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Keba’s electric guitar and bass are instantly alluring in Kutti poochi, adding an almost surreal layer to what is essentially a simple, resonant folk tune. Manicka Vinayagam carries Muthamil’s lyrics beautifully, while Balu’s nadaswaram plays superb jugalbandhi with the rest of the trippy sound. Poo avizhum pozhudhil builds itself into an incredibly likeable melody and […]

Jubin Nautiyal and Altamash Faridi carry the Mohit Suri’ish melody in Ek mulaqat rather well; good work by composers Amjad-Nadeem too. Daniel B George’s Cheenti cheenti and Sapney are both catchy, while his somber turn in Sikkey works too, thanks to Amitabh Narayan, much like Raghav Sachar’s lone track, Mausam, by Kshitij Tarey. The soundtrack’s […]

Just a little crush, If you feel & Open book – TV Dinners (Indipop – Mikey McCleary) One heck of an enjoyable album that clearly deserves more promotion. Really wish other composers, who did jingles before moving to films, also pick some of their favorite jingles and make full songs out of it! They could […]

Thursday September 4, 2014 20:05

Aranmanai (Music review), Tamil – Bharadwaj

NW1W. ‘Egads!’ level.

Bhoomi sutrum has all the energy of a Vikraman film’s meteoric-rise-of-hero-in-one-song – functional, at best. Naresh Iyer handles the quintessential boyband pop ballad, En nenjil rather well since it matches his style easily. Man’s best friend, the film’s theme music, featuring Karthik on violin and Kiran on flute is a pretty solid effort. Doggystyle is […]

Wednesday September 3, 2014 21:04

Mahabalipuram (Music review), Tamil – K

Aathadi yenna solla seems like a dream combination of K’s impeccably beautiful tune-smithing – very Imman’ish too! – and his fetish for violins that he displayed so beautifully in Yudham Sei. K ropes in Imman himself for Usure nee, another haunting melody that he excels in rendering along with Shaktishree. Aanandha thendral has an Ilayaraja’ish […]

Tuesday September 2, 2014 20:32

Vanmam (Music review), Tamil – Thaman

As Maname starts, it only creates an anticipation that the singers, Suchith Suresan and AV Pooja will break into ‘Dil se re’ at any time, since the background seems like its replica! Aetti enga pora starts uncannily like another Rahman song, Thaniye, from Rhythm. Thankfully, it changes track soon enough and holds a lovely, slow […]

Tuesday September 2, 2014 20:30

Aagadu (Music review), Telugu – Thaman

The title song is standard-issue hero intro material, with a generous sprinkling of bombastic English epithets and a repetitive rhythm. Junction lo and Narri narri are no different – Thaman’s stock rhythm, along with fangled, severely digitized singing by Shruti Hassan in the latter. Aaja saroja shuns precisely that kind of predictable rhythm, and depsite […]

Sneha’s Sound Trippin’ looms large over Engine ki seeti and Baal khade, the former, a Rajasthani funk riot, aced by Resmi Sateesh and Sunidhi, and the latter, a significantly more zany mix, with Sunidhi’s rendition making a huge difference. Maa ka phone too is pretty wacky, situationally, lyrics-wise and the supreme confidence with which Priya […]

Sean writes, sings and composes Odura nari, all by himself! The colloquial lyrics are intriguing, and the tune is neat and sing-along’ish. Thanniyila‘s guitar-strings combo is unmistably Sean, but its tune sits uncomfortably on it. Naalellam‘s folk tune is distinctly La Pongal-style, but is too simplistic to make a cut. Even Oneday enum match, beyond […]

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