Saturday December 20, 2014

Idam Porul Yaeval (Music review), Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja

Posted by Karthik

Beyond the catchy rhythm of Vaiyambatti lies a lovely tune, with the right amount of punch, and most importantly, Vairamuthu’s absorbing lyrics espousing the blissful living of tribals in the hills. That it is also wonderfully sung by Anthony Dassan and Priyadarshini is the icing! Kondaatamae‘s reasonably monotonous background don’t pull the song down given the really engaging melody that adorns it, and Sriram Parthasarathy, with Vairamuthu striking it rich again (Thunbangalum nam vaazhvin munnetrame!). Eerakkaathae, in comparison, is standard-issue Yuvan melody, but is something he has mastered by now – endearing tune and some brilliant interludes hinting on world music and sweeping violins! Vaikom Vijayalakshmi breathes life into the haunting tune of Endha vazhi like only she can, but unfortunately Yuvan chooses to sing the song’s other version, Atthuvaana kaatukku, himself – this one’s better orchestrated and it is dismaying to hear Yuvan’s poor diction and singing pull this version down to some extent. Yuvan however ends the soundtrack on a high, with everything coming together beautifully in Kurunthogai – the lively music and tune, Vairamuthu’s clever word-play, and VV Prasanna and Sonia vocals! Idam Porul Yaeval is the kind of soundtrack Yuvan’s dad will be very proud of!

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    The vintage Yuvan is back : please don’t compare him with Loudly Anirudh!

  • Vidhya Rajan R

    Actually, Yuvan’s rendition is superb in Athuvaana. Diction and singing are very much improved in this song unlike his earlier ones.

  • Vidhya Rajan R

    BTW, Ilaiyaraja was asked to sing Athuvana kaattukku… Director Seenu ramasamy and Yuvan requested Raja to sing it.. He denied for the reason that needs no mention 😉 😉

  • shafeeque

    Whattaa album. !!!
    Vintage yuvan allover.. Truely he is backkk… !!!
    Eerakkathe and karunthogai are my pick ..
    Vaikom vijayalakshmi .. how Blessed singer she is. With minimal orchestration… she carries the entire song ‘enda vazhi’ ..
    I wonder why malayalam industry is not using her talent properly when the tamil music takes her to another level.
    Ther is no need to compare this album with any1 else..
    just compare it with yuvan’s prev albums.
    Feel the difference .. !!
    Yuvan at his best (folk)

    • Pinchi

      Extremely excited to listen to this now. So many positive reviews!!!! YSR!!!! Come on.

  • Siva Prasad

    Ilayarajaish album !! Liked the last line . This is definitely an album which Raja sir would be proud of.

  • Harish

    everything about this soundtrack feels great except atthuvaana …Pretty bad choice him singing it

  • Roger Nathan

    after reading the good reviews,,i thought this must be good album,..but .after listening,,,i thought it was horrible,,,feels like an attempt to make very ‘tuneful’ album,,but nothing feels nice about the produced tunes.

  • disqus_ocpp

    Eerakkaathae is fabulous. Anitha has done such a wonderful job…

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