Thursday January 1, 2015

Yennai Arindhaal (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Sunitha Sarathy and Kharesma Ravichandran’s highly fangled Tamil jars in Yaen ennai, but Harris’ catchy tune has enough oomph, while the alluring sounds in Mazhai vara is highly reminiscent of Harris’ work for the late director Jeeva. Unakkenna venum depends on Benny’s vocals and the simple guitar background that Harris lovingly puts together, besides the wonderfully pleasant tune. Chinmayi, in the song’s sober version, Idhayathai yedho, does well too, with Thamarai’s lyrics too coming to the fore! Devan handles the title song admirably well, but Harris’ funky backgrounds contribute more to the song’s appeal. Adhaaru adhaaru is a crowd-pleasing kuthu that gets everything right – Vijay Prakash and Gana Bala are on top of the raucous track. The soundtrack’s surprise is Maya bazaar, an interesting melange that mixes dubstep’py goodness delivered by Krishna Iyer, with a fabulously retro melody led by Aalaap Raju and Priya Subramanian, and then a techno-folk mix handled superbly by Velmurugan that also holds a nadaswaram-based Kalyana samayal saadham prelude, to go with the Gadothkajan opening… only to end in a waltz’y note repeating the retro tune in a new perspective! Yennai Arindhaal is Harris’ best in a long time, thanks largely to director Gautam Menon!

Keywords: Yennai Arindhaal, Harris Jayaraj, Gautam Vasudev Menon, 200, #200



  • Nihal Nadukuru

    Finally 200 word for Harris after Varna!! I am happy! 🙂

  • Arun Gowtham

    Finally a 200 word for harris after irandam ulagam 🙂 hopefully this year harris gets into karthiks list of year end favorite songs

  • Rasul Mydeen


  • shafeeque

    Harris at his very best.
    In my opinion this is the best soundtrack produced for an ajith movie in years. !!!
    The title song ( may personal pick ) is just proves how classy can harris be when he is in foam.
    What a rocking bgm’ish song !! Top class..
    mayabazar is truely a masterpiece from the composer..!!
    from fast beats to sweet melody.. and the ‘wave’ kind of composition must be applauded..
    The lyrics too is high on quality.
    Considering harris’s corrent foam I never expected this album to be these much grand. As u said .. thank you GVM.

  • Ponni valavan

    Isn’t it ‘raucous’? @Karthik

    • milliblog

      Indeed. Typo updated – thanks!

  • mama-alien

    first part of maya bazaar song is sung by krishna iyer ..:-)

    • milliblog

      Thanks – updated.

  • mama-alien

    its krishna iyer not alaap raju at the starting of mayabazar 🙂

  • mama-alien

    gadothkajan was sung krishna iyer not alaap raju:-)

  • ramesh
  • Arun

    There are only 2 composers who can put kids to sleep with their tunes….”Maestro” “Genius” Ilayaraja and Harris. Unakkena Venum Sollu is such an unbelievable melody…Thamarai…what can I say, simple lyrics but hits you straight in your heart!

    The secret of HJ-GVM’s combo is that they do not set out to compose “Hit” tunes or “Hit” Albums instead focus on enriching the story & the film musically and just do not worry abt the hit factor and I think this works wonders.

    Don’t think HJ gets this space from other directors who will not accept anything less than a superhit album from him.

    • Shyam Rajagopalan

      Just can’t get enough of unakkenna venum sollu. Such a sweet melody with the backing guitar and arrangements. Now that is music amidst all the noise that is being dished out these days.

      • Sundarhari

        Both you and the person you are responding to are indulging in hyperbole! Specifically, there are any number of sweet songs right from G. Ramanathan days, but it appears you don’t want to acknowledge that! What do you think about Moongil thottam mooligai vaasam, which is a recent song? Have you listened to idam porul eval songs recently?

        • Fincher Rocks!

          Sundar.. they are immature and prejudiced. The first guy was almost putting IR and HJ on the same plane!

          • Sundarhari

            Well, Harris is a good MD, but one guy said what he composes is music and what the rest compose is noise! That means, according to him, “moongil thottam”, “meduhuvaagathaan”, “chinna chinna natchathiram parikka vandhaai”, among others are all cacophony. That kind of assessment is objectionable. As for Arun, he probably never heard MSV-TKR songs; KVM songs, GR songs; Shyam, GKV, Vijayabhaskar, V.Kumar songs. Why else would he say that IR and HJ are the ONLY two MDs who can make music that can induce sleep? Mystifying claim, that.

    • Karthik Kannan

      ROFL by your thoughts

    • Thiru Vetti

      Lol, good joke about Harris being one of the two.

    • Fincher Rocks!

      Dude! Get a life! Go listen to ‘Kollaiyile Thennai’ (Kadhalan), ‘Thendrale’ (Kaadhalan), ‘Naetru Aval’ (Mariyaan), ‘Kahaan Hoon Main’ (Highway), ‘Moongil Thottam’ (Kadal) etc.

      And aren’t you ashamed of putting IR and HJ on the same plane?

      • Arun

        I never said Harris was as good as IR, never would I ever say that. I never talked abt the Quality of composers here. I have listened to enough music to know abt the supreme & unmatchable quality of IR & ARR.

        My opinion is that ARR’s music has tremendous “ebb & flow”, variations – not ideal to actually make u sleep. HJ’s tunes are very simple & also “loopy”, so has the ability to induce sleep.

        Atleast, looks like I provided some laughter in this forum, but I will stick to my opinion.

  • Sathyajitk

    Great Album by Harris. Why the Hell Cant he Keep this up on a Consistent Basis?

  • chandran

    honest review!!!!!!!!thank u

  • kadalamittai

    some part of maya bazzar sounds like “Karka Karka Kallam Karka Endru Sonna Naman” feel.having said its a good album from HJ + GVM

  • Balaji Shankar

    Felt like idhayathai has a slight touch of thennayila from kadhalan…

  • Deepak R

    GVM’s combination with Illaiyaraja for NEP wasn’t all that great and I said that Rahman would have done a better job if he had a composed it on this forum and let’s just say that people were not receptive to that. GVM-ARR combo for VTV is far by one of the best Tamil soundtracks produced in recent times and that one album is probably better than any of the GVM-HJ soundtracks though this combination gave astounding hits in the 2000s. Though I am not surprised with how great this album sounds — given that HJ has been rehasing his pop-ish tunes in the past few albums and not giving anything exciting to listen — I still think that GVM-ARR would still have done a better job if ARR composed for this film.

    • Harish

      3 songs of Yeto vellipoindi manasu(NEP) are one of the best in years for me. Man,that symphony was just too great… take Laayai laayi and enthentha dooram….look at Phidley in Shamithab..

    • Venky S

      No way absolutely no way at all…. No matter how great ARR is, Minnale will always comfortably beat VTV for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even Kaakha Kaakha was a great album and can stand its feet very strongly versus VTV. For GVM, its Minnale > Varanam Aayiram > Kaakha Kaakha > VTV > Vettaiyaadu

      • Thiru Vetti

        Good joke. VTV is extremely better than Minnale. Takes Love to another level. VTV is beyond a normal cinema album with 5 songs.

        • Joshua Ranjith

          That is because you are always biased with ARR and couldn’t accept reality

          • Thiru Vetti

            No, that is because you are all blinded with Harris.

  • Prakash

    wow..200 for a HJ album.. after a long time i guess.. HJ has always been a composer whose songs are instantly likable..unlike ARR’s.. Anyway GVM-HJ combo was always one to lookout for.. and finally Ajith movie gets a good soundtrack too :-).. I have always felt.. HJ composed some excellent (and his best) songs for the limited work that he did in telugu..

  • raghavendra

    “Behka ” back ground appears in back ground of Yaen ennai

    • Noufal

      No it doesnt …Big arr fan myself but this is good album so everybody just enjoy and stop nitpicking

  • Balaji Shankar

    1. Adhaaru adhaaru: A nice kuththu… but still starting is bit irritating…
    2. Mazhai vara poguthey: Typical HJ song 🙂 With lovely beats, humming, keyboard and what not!!! Only missing thing is Hariharan’s voice duly substituted by Karthick 🙂
    3. Maya Bazar: My reaction on begining of song is like “Yep another typical Harris” but then the song suddenly stops and takes off to a totally different classical tune… At the end, my reaction is nothing less than WOW!!!!! 🙂 The best pick of the album 🙂
    4. Yennai Arindhal: A racy tune… but felt less pulsating and powerful when compared to karka karka or Oru Mugamo… Still awaiting Gowtham’s visual magic for this 🙂
    5. Yen Ennai: Is this song Ladio + Irumbile oru irudhayam??? Nothing more to say
    6. Idhayathai Edho ondru: Just touches the heart… Chinmayee voice is divine to hear 🙂 🙂 dreamy song…
    7. Unakenna Venum Sollu: Male version of Idhayathai Edho Ondru… Benny’s voice travels straight from ears to heart and soul…:)

  • Ram

    Idhayathail yedho ondru and it’s cousin (brother!) unakenna vendum sollu are melt-the-heart melodies and the rest is techno mumbo jumbo.

    Still, listenable(for that late night work-home commute in that maddening Bangalore traffic).

    Looks like there’s not much of comments from ARR fans. Maybe a tacit agreement as to ‘i won’t come to others comment page, you also should not come and degrade our(ARR) pages’.

  • jeanjohny

    Hats Off HJ! Listening to all songs back to back. An album that stands out and enjoying the complete album. It’s like that Rahman album which I used to enjoy completely, as a child. This one is so engaging. Amazing BGM, too.

  • thuglaq

    HJ the IMD (inspired music director) who is always inspired by the past is always likely to commit the passion of inspiration again. It’s difficult for HJ to mend his inspirational roots. Friends listen to A.R.R. Kadhal Virus-Enthan Vanin Kadhal Nilave Starting Humming and the entire song then try listening to unakenna vendum sollu middle female hum and also the entire song. I always suspiciously listen to HJ (Once a tune thief, always continues to get away with tune theft) with awe, how he gets away with major inspirations with slight variations and people love them more than the originals in the present time. I am no singer, music technician or director but I think HJ’s copies are partly inspired by this IR lyric Paadalgal Oru Kodi Ethuvum Puthithillai Raagangal Kodi Kodi Athuvum Puthithillai and I feel HJ lives by the last line of that lyric Enathu Jeevan Onruthaan Enrum Puthithu.

  • Noufal

    Mildly suprised by the album…..Sounds different from the usual pg13 tracks of HJ……All round a good album

  • Kishore Bhatt

    Nice album after a while from HJ….even though an ARR fan, I do listen to HJ’s songs…there’s something for everyone in this album. Melody lovers can fall in love with Unakkenna Venum and Idayathai…Kuthu song lovers can take interest in “Adharu”…Techno lovers can love “Yennai Arindhaal” & “Mazhai Vara Poguthe”….This album discovers the experimental angle of HJ…in the form of “Maya Bazaar”…he needs more of such experiment based numbers in his upcoming albums. Like the Mani-Ratnam – ARR combo, GVM-HJ combo always assures us of good music. HJ has gone the ARR way in this album (thankfully not inspired by ARR’s tunes ..:) ) by having two versions of “Unakkenna Venum.”I” had two versions of “Ennodu Nee”…the common factor being Chinmayee in both the second versions of the song…

  • Sriram

    Does anybody wonder why HJ is not so successful in other languages? He has so few non-Tamil albums to his credit… IMHO, it is Thamarai. Just list all HJ big hits and see how many are penned by Thamarai.

    ஒரு வெள்ளி கொலுசு போல..
    இந்த மனசு சிணுங்கும் கீழ.
    அணியாத வைரம் போல..
    புது நாணம் மினுங்கும் மேல

    The best part of this whole album is the 4 lines above!!

  • Joshua Ranjith

    @Karthik You left the theme song???

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