Saturday August 9, 2014

Creature 3D (Music review), Hindi – Mithoon & Tony Kakkar

Posted by Karthik

Tony Kakkar’s sole contribution, Sawan aaya seems like an odd, dated mix of Mithoon and Nadeem Shravan. The Unplugged version, despite being awkwardly sung by Tony, brings out the melody better. Mithoon opens his account with Hum naa rahein, yet another track that sounds exactly like any Mithoon number, but Benny’s soft turn offers good variation in what is primarily Arijit territory. Naam-e-wafa is more soporific Mithoon material and Ik pal yahi is predictable Pakistani pop. With the spunky Mehboob ki, Mithoon, thankfully adds some life to the soundtrack. Mithoon seems to be getting pigeon-holed into a depressingly boring template.

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  • arziyaan

    Completely Disagree. This is probably one of the least annoying, better soundtracks I have heard all year next to Ek Villain. Mithoon has always been reptitive, but this soundtrack reminds me of a little bit Raaz mixed in with Ankhaee/Gangster and Inteha from the Bhatt camp. It’s not the same boring Pritam-type songs they usually have had of late.

    Mehboob Ki and Naam-E-Wafa and Hum Rahe and Saawan Aaya are too good.


  • anfaal

    Disagree with a couple of things..first u said,saawan aaya hai is a mix of mithoon and nadeem sraavan,right about the nadeem sraavan,part..but mithoon?seriously?which song of mithoon is in that template?and second,u said,hum na rahein hum sounds exactly like any other mithoon song…which one?I don’t find any mithoon song similar to hum na rahein hum..please make ur opinions based on valid facts Karthik…now,about the other songs,I agree with ur opinion,I was also disappointed about them,initially..but then I listened again and started realising the expression behind that song…and now I lov both of them…even though they are templatised,they serves the purpose..😊

  • Harshit

    I had similar thoughts about Benny. Arijit’s ‘market’ here gets some credit of bringing out what was hidden in Benny. Poor guy was kept limited to kind of dhinchak number in Hindi at least. Don’t know what he’s been singing in other languages though. Hope he gets more quality songs going further. For now, this and Natwarlal should help him.

    • rnjbond

      Yup, don’t forget how solid Benny was in Kabhi Rumani in Raja Natwarlal

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