Wednesday November 19, 2014

Chakkiligintha (Music review), Telugu – Mickey J Meyer

Posted by Karthik

Avoid girls seems built like a college anthem, with appropriate lyrics to make it sing-along’ish – fun while it lasts. Mickey tries a falsetto in Baby my lover and while the tune is standard-issue boyband pop, it is a simply, catchy listen. Mayo is dancehall handled well with all the right, pleasing sounds, while Ramya Behara and Karthik handle the mellow, and highly engaging melodies of O kshanama and Idivarakey beautifully. The soundtrack’s highlight is the title song, that comes alive wonderfully in Mickey’s foot-tapping melody! From Chandamama Kathalu, Mickey leaves his earlier templates behind to produce a good comeback.

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  • livingstone

    Title track – standard temple of ‘bus stop’ md jb.
    Mayo – remix version of raj kumari(both r terrible ).
    o kshanama – standard telugu pathos.
    Paresukunnana-aunana kadhana,atu itu ooguthu,nee varasa needhey .this song is quite good with visuals though.
    avoid girls(quite routine concept)… baby my lover is unique

  • livingstone

    Movie name is chakkiligintha

  • Mahi Spidy

    Mayo Mayo is way better than rajkumari although it reminds us of the latter.Baby my love,avoid girls,Mayo Mayo ,chakkiliginthey are my picks. Way to go Mickey!waiting for mukunda:)

  • Uday K Panthagani

    I’m getting to a conclusion that Mickey is never going to blow my mind!

    His songs are technically superior to others and are very very listenable unlike Thaman or even DSP but that’s about it. Mickey is good, but he can be much better!

    My pick from the album is definitely Idivarakey. I really liked the guitar and tabla arrangement.

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