Sunday November 16, 2014

Lingaa (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

On nanba is a stunning album opener! Rahman goes full on Middle Eastern, loads on the dance elements to the already zingy tune mildly reminiscent of the iconic Greek-Egyptian Misirlou. SP Balasubramaniam and Dinesh Kanagaratnam, along with the chorus singers deliver a riotous song. In Indiane vaa, the song Rahman chooses to sing himself, Vairamuthu’s lyrics elevate Rajinikanth beyond his usual state-wide ambitions… into national-level aspirations, given the film’s water-sharing crux. Rahman is dependably good, as is the background chorus and the inspiring, pulsating orchstration. The background in Unmai orunaal vellum could have well been from Lagaan – it is that familiar and stock-Rahman, but Haricharan delivers Vairamuthu’s poignant verses with the necessary soul. En mannavaa is wonderfully sweet, thanks largely to Aditi Paul’s vocals, with able support from Srinivas. The orchestration, like Unmai orunaal, is a bit of a spoiler given its familiarity. Mona gasolina is where Rahman plays with his listeners by throwing caution to the wind. He lets Mano, Neeti and Tanvi loose on Madhan Karky’s funky lyrics and a free-flowing tune that the result is a awesome musical high that is loads of fun. Lingaa sees Rahman perfectly balance superstarry expectations with his own musical sensibilities.

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  • Prasanna Ramachandran

    Finally, an unqualified 200 worder for ARR in 2014!

    • rks

      Otherwise won’t you fans stop harrowing the reviewer?

      • Sundarhari

        Nope! Wrong.

  • Subash

    50 words is more for this album…worst Rajni-ARR album ever !! Unbelievable and surprised Karthik

    • rks

      Complexity and waywardness for the sake of it in some songs and hackneyed melodies for the rest.


      Now wait for the fanboys to bring the beaten to death ‘layering’, ‘multiple listening to grow on you’, ‘hidden treasures’, ‘visual elements will bring out the true potential’ blahs of blahs.

      • AJ

        Right, and we have to put up with you pathetic losers who spew hate and spite towards us fans because we have the audacity to voice our appreciation of an album we enjoy. How dare we. Get a life you troll.

    • Sunil Malhotra

      When looking at the “I” music review on this site, If you sort the comments according to “Be(a)st”, you will see the top post has 46 likes. The commenter could be a frustrated ARR fan, IR fan or an outright hater. I don’t think it’s the latter as the post suggests the commenter appreciates ARRs work in Rockstar. If the writer is an IR fan then there could be a possibility that they might have drafted it before requesting/ordering other IR fans to like the comment.

      My observation of IR fans vs ARR fans statistically shows that IR fans have more unity. IR fans usually tend not to confront each other otherwise they see it as letting IR down and if by chance they do criticise each other then it’s on the basic of technicalities i.e. Postproduction/engineering/mastering (because it’s not IRs department) rather than than music itself. ARR fans get vocal with each frequently and thus are more segregated in opinions e.g. ARR fans discuss ARRs transition in sound throughout his career but these are healthy debates and not arguments. ARR fans questioning each other is no patch on their loyalty, they are rather just expressing their open mindedness in differing ways.

      We don’t know who has the last laugh amongst IR fans and ARR fans in an online scuffle but off late IR fans have been provoking ARR fans quite a bit. Are IR fans, A-jealous, B-jealous, C-jealous or D-jealous. ARR has expanded out of TN into India and now the world, he has gone out of his comfort zone on numerous occasions, (I agree awards have lost their credibility) he has more awards than IR, and the list goes on. This shows that feel a need for interference with ARR fans. They always seem to be questioning his tendency to experiment and his humility. If they say they can attain bliss by listening to IR 24/7 then what’s the purpose of provoking arguments? I thought they were much maturer than this but their monotonous questioning is just becoming embarrassing now.

      The comment on Milliblog’s review reads that, ARR fans consider ARRs farts as music, this shows the writers state of mind lol it also reads that ARR fans don’t appreciate other artists which proves he has zilch understanding of ARR fans. ARR fans are more likely ready to go out and explore other types music compared to IR fans. With a name like kingkong, the writer could be liking his own post as a guest.

      ARR fans don’t require advice about ARR from Tom, Dick or Harry… People come online to get popularity by trying to defame ARR but hate it or take it, Rahman Ji Is A World Brand Now, so good luck.

      Now Subash I don’t know if you are a frustrated arr fan or not and if you genuinely consider this album the worst of Rajini-ARR then fair enough.

      But why negative comments against arr these get so many likes on this platform is beyond my imagination.

      Life is too short to hear a certain type of musical genre, people who take pride in not listening to other musical genres have unfortunately fallen victim to naivety. People generally get bored of eating the same food everyday and this logic can be applied to why do certain individuals listen to the same type of music everyday? Are they afraid that other music might not have melody? Are they afraid of change? When people are in their youth phase and are enjoying a certain type of music they rarely want to get out of their bubble and I admit when I used to hear ARR as a kid I didn’t want to hear anyone else but when ARR started making music what I considered alien I drifted to composers who used ARR style with great effect. Later on when Indian Film music started sounding like a run off the mill I came back to ARR and realised that what ARR is doing will benefit a lot of people and in that sense he truly is a hero.

      • rahul sudarshi

        Hello Sunil your comments show your limited knowledge of music. First of all you are not even matured enough to talk about IR and his music. Why the hell you bring IR and his fans into discussion here. Who are all the composers whom you admire first tell me that???..You think ARR is the best. that shows your empty mindedness and lack of musical sensibilities. IRs fans dont listen to the cheap stuff being churned out by ARR in the name of music.IR is of a different league. He is the Indian Mozart, Modern day Bach and the true Beethoven of Indian music. IR is the greatest composer on the planet. He along with Ennio Morricone, John Williams are the three greatest film composers. First try to know what true music is. Barking, shouting is not music. There is a harmony and theory to it. ARR and his music is only light stuff. It neednt be taken seriously. Where as IR’s music is both entertaining like all others and also serious. IRs music is like science. You need to understand it to know what it is. And with your limited musical sensibilities i think you require another life to understand IR and his music.IR fans are not jealous of ARR. they pity the condition of ARR fans who dont know what music is. They pity the ARR fans who think he is a great composer. Any given day ARR is not a great composer. He is a good music director thats all. You have to know the difference between a composer and a music director.Why are IR fans jealous??..They are irritated by the immature ARR kiddish fans who are so dumb, ignorant and childish. ARR fans commenting on IRs music is like a school kid commenting on Einsteins Theory of Relativity. ARR of the 90s was good. He showed some uniqueness with his sound and melodies. But post 2004 much of his stuff is just irritating and meaningless. In India he can escape with any cheap stuff that he does because the media doesnt know the difference between true music and the stuff he composes. If he was in Hollywood and composed such music people would have kicked him out long ago. Its only in India with so many childish fans of ARR like you he is surviving…And for your small mind i would like to tell that IR is the Lord of Indian Film Music nay World film music. IF YOU HAVE ANY POINT TO DISCUSS MUSICALLY then come. Dont post childish comments here by dragging IR fans. If a single IR fan talks about music a 1000 ARR childish followers will have nothing to reply or speak about other than barking just like your hero ARR does. Byeeeee

        • Sunil Malhotra

          Dear Rahul,

          I’m not a scholar in Music and I’m glad you can acknowledge that. I am not biased to one Music Director, I listen to a lot of music and Yes I do admire IR if that’s what you want to read. My issue is with IR fans not IR himself and Sorry if I touched a nerve.

          My comment was in response to negativity surrounding ARR in current times, I’m not solely blaming IR fans for this and thought you would’ve figured that out. There are a lot of unnecessary comments in this section whereby clowns feel the need to troll. Thinking that some one of these comments are by IR fans is an assumption not a fact so there’s no need to get so worked up. Can you please share your opinion on why only ARR reviews escalate with these crappy comments? If IR fans are confident about IR then they don’t need to interfere here, do they?

          I have my personal reasons for thinking ARR is the best but would never go as far as saying he “is the greatest composer on the planet” and “Lord of Indian Film Music nay World film music” compared to what you wrote about IR. I’m too immature to make a comment like that, I’m only 26 years old and probably have witnessed less of the world and more importantly less of IR than you so am unqualified to come a concluding judgment of that nature.

          I don’t think you’ve understood the gist of my last paragraph. I’m willing to give a chance to other Music Directors and sometimes consider them being worthy of joining ARR’s pedestal but their consistency lets me down. IR and ARR are both beyond competition.

          You wrote, “IRs fans dont listen to the cheap stuff being churned out by ARR in the name of music”. You seem to know a lot about ARR without even listening to his material, so could you please help me understand why I shouldn’t take ARR seriously? Do you mean his music or him as a person? At one instance you wrote “ARR and his music is only light stuff” and then you stated ARR barks, this indicates your hearing sensitivity levels are fluctuating and if your sensitivity levels are only maintained by IR and Western Classical Music then please save yourself from attempting to hear other Music. Keep Calm and Carry on listening to IR, please don’t let other music tamper your hearing sense otherwise insecurity overtake your confidence. If your musical sensibilities don’t extend beyond IR and Western Classical then it is unfair to consider all other music cheap?! Listeners across the globe might be unaware of IR and ARR and might have their personal favourite(s) but just because they don’t listen to a certain type of music doesn’t give them authority to a pass comment about the musical taste for every Human out there, that’s not very mature is it?

          Good Riddance and Happy Listening!

          • rahul sudarshi

            Brother i agree to most of what you have said. My previous reply to you was not actually a personal comment aimed at you. I was generally talking about ARR fans who unnecessarily drag IR (or his fans)into their discussions. I very much liked the way you replied maintaining a cool tone all the way. I just couldnt do that because i was really irritated by Lingaas audio and none of the websites have dared to call it so. One should take a honest look at all arts and artists. No need of calling it bad, but praising where it is not necessary is not good. Thats what i meant on the whole. Even iam of your age. Yes , even i admire ARRs works in the 90s and early 2000s. Not offlate though. His work is really not good these days by the standards he set in 90s. If we keep calling everything that he does as good then thats actually not good for ARR. He is a great tune maker and an excellent user of technology and sound. We all know that. That was his mark in the 90s. But truly he is not doing even 50 percent of what he did in 90s. And musically ARR music gives pleasantness whereas IRs music doesnt stop there. its much big. It has a mark which is very unique in the entire world. His music has a science, philosophy, mystery and many other divine qualities. Thats his greatness. Byeeee

  • Karthik M

    In terms of sheer inventiveness, this album is every bit a 200 worder. May be not as accessible or rabble rousing as Enthiran’s music, but something that you ‘ll fall in love with if you take the time to unravel the intricate layers. TL;DR let it grow 🙂

  • Fantastic listening experience through out the album. Imagining the way superstars portion are picturised gives goosebumps. The album is definitely a 200 and it set the expectation high for the film.


    I am really happy with the 200 ; Just wait for the scenes ; songs are too good !

    • rks

      Scenes will add another 200 eh?

      • SUFAID

        may be !!

  • Stalin

    Mr. Rahman what I can say about him. 23 years of musical extravaganza, each time different, new, mesmerizing but just amazing.

    Spectacular! Wonderful! Blissful! No adjective can do justice to the talent of
    Mozart of Madras. Undoubtedly he is the emperor of music. Truly he is
    the best, versatile and the greatest music composer in the history of
    world music.

    In the first listening I thought only MONA song is great and UNMAI song is
    average. Then realized OH NANBAA song is just awesome. After a while I
    felt En MANAWANE and INDIANE VAA are the best songs in the album. Now I feel UNMAI song is one of the best in the ARR carrier. Overall I think
    this is one of the best musical album in the history of Tamil cinema.

    As MR. VIRAMUTHU said ” முதலில் கொஞ்சம் பிடிக்கும்; பிறகு அதிகம் பிடிக்கும்; போகப் போகப் பைத்தியம் பிடிக்கும்

    • Vimalan


    • wootshire

      > Best in the ARR carrier


      • rks

        Typical ARR fan syndrome. never mind answering!

        • james wilson

          Yes,we get it.You think this album is bad.Why are you so keen to state it again and again after each comment?
          Typical ARR hater syndrome?

          • rks

            You fans elevate a person as God and embrace all his works and declare it is too good to be perceived by ordinary minds and hence exempted from criticism.

            Do you fans stop with that? You start pillorying the ‘average’ music listener as being inferior to your God’s music.

            All we ‘average’ music listeners need is something to relax at the end of the day- on a frustrated evening/night when driving back home, or when music is more dependable than booze to chase that elusive sleep. ARR has fallen out of that bandwidth(above or below) to provide ‘music’ to ears.

            Life’s complex, who denies that. But music that is to soothe need not be always so.

          • Syed Nizamudeen

            May be that’s your perspective. I listen to all the composers and I’d like to quote you,

            “All we ‘average’ music listeners need is something to relax at the end of the day- on a frustrated evening/night when driving back home, or when music is more dependable than booze to chase that elusive sleep.” – I feel A.R.R’s work does that..

            It doesn’t mean he’s perfect and always delivers his cent percent.

            But, I feel he is more consistent, innovative and Who’s highly capable of composing any genre he is enforced to.

          • james wilson

            I just asked you why you were so keen to state your opinion after every comment.In reply,you just repeat your accusations. Even if one assumes that everything you said is true,it is no justification for what you are doing here. we fans enjoying an average album or worshiping ARR should be the least of your problems,because it is our choice and none of your business.On the other hand,you have every right t be angry if a fan insults you for criticizing an album(as i can see nobody did here).But you are doing the same thing here-bullying peope with contradicting views.How does that make you different from the intolerant ARR fan you condemn?
            As anyone can see,you are more interested in attacking ARR fans than producing constuctive crticism.Ofourse you can post comments wherever you like,but you contradict yourself.
            If you are someone who is sworn to avenge the harrowing received by reviewers in the hands of ARR fans,go on.
            But if you are just a hater,you better swallow this bitter pill-We fans outnumber you haters.So you will have to see more of this’blahs of blahs’.
            If you dont get your daily dose of relaxation from Rahman’s music,why cant you just move on?There are lot of other options to try.It makes infintely more sense than insulting his music and fans everytime an album comes out and degrading yourself.

          • Sundarhari

            The song chinna chinna is soothing and pleasant. It is like some Hindi song. Your issue seems to be with the fans, not the music itself. Give ARR a break!

          • AJ

            I can think of many Rahman songs that are soothing and simple and relax to at the end of the day, and there are many, many tracks this year alone that have soothed me. Maybe you have entered a hate bandwidth that compels you to put down us fans at every chance you get. Pathetic.

          • PK

            Then , Dont listen to him.Listen to Himesh and Pritam or Yo Yo Honey Singh and find your bliss

        • AJ

          And you are a very typical hater who sits there like a bully child waiting to take shots at Rahman fans at each Rahman album discussion. Why don’t you instead promote what you love instead of wasting energy on us fans?

      • Amit_t

        Nice job taking a potshot at someones grammar. True low life

        • wootshire

          Please! I’d never highlight someone’s (there’s a possessive there, by the way) grammar knowledge, or lack thereof, like that.

          Spelling on the other hand…

          • Amit_t

            Awe-inspiring attention to detail. Everyone noticed. We can get on with discussing the substance

          • wootshire

            I didn’t realize that taking serious offense on someone else’s behalf vis-à-vis a frivolous comment was ‘discussing the substance.’*

            Thanks internet stranger!

            Also, as a Nazi grammarian, I’d be remiss to point that you really should end sentences with periods. I’ve taken care to do it for you where I’ve quoted you above.

            * What substance are we discussing by the way? Is it whatever you’re clearly on? Or did you not intend to use a definite article there? These questions are, by the way, entirely rhetorical.

          • rks

            I am tired of waiting for Amit_t’s counter to that.. sigh.

      • Cheeka

        Please recharge my no Saaar !!

    • Balaji Shankar

      Very true:) Well said:)

    • Ram

      So why couldn’t the oscar man’s music save the movie?

      “and then came the burst of the inflated bubble”

  • RaghuCA

    Another album with forgettable tunes and some nice passages of instruments.. Recently almost all albums of ARR have this problem: uninspiring tunes with incoherent orchestration (though very good at times)..

    • AJ

      Funny, I find a lot of his recent tunes inspiring and beautiful.

  • Shyam Rajagopalan

    200, for this, seriously? Sure, it is your opinion Yada yada Yada…

    • milliblog

      Well, I really wish I had a scientific and logical way of explaining 100 or a 200. But I’m musically uneducated to make that kind of an air-tight case. My yardsticks are a lot more – 200, if I think I’ll be playing the album without skipping a track for the next 2-3 weeks during my office-home drives. Yes, it’s that simple and normal 🙂 This album – I would.

      • Shyam Rajagopalan

        Mona is sure to figure for May be 3/4 weeks. Linga in my sensibilities is a One track wonder!

      • Sundarhari

        You couldn’t enjoy VTV while making your office-home drives? Strange 🙂

  • Aakash

    Wow, was that really worth a 200? I could barely complete the songs. :O
    it doesn’t seem to happen with any other composer, but I just feel that, with the exception of Highway, your adulation of Rahman somehow comes in the way of objectively reviewing his scores. While, I get the fundamental rule that music is totally subjective, (I totally agree with Gulabi, for example, as your song of the year 2013), Rahman albums are just too easily given a 200.
    Just my opinion, Karthilk.

    • Syed Nizamudeen

      I too couldn’t complete the first time.. I tried the album again last night.. It didn’t sound that ordinary at all..

    • Sundarhari

      VTV, a top ARR album in recent years, only got a 100! Go figure.

  • Krishnan Srikrishnan

    If you can hear 3-4 weeks then review is fine only on your perpective. i have already removed all the songs from my playlist.Lifeless songs. I am wondering the same man who created Roja,lagaan,Alaipayuthe created this album. Suprising……

    • milliblog

      “review is fine only on your perpective” -indeed! I wonder which other person’s view did you expect in my blog.

      • Krishnan Srikrishnan

        Karthik you are really giving goose bumps with your reviews now a days , hence i had doubt abt ur reviews, now i am clear.

    • Vinod

      Why do some idiots compare every album to all time classics? Are the albums mentioned here even fall under the same genre as Lingaa?

      If you have to compare each album to Roja, then you have to stop listening to music and wander in your dreams.

      The last line of the review sums it all up to justify a 200 – “Rahman perfectly balance superstarry expectations with his own musical sensibilities”

      • Balaji Shankar

        Dear Sir,
        I feel songs are created on the basis of film situation…. You cannot expect songs on par with a classical based film like Duet in a film which is based on patriotic theme like Indian… We can get the whole feel of songs only when we see the same onscreen…

      • Syed Nizamudeen

        I would say Roja was a Classic if I was in 1996. But, I would disagree it in 2014. I’d name Kochadaiyaan or Kaaviyathalaivan a classic.

        I agree with The last line of the review sums it all up to justify a 200 – “Rahman perfectly balance superstarry expectations with his own musical sensibilities”

      • Krishnan Srikrishnan

        Hold your tongue man. May be you are an idiot. Comparison is with the quality of the tune , let the hell may be of any genre .Song should be a song. These doesnt hear to me as songs.

        • Vinod

          Bachcha!!! I know you! I know the comments you post in all the reviews for Rahman albums. I know you’re ready to die at the feets of Ilayaraja. Even I’m a fan of IR. There is hardly a day that goes without a song of IR. But I like good music wherever it is from.

          Only a fool would expect a tune quality of Roja or Alaipayuthey for a mass Rajini movie and you’re surely one of them. Wake up! Enjoy good music from all corners rather than praise tunes that beat around the same bush composed by your god.

    • Sundarhari

      You are a hard guy to please. Chinna chinna is really good. Others are OK. I am only really disappointed with the Haricharan number, since I expected another pookale satru oiyvedungal, or at least Rajyam illai mayama.

  • Balaji Shankar

    Hi all… Am a regular visitor to this page… Would like to present my own opinion on each song:
    1. Oh Nanba: A song that ensures that you will not remember even one word on first hearing… But you will realize the full and real power of SPB ARR SSRK combination on repeated hearings… I felt totally disappointed on hearing this song first… But on repeated hearing I feel this song is equal to 100 times of power in oruvan oruvan song…

    2. Indiane vaa: Superb lyrics… But one problem with this song is, it reminds me of so many songs… Initially there is a touch of Sahana Saral… Then the base beats are on par with beats in Maya maya song from Baba… And Rahman’s singing has a light hangover of Karma veerane… But of all I am sure of Maya maya beats… Rest I want to know from other friend’s comments…

    3. Unmai Oru Naal: Again I got a feel of hearing to Rajyama song from Baba on hearing this song… May be because, of all albums of Rahman for thalaivar, I love the Baba and Kochadaiiyaan songs 🙂 But lyrics are great, but the same is not supported by soulful singing which the song demands…. I felt Hariharan would have done a great job in this song as he did in Vidukathaya in Muthu

    4. Mona Mona Gasolina: The song which gets instant attention and attraction 🙂 Glamorous, funny and peppy number 🙂 Mano is back for thalaivar after Padayapa… But the track extends to 6 minutes which slightly creates a slow down in hearing… Otherwise a brilliant number and best pick of the album…

    5. En Mannava: My least favorite in the track… Lyrics not attractive, tune is boring and the whole song looks like a bollywood number of 80’s… Nothing much to say…

    Above all, where is that pulsating theme music that ARR always creates for thalaivar??? As Chitti 2.0 theme, Sivaji Motta Boss theme….

    On the whole the album is a completely different album for thalaivar… Waiting for his onscreen magic…

    • james wilson

      About the theme,I could hear a ‘LINGAA’ chant in the trailer.We have to be content with it this time I feel:-( Really missed a theme song in the album:-((

      • Balaji Shankar

        Also I felt one more thing…. Since Annamalai,till kochadaiiyaan atleast one song in film will have thalaivar’s character name in it…. But not even one song I could hear the name of Lingaa…

        • james wilson

          Actually,it is there in ‘mona gasolina’!
          After the line ‘gasolina naan thane’.They have added a rhyming phrase too!-‘neethan kingaa’:-D
          As you said,they are not going to miss out any regulars with thalaivar on board!Especially KSR!!:-)

          • Balaji Shankar

            Is it so?? I would have not noted the lyrics carefully… But what I meant actually was something like Padayappa Padayappa chorus in Singa nadai or Sivaji in Vada vada song…

          • james wilson

            Ya thats true!

  • Sam

    R-R-R magic is missing but it is not as bad as some folks say. I like Nanba and En Mannava barring the hilarious pronunciation by female singer (Hamam? Kudal?!!). Indiane & Unmai are too familiar. Gasolina completely surprised me – probably I expected too much

  • james wilson

    I thought I would share my views.I am no critic and I am musically uneducated.But I love music. I love the album and would like to state a few points in its defence.
    1. As someone stated here,you cant expect a Roja everytime.Its grossly unfair.Even with ARR’s standards.
    2.About the ‘dejavu feel’,judging from the trailer,isnt the movie,the situations,dialogoues are all ‘been there,done that’ stuff?(Superstar’s charm is another thing though.He rocks!).How can one create 100 different styles of songs for the same situation?
    3.We dont see much experimenraion here because the move doesnt give much space for it.Still he comes up with mona:-)
    4.And YES,the songs did grow on me!Yes,I know this phrase is beaten to death,but that is because it happes everytime!(atleast for me)
    5.I am not an artist,but the one thing I know about art is that appreciation of art is very,very subjective.If I like a song,it doesnt matter to me if everyone else in this world hate it.So these self proclaimed experts in music should atleast have the dignity to respect contradicting views.After all,no critic in the world,however proficient he may be,is good enough to decide what is good for ME.It is my choice.
    Sorry for the long post.Let the music play!

    • Balaji Shankar

      I got a feel of Lingaa’s as KSR’s version of Sivaji 🙂

  • Arun Kumar

    Hi Guys, this is the first time am writing here,,, excuse my mistakes if any,,

    Firstly am a Music lover,I listen to all kinda music,,,every one has a taste and I agree with that……Most important is remember music director gives the tunes to the Director and the Director is the one who finalizes the tunes…and according to ARR he gives multiple choices…and am not blaming KSR here… Linga is a periodic based film too… so the intro song Oh Nanba goes by the periodic version of it….En Mannavva is a melody which takes time to please you but it surely will… Indiane Vaa an inspiring song but fails to attract you the first time but in loop ARR delivers magic through voice and chorus,,,,,next Mona Gasolina a peppy number will attract you first a pure new try….Unmai Orunaal Vellum a pathos song resembling rajiyama but yes this will take some time…. over all a good album… and I request not to compare this album with any previous because every album is a new try from ARR…. I remember seen many posting in FB saying that Kadal Maryan and even I album is not up to the mark but they are the ones which are praised much….. So wait and watch…..

  • Sam

    Rubbish songs…waste

    Rahman thinks listeners are fools..shameless idiot

    • guest

      hey fool then u compose u —

    • Sundarhari

      Not at all. The album is not great, agreed. It is good for a few listens though.

    • AJ

      And you are a shameless asshole, how bout that?

  • Samhan Sal

    Some random tidbits :

    The song Oh Nanba that you describe as full on Middle Eastern features a chord progression known as the Andalusian Cadence. Its most commonly found in Spanish music. Its also there in the song Misirlou though he has consciously chosen to reference the song in this track.

    It gives a really adventurous swash buckling feel.

    Heck I can’t help it , I’ll post another one :

    This one went viral some time ago. He really just plays around with the cadence over and over. Real fun. I just love Flamenco 😛

    Also really enjoyed Mona Gasolina. All caution thrown to the winds and a totally crazy structure. The idea of taking a pakka Tamil song based on a country rhythm and couching it inside a modern electro dance track with mixed in spanish elements is just pure Rahman.

    So even though it sounds unfamiliar at first the desi elements slowly hook you in as you listen to it again and again.

    However the rest of this album is just a rehash of what he has done before. There are comparitively fewer actual instruments being used in this album as compared to say an album like Rockstar. It sounds too over produced.

  • guest

    Whatever it is 50, 100 or 200 or 500 only a.r.r could do such a buzzzzzzz in music industry from day one of his first release in 1992 to 2014. Hats of to the King Of Music!!!

  • Syed Nizamudeen

    I listened to Lingaa without any expectations as it was a quickie and I never expected too much from this album.. Even without expectations, on listening for the first time, I couldn’t even complete the whole album and felt it too ordinary. (but, one listen is too early to comment and I really did almost lost hope in the album.)

    Before clearing up from my play list, I wanted to hear it once more.. Last night It wasn’t the same as the first time I heard.. (watched the trailer last evening). I felt songs did come up according to the situation and I started admiring. And today, I completely loved the album.. Deserves 200…☺

    • rks

      So you mean to say songs are static, and only your perception is changes with each listening?

      In that case, i am wondering what is your current perception about Endhiran, Kadal, Mariyaan..

      • Syed Nizamudeen

        Sorry for a lengthy post…I’ve summarized my reply in the last para, If you don’t have time to read every line.

        The first song I listened in Kadal was ‘Nenjukkulae’..I did watch and hear on the TV from MTV Unplugged. I immediately fell in love with Nenjukullae and was hoping for the album to release. Elay Keechaan too stuck me and I felt overjoyed with the singing,rendition and the lyrics. I honestly didn’t like Adiye on the first listen, But I felt it was a superb experimentation and I believed that I would like this song very much in the future..Moongil Thottam was soulful and loved the guitar and the female voice. Still I love the songs and I feel Kadal had more ARR than Lingaa.

        First love with Maryan was Enga Pona Rasa,Sonapareeya and Nenjae Ezhu..I loved it right from the first listen. After repeating the album twice, I loved Innum Konja Neram for the soulful rendition and it really got me emotional.The Nadaswaram and Yuvan’s voice really hooked me at last and whole album started to sound very good. Later when I looked at the playcount of Maryan, it was more than Kadal. Even now I listen to Maryan more frequently.

        What I’m trying to tell here is, I felt the album which you have mentioned (Kadal & Maryan) had A.R.R’s signature all over the album, but not all the songs were instant hits. But, I believed it’d grow more on me since I felt the songs were fresh.

        But with Lingaa I felt the album was pretty ordinary and I felt like ‘I already heard these kind’ and I did lose hope that it would not grow on me..Even after losing hope, I started loving the album..I’m not sure how long will I keep listening to this album.

  • Amit_t

    Familiarity is a spoiler? Interesting. The same thing you despise in AR’s music is exactly what I LOVE! I always look out for the tinges and brilliance of Bose, Swades, Lagaan everytime!
    A much better album than “I” (phew, what a nightmare that was!).
    Except Oh Nanba (which sounds like a remix of a 90s Bappi Lahiri number), all other songs are ringing that true AR sound. Very high sweetness quotient in most songs.
    “En Mannava” has heavy hangover of “Heer” from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Both lovely songs. What a start to the song!!

    • Syed Nizamudeen

      Oh Nanba may seem pretty ordinary..But, Check out the string sections, It can’t be a Bappi Lahri at all. you’d definitely say ‘wow’ someday.

    • Sundarhari

      Agreed about Oh Nanba, was telling my better half exactly that! En Mannava (I referred to it as Chinna Chinna in other replies here) is a like a Hindi number but very nice to hear.

  • Hahaha. Always fun reading the comments on an IR/ARR or ARR/IR album review. (don’t want to stoke controversy by naming one before the other, so wrote it twice, both ways)

  • Balaji Shankar

    Yes… This is not usual thalaivar album 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kanna ithu vera level ma:) 🙂 Mass redefined 🙂 🙂 🙂 My best picks are Gasolina, Oh Nanba and Indiane Vaa 🙂

  • Umesh

    LHDD,Kochadaiyaan,Million Dollar Arm,Raunaq,Kaaviyathalaivan and now Lingaa , 6 two-hundred-worders out of 9 albums this year 🙂 Not bad for a man who is in his 23rd year in the industry 🙂

  • 12345

    indiane vaa tune, singing, arrangement, chorus everything is perfect about this song,first interlude just simply great, just wished arr had given similar interlude in maahi ve which in opinion was great but too short and ended abruptly, mona gasolina is also great and is 90s arr, both singers are extremely good, unmai orunaal didnt like it first had to skip it in between but i kept recalling certain portions of the song in my mind, i had to play it again, now i like it, amazing really one moment you couldnt finish it but after some time u go back to it and start liking it, en mannava is good, o nanba is ok , but i like it becoz of its arrangements, dis is one department no other indian composer will ever match the genius ie giving grand songs.but the average listener who just likes simple songs with minimal arragements and is still trapped in 90s roja and thiruda etc. dont want to explore new stuff of arr .
    anyway good review.

  • kingkong

    Wonderful article. The album is sarakku and this post is ooruga!!! U need the help of ooruga when u drink sarakku. Similarly when ever u feel sleepy listening to the album, u should read this article as only this article makes the article interesting. It is wonderful to see mr. Karthik actually wound light in the darkness! With karthik around, rahman can give infinite 200 worth albums, even if they flop! thanks for the wanderful review (Y)

  • Ram

    SPB’s voice wasted..

  • harry Potter

    Listening to the songs, I agree with someone who called this one a quickie. Reading Rahman’s biography several years back and connecting it with an interview KSR gave, I recollect KSR being highly impatient with ARR taking time on his tunes. KSR therefore okied some half baked songs like in Thenali (2000) because he just wanted to have them ready. I still love the song “Porkalam” from there, that’s ARR magic. Most of our recent superstar movies have had the ARR-Vmuthu combo now. Looks like Rajini sir prefers it and ensures it. So, given the situation, the superstar fan expectations, an on-the-gas director and Rahman’s growing music repertoire, he’s done a great balancing act. Mona gasolina oozes creativity and is instantly catchy, something only ARR could pull out. Also, recently ARR spoke about moving back to classic type melodies which is reflected in “En Mannava”. “Oh Nanba” is our superstar’s entry probably because of another legend SPB on it and “Indiane vaa” has great progression on it, another ARR trait, another beauty like “Ennodu nee irundaal”. I get goose bumps listening to that one even now though the visuals are yet to come. Hence, overall, Lingaa is another feather in ARR’s cap. The 200 is well deserved.

  • Sainath Mohan

    Karthik, I loved this album. Unmai oru naal Vellum however is not from Lagaan as u predict. It apparently has the background of Saans(reprise) although the singing differs. I am a huge huge Rahman fan, so I don’t want some one writing lame comments for this one.

  • Muralidhar

    Not happy it is not a 200 album… it is good……. not excellent

  • Ram

    Songs – average. Mona Mona song was the worst.

  • jeanjohny

    After more than two monts of listening to the songs on my daily commute, Oh Nanba and Mona Gasolina are two killer tracks and En mannava song is so sweet. the other two are listenable, too. My playlist had songs from I, kathithi, Lingaa, Nanbenda and Yennai Arindhaal. As an album Yennai Arindhaal stands out, have not skipped any songs. Kathithi had theme songs, Aathi en nee, Selfie Pulla, in I, Mersaayitten and pookkale were the only one stayed for long. Nanbenda looked like a trash intially, but Nee Sunno n enne marubadi songs are listenable n fun tracks.

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