Monday September 8, 2014

Enakkul Oruvan (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Posted by Karthik

Keba’s electric guitar and bass are instantly alluring in Kutti poochi, adding an almost surreal layer to what is essentially a simple, resonant folk tune. Manicka Vinayagam carries Muthamil’s lyrics beautifully, while Balu’s nadaswaram plays superb jugalbandhi with the rest of the trippy sound. Poo avizhum pozhudhil builds itself into an incredibly likeable melody and there’s so much going into making this song magical – Pradeep Kumar’s mesmerizing vocals, Santhosh’s stunningly intricate tune, Keba’s bass and guitar, not to forget Santhosh’s whistle! Siddharth is surprisingly good with his singing in Prabalamagavey, breathing life into Muthamil’s absorbing lyrics about popularity, set to pulsating retro-induced electro funk sound, headlined by Naveen’s bass, that is catchy and addictive. Leon’s piano is as significant part of Yaar‘s sonorous tune, as is Dhibu Ninan Thomas’ vocals. Endi ippadi is the soundtrack’s wonderfully punchy highlight. The build-up, starting with the video-gamish sound and the stupendously captivating bass, the Indian percussions by 4 Idiots group and above all, fantastic singing of the funky gaana by Santhosh himself that towers above everything else! Santhosh is having a stellar 2014 already. Enakkul Oruvan just established him further as one of the most exciting composers currently, in any Indian language!

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    What a songs yaar ! Now he is on My fav MD’s list !!

    Deserves More than 200 for three songs Poo vizhum pozhudhil, Prabalamagavey, Yaar‘s;; Highly Recommended

    Now My ratings Goes Like

    Santhosh > Ghibran > Anirudh !!!

    • could be right but you should wait for uthama villain and vishwaroopam 2 before you set that ranking in stone

      • SUFAID

        Ya ! but think Santhosh Can do more if he gets a Film like Amara Kaaviyam [ that’s not mean that Ghibran is less ! I love that entire Album] ; But i think we both agreed with Anirudh’s Ranking !!

        • MuruganThunai

          How about my Ranking…..
          Ghibran > Santhosh Narayanan > D.Imman > Sean Roldan > Anirudh….!!!

          • SUFAID

            Pretty good ; still Anirudh got last Rank !

          • MuruganThunai

            Yes I strongly feel that Anirudh is overrated….

  • pravin

    poo avizhum pozhudil has bgm inspired from

  • Sathyajitk

    Wow Santhosh is on a Roll!! The Songs with Pradeep are getting predictable and yet they sound stunning!! PS: Karthik you must think about doing a review on Jigirthanda OST! Probably the Best BGM of this Era!

  • Milliblogfan

    I’m surprised by Siddarth’s singing. Quite refreshing. That is my favourite in the album.

    • Venkat Srinivasan

      He has over 15 songs under is belt. I have followed him through his telugu singing days and he does surprise me now and then

  • Sridhar

    Does someone feel Prabalamaagave a tad similar to Disco Woman from ‘The Villa’??

  • Pinchi

    Santhosh Narayanan is just breaking the stereotypes of music. Endi Ippadi and Kutti Puchi is a “only SN” possible thing today!

    However, Endi Ippadi’s tune and rhythm gives a feel of a better mixed version of “Enda Mapla + Kasu Panam + Madras Title song”. But is thoroughly hooking and enjoyable to the core.

    Siddarth just got JT, KT and EO in a row. He is also having a 2014 equally good.

    • Milliblogfan

      The +1 was for the comment about similarity to other songs.

  • Murali

    Is it me or does this song sound like Ding-Dong from jigarthanda

  • Saai Ram Venkatesan

    Santosh is really coming out as a awesome musician covering all genre with ease…and acoustic ballads are his forte


    Previously 200’s were rare from you but now you give it often.Loved 3 songs in this movie but not sure if its worth 200.Kutti poochi and yaar are just ok type songs only.

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