Monday September 15, 2014

Happy New Year (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

Posted by Karthik

India Wale is standard-issue Farah Khan chorus song, with carefully thought-through lyrics to evoke maximum jingoism. Manwa laage is earthy and highly rhythmic, while Satakli’s one-hook is adequately repeated to make some impact. Nonsense ki night‘s utterly corny lyrics helps the mish-mash, while Dance like a chammiya has an addictive ring to it. Sharabi sounds like something Manj Musik would have composed – typical techno-punju-pop. World Dance Medley makes an avial of everything above! Dr.Zeus’ lone track, Lovely (and its variant, Kamlee) coat a nice Punjabi folk tune with techno-wizardry and rap. Less Vishal-Shekhar, lot more Farah Khan, this soundtrack.

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  • sumitsngh91

    Music is not too much great. May Movie is apart from this.

  • arziyaan

    Really Bad. Farah Khan’s movies can’t surpass the success of MHN and OSO. Tees Maar Khan and Happy New Year are just horrible!!! V-S did a terrible job, and I can’t help but feel that besides the movie’s theme, they aren’t good composers for SRK films. Chenai Express was horrible too. S-E-L are the only composers that make good SRK soundtracks ever since Jatin Lalit/Anu Malik/ gave up on life.

    Only Maanwa Lage is good, and the Dr. Zeus songs are good.


    I can only dream the few songs Anu Malik/Javed Akhter composed for the original Happy New Year would surface but that is doubtful. Really depressing they will never be released.

    The last good SRK soundtrack was Ra. One back in 2011 and to an extant JTHK in 2012.

    • Raj

      The soundtrack isn’t as good as MHN & OSO’s but theres still some good songs like indiawaale, manwa laage, lovely, satakli. Rest will be better in the film.

      V-S best soundtrack OSO came for an SRK film and was great as well but they haven’t matched up to that magic in any other film offlate including bang bang so its a more a case of them being out of touch.

      • arziyaan

        Bang bang is much better than this, and v-s imo made the best soundtrack this year with hasee toh phasee. They are not out of touch, HNY just straight up sucks.

        Satakli, nnsense ki nkght, dance like a chammiya are awful

  • DRB

    The song “Lovely” sounds exactly like 1998 Salaakhein’s “Saiyyan maan le dil ki baat”

    your thoughts Karthik???

    • arziyaan

      that whole song sounds it was composed in 2004 with the kalyug ka chamon remix back loop, and the punju-sufi anand raaj anand tune for some gangster sanjay dutt flick and just thrown in this movie.

      I see the similairity with the salaakhen song (which sounds like it was copied itself), the kamli song remidns me of a bobby deol song from the 2002-2005 era.

  • Ravi Soni

    The hook “Nonsense ki Night” sounds almost like a section from “Pag Ghungroo Bandh” from namak halal. (those few notes they sing right before “pa ni sa, pa ni sa, ma pa ni”).

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