Monday October 13, 2014

Andholan (Music review), Indipop – Mekaal Hasan Band

Posted by Karthik

Ghunghat, based on Bulleh Shah’s Kafi crackles with guitaring that almost has a conversation with Sharmistha! Mohammad Ahsan Papu’s flute and Louis Pinto’s drums offer splendid support too! The other song based on Bulleh Shah’s Kafi, Sayon, is a wonderfully pleasant melody, and besides Sharmistha’s adept handling of the complex tune and Papu’s flute work wonders. Champakali offers a splendid elaboration of the raag Champakali, with all its mysterious fervor, with the guitar work going on a new high towards the end! The band’s interpretation of Malkauns, using Aaj more ghar, roars, with imaginative guitar exposition by Mekaal. The Bhimpalasi-based Bheem too sees Mekaal trailing the song closely to make his guitar a lovely companion to Sharmistha, including an interesting detour mid-way! Megh invokes Chashme Baddoor’s iconic Kahan se aaye, based on raag Megh, and along with Kinarey, a poignant Yaman-based bandish, they are the two best songs by Sharmisthain the album! Sindhi, with lyrics by Sharmishta herself, sees Mekaal and Papu in superb form yet again. It takes time to get conditioned to a female vocalist for Mekaal Hasan Band, and even as Sharmistha seems to struggle in some of the higher notes, the overall experience is extremely rewarding!

Keywords: Andholan, Andolan, Mekaal Hasan Band, Mekaal Hasan, Sharmistha Chatterjee, Amir Azhar, Mohammad Ahsan Papu, Louis Pinto, 200, #200



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