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Phatte tak nachna, despite Sunidhi’s enthusiastic singing, is incredibly bland and template-driven! But Fashion khatham works big time, Mamta Sharma dishing out a punchy dance track with perfect chutzpah! Even Babaji ka thullu is a lot of fun, the hook delivered hilariously by Wajid amidst a spunky techno sound and Danish Sabri’s backing vocals and […]

KJ Yesudas and Sujatha rule over the delightful Ee kadalinu, a typically enchanting Vidyasagar melody that also has a very Raja’ish coastal sound! In Kavil, Vidyasagar elevates the coastal-feel in the tune (very reminiscent of Bhaiyya Bhaiyya title song!) with nifty touches like the mild Latino feel and great use of chorus, brilliantly sung by […]

The title song has a wonderfully likeable, hush’y tune! Gopi’s own vocals goes really well with the male version, while Pavithra Menon goes aggressively fangled in the female version. Minmini’s Kanmaniye is soft, simple and serene – the waltz wafts beautifully! Manjupeyume is no different – almost whispery, endearing melody, brilliantly delivered by Najim Arshad, […]

Friday January 2, 2015 14:06

Milliblog’s most expected film music of 2015

I’m aware of the fact that many people who follow this blog do so not necessarily for the reviews (hey, no hard feelings – people are free to use this blog as they see fit 🙂 ) but just to keep updated on which new music is out in the market. I started this blog […]

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