Thursday October 9, 2014

Kill Dil (Music review), Hindi – Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Posted by Karthik

The title song sees the trio playing a superbly flamboyant and addictive tribute the classic Spaghetti Western music. Shankar Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam are in blistering form here and even indulge in some cool yodelling! Sweeta rides on the cool vaudevillain sound, a tune bordering on Pancham’s Jeevan ke har modh pe (Jhoota Kahin Ka) and Adnan Sami’s fantastic vocals! Baawra‘s orchestration and tune are consistently enchanting, given the highs and lows they travel, even as Shankar Mahadevan and Nihira Joshi Deshpande rock the vocals, especially Shankar! Nihira offers wonderful company to Arijit Singh too, in Sajde, a song with a mod sound, but with the quinessential soul of a lilting Punjabi folk melody. Bol beliya beautifully play off the haunting hook to create a foot-tapping number, accentuated by Shankar-Siddharth’s dad-son combo and Sunidhi. Daiyya maiyya is too fragmented as a song to make an impact, while Happy budday makes up for what it lacks in novelty with Sukhwinder Singh’s spunky vocals and a lively sound. Nakhriley sounds like an 80s track with an identity crisis problem in current times. There’s a lot to like in Kill Dil’s soundtrack, with its expansive range, awesome singing and an all-round buoyant outlook!

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  • Aakash

    Wait, Happy Budday is sung by Sukhwinder and Shankar. :S
    Diverse album by SEL but, Sweeta in particular is fantastic! It’s a pity it’s so short.

    • milliblog

      Indeed – updated. Got that mixed with Daiyya Maiyya 🙂

  • bukowskinerd

    Quality soundtrack! Hooked to Sweeta, Sajde, Nakhriley, Title song, Bol Beliya.

    Not a dire track in the whole album, quality stuff from SEL.

  • wootshire

    What on earth is Baawra doing in a Yash Raj film?!

    Not only is it NOT an assembly line Punju dance track, it’s one of the finest semi-classical fusion pieces I’ve ever heard in Bollywood.

    Someone’s getting fired for that one.

    • milliblog

      The double negative in 2nd line was super 🙂

  • ramesh
  • Ali G

    Sajde is copied from “husn waalon se”…altho im sure thats copied to begin with

    • bukowskinerd

      Em, you must have some weird definition of what a “copy” is.
      There are some genre related similarities, but then you could say the title track is a “copy” of *insert western spaghetti track here*.

      They’re pretty damn different.

    • arziyaan

      if ur referring to husn waalon se yeh dil from raavan raaj (1995) is another viju shah rip off of NFAK from mast nazron se alllah bachaye….. nfak song isnt copied from anything….

      raavan raj:

  • Jaydeep

    Sajde is brilliant. Composition invokes upon compositions of great nusrat fateh Ali khan. Where likes of Hans raj Hans should have been an obvious choice, casting of arijit singh is a masterstroke by the composers. He brings in his Midas touch turning it into pure gold.
    I have said this earlier too, SEL do not get enough credit for putting so much thought in casting their singers. IMO if it wasn’t for adnan sami sweeta would not be as interesting. Also, I believe they are only composers who do not use stock tunes. They seem to compose n design soundscape to suit the genre of the movie. Title song is a perfect example of that.
    Having said that, going by SEL’s sensibilities & goodness of other tracks, I do wonder how did mishaps like nakhriley, daiyaa & happy b-day happen?

  • arziyaan

    oh barf how is #200 with crap like sweeta and happy budday? like what the fuck were sel smoking? and anyone else that enjoyed such numbers? I have no doubt that if a different composer like sajid-wajid or himesh had their names attached to such numbers everyone (since it seems like the type of filler crap they do) people wouldn’t be praising them at all.

    sajde is definately good tho, in fact the only actual good song from this tripe. title song is good too, bol beliya is so-so. baawra is also so-so.. nakhrilay was better when it was first composed as kajaare, and the background music is inspired from that main hoon na song in a few places (i know both are qawallis but the musical tune in the background music….)

    and sel takes udit out of neglection for a shit song like daiya maiya? like really?


    • bukowskinerd

      Sweeta is pretty damn great, I’m still hooked. IDK how it’s “crap” by any stretch – I just love it – only complaint being how goddamn short it is. And Baawra is excellent. Nakhriley I have mixed feelings about. Daiyya Maiyya and Happy Budday are meh, by and large. Granted.

      Probably difference in tastes, but seriously though – the Album deserves #200 for me just for Title Track, Sajde, Baawra, and Sweeta. IMO anywho.

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