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Tuesday September 2, 2014 20:32

Vanmam (Music review), Tamil – Thaman

As Maname starts, it only creates an anticipation that the singers, Suchith Suresan and AV Pooja will break into ‘Dil se re’ at any time, since the background seems like its replica! Aetti enga pora starts uncannily like another Rahman song, Thaniye, from Rhythm. Thankfully, it changes track soon enough and holds a lovely, slow […]

Tuesday September 2, 2014 20:30

Aagadu (Music review), Telugu – Thaman

The title song is standard-issue hero intro material, with a generous sprinkling of bombastic English epithets and a repetitive rhythm. Junction lo and Narri narri are no different – Thaman’s stock rhythm, along with fangled, severely digitized singing by Shruti Hassan in the latter. Aaja saroja shuns precisely that kind of predictable rhythm, and depsite […]

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