Friday December 26, 2014

Nanbenda (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Enai marubadi brings back memories of Harris’ better form days… till a lady not-so-helpfully pitches in with gibberish humming. Still, good listen – lively tune, well sung by Vijay Prakash. Oorellaam‘s highlight is integrating ‘Nayantara’ aptly in the lyrics – besides the pleasant tune, the electric guitar playing veena’ishly and Unnikrishnan-Bombay Jayashree’s vocals. Nee sunno too is consistently catchy with simple hooks, while Arjun Menon sails through Neerambal poovae‘s melody smoothly. The run ends with Dappankuthu mettula and Thaene thaene, both of which reek of the now-legendary annoying Harris templates. Nandenba is significantly better than his other three 2014 output!

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  • shafeeque

    Genuine review.
    Never expected a songs like ‘oorellam ‘ from a comedy oriented harris movie.
    Such a pleasant listen.
    other songs too does makes impact from the first listen itself ( just bcz of the simplicity of tunes and orchestration. Nthng great about its musical quality ) .
    This is where harris deffers from other music directors. Whatever the critics feels .. he alwys come up with his signature style and scores high from masses and medias.
    If he was in best of his foam (varanam aayairam days). I just imagining how this album will b?? Or he wont select these kind of low profile movies??

  • Sai Prasanth

    Review the music of ‘Ugly’!!

  • TR Narayan

    Don’t you fell that “oorellam” mimics unveetu thootathil from gentleman?

    • Sai Prasanth

      That’s true!!
      ‘Vaan engum nee minna’ from ‘Endrendrum Punnagai’ sounded very similar to ‘Varaya Thozhi’ from ‘ Jeans’.’Aathadi’ from ‘Anegan’ was a rip off of ‘Innum konja neram’ from’ Mariyaan’.
      Of late, he’s reusing a lot of AR Rahman tunes!!

  • TR Narayan

    Read fell as feel.

  • Balaji Shankar

    1. Oorellam is a brilliant melody….
    2. Thaene thaene is a feel good to listen song with a heavy touch of Venpaniye and a slow down version of manjal veyil malayile
    3. Nee Sunno moono has a heavy impact of X machi Y machi from Ghajini…
    4. Ennai Marubadi is running smoothly and lyrics are amazing.. But the song really suffers from absence of Hariharan’s voice…
    5. Neerambal poove is good but rap part is bit irritating…
    6. Dappankuthu mettula… worst pick of the album… After a terrorizing Dangamaari oothari kuthu, didn’t expect such a worst kuthu from Harris…


    HJ is the best Fan of ARR ! That’s why En Veettu Thottathil “Oorellaam ” Kettuppaar !!!!

  • buzzmepls

    Are there shades of Sundari Neeyum in Oorellaam? Same raagam perhaps?

    • Ram

      someone mentioned that it is based on buddhamanohari raagam. Which is also parallel to ‘sundari neeyum’ from Michael Madana Kama Rajan.

      Which brings us to the old turf war of ARR copies IR.

      Enjoy the song till it lasts.

  • Ram

    HJ knows how slow is too slow, so doesn’t brings down the pace of the melodies to the bottom(like how ARR is doing- ennodu nee irundhaal…).

    Bombay Jayashree(and Unni)! You left us wanting more.

    Dappanguthu mettula- another version of ‘aathangarai(yaan).

    Immensely likeable album from HJ. He had upped his trademark music and that is music for those who listen to music to relax themselves.

  • vijay

    Thene thene songs super, ennai marubadi and neerambal poovae songs very nice. HJ come back again form

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