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Anegan (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Aathadi‘s strength is its gently flowing tune; serene vocals by Bhavatharini and Abhay Jodhpurkar, and a lilting ghatam-based sound. Dheivangal ingae‘s background, on the other hand, is too amatuerish, though Harris’ tune is engaging enough, thanks to Sriram Parthasarathy. Thodu vaanam is trademark Harris, and Hariharan and Shakthisree deliver it well. Roja, led by Shankar Mahadevan, Sunidhi and Chinmayi, is energetic and has a Rahman’ish outlook! Danga maari references Andangaakka’s (Anniyan) Yela yela intro up-front, but offers a boisterously catchy listen. YOLO is bland, vanilla reggae. Anegan is a mild improvement, if you compare it with Harris’ last 3 soundtracks.

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  • Bharat KV

    Looks like you have played safe in this review, by not mentioning “Aayiram sooriyan suttalum”s saayal in “Dheivangal Ingae”…

  • Benjamin Allen

    Very first few seconds of Aathadi sound like Enga Pona Raasa from Mariyaan. The instrumentation of the whole song is nearly identical to Innum Konja Neram from Mariyaan.

    The melody of Deivangal Inge sounds like Nenje Elu from Mariyaan.

    The beginning of Roja Kadale sounds like Patakha Guddi from Highway. The rest of the song sounds like Killimanjaro from Enthiran.

    • guest

      super! rightly said. A complete rehash of songs from tenali`s injerango to kilimanjaro of enthiran to phataka guddi of highway and even some of his own arul. great hj u have lost track to anirudh as of ir lost track to a.r.r. so sad of u….

      • Krishnan Srikrishnan

        IR lost track to AR , seems you are a big fool.Now a days Rahman’s songs are also carry nothing. Watch all the tamil channels , see what songs are doing well till date. Hear FM’s which is even a better example. Let AR do a track equivalent to Mouna Raagam/Salangai oli & lot more. Also take care you are comparing with a person who has made 1000 movies with the person who has made just 115 movies. Take care, IR cannot be compared with any body in the industry.

        • Sathyajitk

          I am a big Raja Fan, but not a Fanatic. But I guess he was Comparing a Man who has won Academy Awards and the Golden Globe with a Man who hasn’t. Please just admit that you have not been able to evolve to like or listen to Rahman rather than saying his music is not good enough! Moreover Tamil Channels set the Most Pathetic & Third Rate Standards for Music. Technically the Songs doing well in these Channels are ‘Hit’ songs that are Third Rate Compositions with little or no Quality. So I cant believe you would recommend us to Benchmark songs from here.

        • Sanjay Shankar

          Aarambichittangayya.. I grew up with IR songs too and there were definitely a period in the 90’s when IR’s work sounded confusing (doing albums like Rasaiyya). The public was opening up to another kind of sound. IR is great, but no one is infallible. I hate it when I see this ‘You contradict me, so you are a big fool’ attitude in online discussions. It adds zero value.

        • Thiru Vetti

          Am a huge IR + ARR fan, but you do know how IR managed 1000 movies. Directors have openly said that IR demanded music projects and he was a monopoly and distributors wanted IR songs. So it is not just his songs but there were other stuff that led to him being the sole music composer of those days.

          Which is why IR is facing down trend now. Had he allowed competition, he would have known how to improvise and stay competitive. But he along with his jalra allakkais was always thinking he is the only composer and hence is facing the current situation.

          Am not saying ARR is greater, but see the competition ARR is facing and how he is ready for competition. ARR doesnt want to do this politics to keep monopoly.

          Also ARR gives chances to a vast number of singers and picks so many different sounds. IR was always about SPB and Yesudass. Same for femal singers too. Not at all encouraging young talent. So many talented singers lost out to this scenario. SPB claims 10000 songs, this is not talent, this is monopoly.

          So when you speak, dont simply user numbers.

    • Benjamin Allen

      He is even using the continuum board in Deivangel Inge

    • niranjan

      hey …the song. komban sura vettaiyadum from marriyan was copied from. dhekko dhekko(aadhavan)……harris rockssss..

    • Sishil Sidharth

      Very true Sir… Yo


    My first listen results are
    Aathadi= Innum Konja Neram

    Roja Kadale=Killimanjaro

    I can’t see any improvement here ; just Modifications !

    and i hope HJ will not face a fate like DEVA !

  • hikicha

    Just the song Danga Marri is worth the album ! Very pulsating …


  • ramesh
  • The beginning beats of Danga maari are the same as that of ‘Thotta power’ in Thotti Jaya (2005 HJ soundtrack)

  • wootshire

    Re: YOLO

    …no words…

    Everyone responsible for that song (particularly the “rap” portion) should take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror and reevaluate their lives.

  • Mohd Shameer

    i wonder why KARTHIK & nobody mentioned “YOLO” is ripped from peter andre’s “mysterious girl”..!!!!!!!

    And “Thoduvannam” opening violin is tempo lowered version of yuvan’s “irava pagala” main bgm…

    “aathadi aathadi” without doubt its ripped from “innum Konjam Neram” from Maryan.

    “danga maari” started like “samba sambale” (thotti jaya) goes on like “thirunelveli alwada” that too is inspired / copied from Rahman’s “Thirupachi Aruvala”.

    “dheivangal Inge” is the only song i liked in this album…

    • Govindarajan D

      Dheivangal inge is like Nenje Ezhu :p

      • Mohd Shameer

        Oops…yeah there are resemblance… So no track is original…bravo bravo…Harris ji 🙂

  • Arun

    No point in complaining in the deja-vu feel for Harris songs. It has always been there since Minnale….so take it or leave it. I am sure Harris would have surely noticed his market slowly coming down but it looks like he is keeping Audio label, producer and the director happy…just about.

    I think GVM’s movie with Ajith can make or “break” Harris’s career. GVM is also re-starting his career and that may also apply for Harris.

    Angean is by no way a dud album, in fact much better than Yaan & IKK. Danga Maari, Roja Kadale & DeivangalIge are very good with a couple of other numbers to be noticed when visual come out.

    Overall a good album….better than Maatran

  • ramesh
  • Balaji Shankar

    Danga maari oodhari semma kuthu super funny lyrics 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Prasaanth Neelakandan

    Aathadi is similar to Rasathi from thiruda thiruda rahman

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