Monday September 15, 2014

I (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

Mersalaayitten seems tailor-made for Anirudh’s digitally-enhanced vocals; even sounds techno-enough like his own music, barring that very-Rahman’ish violin interlude. Ennodu nee‘s reprise works better than the original’s soul gospel choir where Sid Sriram laboriously force-fits Tamil; worked in Adiye, not here. Aila‘s experimentation works, though – an accessible melange that mixes techno-pop, classical opera and a surreal Hindi choir with ease! Nikita Gandhi’s new form of Tamil fits the zany, but flippant techno-mix in Ladyo. Finally, it’s Pookkalae that wins the soundtrack, with its beautifully simple and hummable melody. Despite its personal pronoun title, this is a rather modest soundtrack!

Keywords: I, A R Rahman, Shankar



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