Monday September 15, 2014

I (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

Mersalaayitten seems tailor-made for Anirudh’s digitally-enhanced vocals; even sounds techno-enough like his own music, barring that very-Rahman’ish violin interlude. Ennodu nee‘s reprise works better than the original’s soul gospel choir where Sid Sriram laboriously force-fits Tamil; worked in Adiye, not here. Aila‘s experimentation works, though – an accessible melange that mixes techno-pop, classical opera and a surreal Hindi choir with ease! Nikita Gandhi’s new form of Tamil fits the zany, but flippant techno-mix in Ladyo. Finally, it’s Pookkalae that wins the soundtrack, with its beautifully simple and hummable melody. Despite its personal pronoun title, this is a rather modest soundtrack!

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  • Ram

    Where are the music listeners in the comments section? All i see here are the Rahman apologists.

    A pathetic melody for the sake of it(ennodu nee irundhal) and a tolerably slow ‘pookalae’. Rest of it is junk.

    • Amjath

      if u didn’t liked , i don’t understand why u r wasting time and energy to write abt it .. get over it boss , if u can ….

      probably slowly songs of I seeped into ur head 😛

      • Ram

        Tut tut. The words ‘rahman apologists’ did rubbed some salt to those who are waiting for Shankar’s visuals to salvage the songs.

        • Amjath

          see u just can’t get away from here … ..
          hhahahhaha … do what u enjoy boy ….
          don’t waste time on some thing which did’nt like .. it’s more than one week now … so get over it .. if did’t like it …
          As for me i am completely in love with songs .. that’s it …
          it’s okay u did not like .. insulting others who liked it is not necessary …. if u have any morals .. 🙂


    This album is disappointing… Ennodu nee irundhal should have been a classic melody but Sid Sriram’ s pronunciation makes it worse…. Pookale is good passable melody which any MD of current era can give, means not of ARR standard… No comments about Ladio 🙁 Mersalayiten is ok not so enjoyable… On the whole very disappointing album… Use of known singers like Hariharan ji, SPB or ARR himself for vocals would have enriched the album…

  • APRM

    I noticed lately that milliblog is good to site for uncovering gems that I would not have otherwise listened to. So Thanks Karthik. That said, on popular Albums my taste clearly differs from yours 🙂
    Heard “I” songs. Very Impressed and am looking forward to the movie. All the 5 songs are good and my personal rating is Pookale > Mersalayitten > Ennodu > Aila > Ladio. After Boys, I personally liked this output from Arr+Sankar. I can safely say I will enjoy these songs after 10 years. The reason is simple I have heard the songs maybe less than 5 times but they keep going in loop in my mind. Usually there are 1 or 2 songs in ARR album that I would skip as it would not be my cup of tea. It has been a while since I do not want to skip a single song. That is another reason why I think ARR has a winner here. Happy Listening!

  • Everyone is attacking the reviewer saying he doesnt know how to appreciate ARR’s music thus this review. Im an ardent ARR fan for decades and i live on his music 24/7 till today and i myself can only rate this album below average. Yes, its rich with all the fusions from opera to techno and what not, but the final word is that its not an addictive album at all. Its the weakest album of ARR-Shankar combo and the weakest album of Shankar’s films. I didnt like Anniyan and Nanban albums that much too, but it is definitely more listen-able than “I”. I would be more happier if i see Shankar teaming up with Harris Jeyaraj for this next project whichever subject that is about of. Didnt expect i would say that, but i guess there is a scope for good music in all Shankar’s film and i dont want it to be wasted with like how “I” album turned out. U r not an ARR fan just because u lap up all his albums, but u r a true ARR fan when u know when to support him and when to let him know when things dont go well too. 🙂

  • anfaal

    Hey..does anybody felt that the prelude of ennodu ne irundhal a bit similar to that in the slow version of aadat by jal? Just asking if anyone also felt the same..not accusing rahman of copying or anything..


    RIP haters…ennodu nee irundhal song more than 6 lakh views in youtube:)

    • milliblog

      So, let me get this straight. If a LOT of people like something, the rest of the world should like it too? What are we… honey bees or humans?

      • nachiketha s h u

        So you’re the hater? :-O

        • milliblog

          Not very fond of the original version, though I like the reprise. But what’s with this ‘hater’ tag, as if it’s some religious hymn that everybody should unquestionably adore?

      • BHARATH R

        It’s the same other way around also…If some people doesn’t like a song, doesn’t mean that others also won’t like it… Some one has mentioned in the comments that arr fart sounds like music for arr fans.why don’t they understand that we liked the simple as that

        • milliblog

          I’m sorry, but you still fail to understand the simple point that people will have different views. Mine is one, so many others’ views are listed here in the comments. You cannot club all those into a blob and call them all ‘haters’. Please address the person alluded to the fart sound thingy and write to him asking him for an explanation – I cannot answer for him since I don’t subscribe to that point of view.

          My simple point is that if there are 6 lakh views on YouTube, it does not mean people who formerly did not like the song now need to change their views. That’s why I invoked the bees example – bees work for one queen, the rest are called drones and they do not have a point of view on anything. We are not bees.

          Nobody is failing to understand that there are others who like this song. At least I’m not – if you found someone like that here, please do make it a point to ask that person directly.

          • BHARATH R

            I just referred to people who hate it blindly and not people who give their honest opinion. In one of my previous comments I had mentioned that I liked ennodu naan irundhal song and sid singing but for you sid singing didn’t work and I accept opinions differ

      • Leo

        Can u name the last album u reviewed as modest and was a chart topper (except that of rahman’s)

        • milliblog

          Can you define what you mean by ‘chart topper’? Which chart are you referring to? Does India even have a reliable chart based on sales? There’s iTunes chart, Radio charts and assorted TV show charts. Which one do you trust?

          I don’t trust most of them – and do not track ‘charts’ to know what I should listen to.

  • Standard set by ARR was a bit higher than others. So definitely everyone expects blast in his every movie. No blames to critics

  • ARR albums need 1000 words reviews to get the right picture :p

  • mohamed zarook mohamed rizmy

    One word to explain the whole album is #Mersalaayitten…
    Naan Merasalayitten.., not a fan of anirudh but ARR has nailed this song by using him. The portions where he extends the words is controlled in a catchy manner and the lyrics are totally entertaining. Neeti Mohan adds that extra zest to the song. “நீ வெண்ணிலா மூட்டை, நான் வண்ணாரப்பேட்டை”!

    Ladio.. Ladio.. With that techno induced club feel this song is red hot burning and Nikita is adding fuel with that rocking voice of hers! Lyrically yet another jem of a song -> “மெல்லுங்கோந்து, உருளைச்சீவல்…”. Simply moves your body to the rhythm.

    Aila.. Aila.. A sudden burst and a dynamic settling continued by a gradual rise.. ARR is playing with the sound of music here. Full of fun and joy in the beats is complimented by the lyrics “துப்பு துலக்கலே ஹோய்யா, முத்துச்சிதறலே அய்லா”. Joyful intertwine of music & lyrics.

    Pookale Satru.. The breezing duet that melts into your ears is spruced by Haricharan & Shreya. One word to define this song is #ஐ! “ஐ என்றால் அது அழகு என்றால் அந்த ஐகளுக்கெல்லாம் ஐ ..”. A typical ARR song with refreshing voices & lyrics.

    Ennodu Nee Irundhaal.. The mighty ‘Beast’ of the album. The grand-piano ballad is simply awesome in every manner. First Sid Sriram nails the rendition with his apt singing of this complexly layered song. Hitting the highs and lows in a superb manner it’s Sid who elevates the song to epic proportions. ARR is creating Disney magic in this song, the instrumentation and the conceptualisation of the song is simply stunning. Lyrics are another key point, “என்னை நான் யாரென்று சொன்னாலும் தெரியாதே, என் காதல் நீயென்று யாருக்கும் தெரியாதே”, “உண்மை காதல் யாரென்றால் உன்னை என்னை சொல்வேனே, நீயும் நானும் பொய்யென்றால் காதலை தேடி கொல்வேனே..” such soul stirring lyrics compliment the song even more. The best song in the album without a doubt.

    The reprise version blends in Chinmayi & Sid. ARR works his magic here with replacing the grand-piano with a simple beat overlayed with the sweet voice of Chinmayi. The different renditions of the same lines in the song just brings out the magic. Sid Sriram rocks his portions just as in the original version. The portion where he sings ” பூவின் காம்பில் பூத்த பூமிப்பந்து நான், சுத்தி* சுத்தி* வாரேன் உன்னை மட்டும் தான்”.. And the voice modulation is simply awesome. A grand finale for the whole album!

    So it feels like this is after all the album of the year. Creative inputs from Shankar, ARR, Lyricists & the singers makes this album a clear winner in every aspect!

  • The problem with ARR is that, he experiments with music in an unorthodox way, where no composers even try to step in. As an artist he can create whatever he can, and people liked him in his own way. Rahman did not composed music which people demanded. He explored the tunes and beats which were hidden in our hearts. Sometimes it works. sometime not. He created trends. Others are just following him. For last some years,he has been experimenting with Christian gospel tunes and blues. (Adiye in Kadal, Enga pona raasa in Maryan, aaromale VTV and Ennodu ne irunthaal in I ).

  • Rattlesnake Jake

    Just give it time. His music will grow on you.

  • Somadri Chatterjee

    Listened to Mereselayiten after hearing the hindi version on TV…….Well for a moment it did sound so much like the peppy numbers which Jeet Gannguli has composed for Bengali films over the last so many years! I checked if Jeet cracked a guest composition in an ARR album (No pun intended!!!) Listen to the old bengali album Romeo to sample out! Mereselayiten is foot tapping stuff though.

  • Ahsan Saadat Butt

    Just read this review…
    full of hatred+prejudice against rahman, questioning his ability.on such a famous website.
    “Music: A.R. Rahman

    Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

    Music Label:T-Series


    The dubbed Rahman scores of the ’90s are back – with Kochadaiiyaan, Lingaa and now I. But we are not in the fresh era of Roja and Bombay anymore. So we do not expect much.


    Nakash Aziz (of ‘Saare Ke Fall Sa’ from R…Rajkumar) sings ‘Ishaq Taari’
    with aplomb, with Neeti Mohan adding a clever touch of softness to the
    fun track. Rahman’s repetitiously standard and fast-paced orchestral
    hooks anoint this catchy number, and Irshad Kamil sinks (creatively too)
    into the standard South word-fitting zone. It’s remix version is very
    similar, except for more pace and cacophony.

    ‘Tum Todo Na’ (Ash King-Sunidhi Chauhan) gets into a
    ballad-meets-choir mode and the relentless guitar-led melody works
    slowly but does not remain in memory after repeated listens. A big
    reason for this may be the casting of Ash King, whose approach to Hindi
    songs is plain flat and flaccid.

    Sunidhi is in soothing mood in her brief portion, with Irshad Kamil writing some imaginative verse (‘Dardon Ka Ghera Hai /Saansein Jisko Kehta Hoon’).

    Bela Shende is given the ‘female’ – and much more melodious – version of
    this song, with an old-world prelude and a softer approach. Bela is in
    dulcet form, but does nothing that Sunidhi could not have done had she
    sung this version as well. Ash King comes in once again, though he is
    slightly better this time, and we loved the overlay of voices going in
    different directions at one point. The end-alaap by Bela is also much better than the raucous way in which Ash King ends the former version.

    Arijit Singh-Shreya Ghoshal collaborate on ‘Tu Chale’ a
    placid (by ARR’s standards) romantic duet. Western, typically Rahman,
    flourishes are heard at key junctures in this song, and Shreya is
    clearly brought in for the high raag-daari needed, that too with a
    Southern touch. In fact, the song’s structure is so heavily Southern
    that the lyrics seem to be in a frenzy to say something very fast
    (listen to the antara that begins with the line ‘Jaana Tera Khayaal’. The catchiness of the song is almost completely on the repeated ‘Apna Hai Yeh Khayaal’ sung by Arijit, who as always, sings in a style close to the composer of his song.

    ‘Aiyla’ (Shiraz Uppal, Natalie Di Luccio) is a classic
    Rahman ditty full of frenetic pace and irreverence to melody. Natalie
    does a fine job, especially of the Western classical choral portions.
    Shiraz has nothing much to do in this song that lyrically is almost
    completely nonsense and a shocker from the redoubtable Irshad Kamil.

    Irshad writes the next song ‘Lady O’ (Nikita Gandhi) beginning with completely inane verse like ‘Kanjivaram Si/ Gori Garam Si /Naari Naram Si / Aayi Re Aayi Re Chhayi Re’.
    Once again, we see the completely disconnected verse, and the staccato
    jerks in the composition and the words remind us that in almost 18
    years, the music director and his films have not moved much beyond stuff
    like ‘Telephone Dhun Mein Hansne Wali’ and its ilk.”

  • Sriram

    One of the peppiest ARR album recently; I am reminded of 90s ARR…. Mereselayiten is very addictive. Ennodu Nee Irundhal is my pick of the album – it reminds me meatloaf’s “I’d do anything for love”…

  • Sudhakar G

    Something in “ennodu nee irundhal” reminds me of “kaatre en vasal” song in Rythm – which was also by A.R.Rahman. Did any of you feel the same? Is it the same raaga?

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