nice to see a full album for change. Seeing how his father Daboo has composed some nice songs for full albums (yeh zindagi ka safar was good), he got stuck with the guest composer routine and lost ambition. And of course his uncle Anu who is one of the greatest is stuck in the same one-song route and just churning out mundanes cause of lack of appreciation/full albums (his last full album venture was good (not amazing but for a dlist movie it is) in YJMH, but less said about his contributions for Shooutout the better.)

        Seriously tho, if all composers have to do is make one or two songs for an album, that’s not a showcase of talent…. Even worse is when they compose one track per every album and are REPETITIVE in those! I’m looking at you Ankit, Mithoon, and these Meet Bros. Your songs shouldn’t all sound a like if ur only composing one per album!

        So far so good Amal. Hopefully he can use old under appreciated tunes from his father/uncle/grandfather and give us their missed melody again.

      • Jaydeep

        Naina is indeed a fantastic composition. I didn’t know it was composed by amaal till u mentioned it. He definitely sounds promising.

  • Roy is one such tormenting cine experience which can make even a devil beg for his life. Be it story, screenplay or the performances everything pertaining to this cackle cine chronicle of Vikramjit Singh is so shoddy that you start losing your faith in the cine making capability of our Bollywooders. But if we look at the brighter side of “Roy” than it is thoroughly educative for budding cinematicians too because it somewhere down the line educate them about WHAT NOT TO DO? If they really want to avoid the bestrew of the viewers for tormenting them. Therefore keeping view the presence of sinewy performer like, Ranbir I am going ahead with one out five for this codswallop painful trudge which doesnt deserve anything more than a half star….

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