Wednesday December 10, 2014

Vai Raja Vai (Music review), Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja

Posted by Karthik

Vandha kadha is Yuvan’s turn to pull an Anirudh – punchy techno gana, obviously powered by Gana Bala! Pachchai vanna has a gorgeous melody, though Yuvan’s package, despite the tantalizing sound, is very, very familiar. Pookkamazh is an intriguingly likeable techno-dance number; more than the catchy sound, Karky’s senthamizh verses make for an absorbing listen! Naam vaazhndhidum is hip-hop conjured really well – the melody, rap and sound, all work perfectly. Ilayaraja’s digitally enhanced voice fits beautifully in Move your body‘s foot-tapping tune, while Yuvan’s music is the clear highlight. Yuvan ends the year in style with an ear-friendly soundtrack!

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  • shafeeque

    The real yuvan I heard in years was ‘moondru per moondru kadal’.. untill now he never touched the height that he is truely capable of. The song pookkamazh sounds irrittating when the lyrics and powerfull vocal of tanvi shah completely hides under yuvans loud but wonderfull bgm.
    Otherwise a neat album. But not to shout like ‘yuvan is back..’

  • redphoenix

    Hey, how’d you say that yuvan’s tryin to pull an Anirudh here…? the orchestration is as clear as yuvan’s style, nothing like Anirudh’s noisy work… If you’d give an average linga more favorable review than a decent yuvan album, fine… That’s your view, I respect that, but don’t compare a composer with some monotonous newbie…

    • shafeeque

      Just now heard idam porul yeval songs.
      What an album…!!
      Just mind blowing. .

      • redphoenix

        Yea, the tracks Aththuvaana kaattukku and Kurunthogai would be the talk of the town when the album releases… Great piece of work from Yuvan and Vairamuthu…

        • shafeeque

          Not just two. The whole album will shine.

    • Sakthivel Ponnusamy

      True bro

  • Vidhya Rajan R

    “Karkhy’s senthamizh verses” – Nope!!! Pookkamazh has lyrics by Poet Kambar 🙂 Madan Karkhy has co-written it, as he calls it.

  • Vidhya Rajan R

    And, this is not the last album. Yuvan’s next album Idam Porul Eval is releasing on 18th December. Killer album it is. Best of yuvan.


    hmm pass it.. just wait 4 Idam Porul Eval … wht a songs yaar … brilliant brilliant >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> just listen the instrumental arrangements of each song ,, reminds the selva-yuvan songs !!! i hope Karthik will go for #300 for it !!!

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